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SalmonMag is a Blog based magazine. Here we publish Articles, and info about interesting things. Such as Unique and latest business ideas, Health Tips. On SalmonMag, We introduce small but useful Gadgets that make easy your daily routine works.

Expensive small size model of Rolls-Royce. LONDON: Rolls-Royce is one of the most expensive cars in the world, but the same company’s model is at least less than eight times smaller than the original car and its price is more than 27 thousand dollars.

Expensive small size model of Rolls-Royce

Unique Table Lamps that illuminate Children's Rooms. Tokyo: It usually feels scary in the dark.

Unique Table Lamps that illuminate Children's Rooms

Interesting Story of a Sheep. A Bird that Can Fly for 10 Consecutive Months Without Landing. Experts have long believed that some birds fly in the air for months at a time and do not land.

A Bird that Can Fly for 10 Consecutive Months Without Landing

But now it has been proven that a bird like the baboon, Common swift has this ability. Common swift is found in Europe and Asia. This medium-sized bird flies most of the year, with some data showing that it flies continuously for 10 months of the year. It eats small insects that fly in the air during the flight. In addition, male and female birds mate during flight. Should you Start a Business? Test your idea First. We still have new business ideas.

Should you Start a Business? Test your idea First

Some ideas come from the new problems we are facing, some good ideas, some will work now, and some will only work after the economy reopens and recovers. These ideas still need to be put into practice so that you can eliminate these evils and pull out the best. This post explores the basics of dealing with new business ideas, crises, or not. Get rid of these habits to live a healthy life. The role of our lifestyle is the most important for living a healthy life and we have no idea that these habits are the cause of many of our diseases.

Get rid of these habits to live a healthy life

If you want to live a healthy life, it is important that you change your habits and set a time for everything because many bad habits like eating at the wrong time and sleeping at the wrong time lead us to many diseases. 1. Daily sleep setting A healthy person should get 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night. If you sleep less at night, it can lead to many diseases. Expensive small size model of Rolls-Royce. Interesting Story of a Sheep. A Woman “Amazing Snail Lady” Raising about 150 Snails. Although there is a tendency in the world to keep strange pets, a woman has decided to adopt snails.

A Woman “Amazing Snail Lady” Raising about 150 Snails

Today this famous women is a self-described “Amazing Snail Lady” with 150 shelled gastropods in her care. Nevertheless, i appreciate his honest effort. 3 Simple Things to Do, When Feel Restless. I have heard many times from meaningful and relevant friends who were trying to help me manage the pressures and challenges of being an entrepreneur.

3 Simple Things to Do, When Feel Restless

I will always try to convince them that even if I think I can afford to stay away from business for a few days, the holidays really didn’t help. In fact, I literally didn’t know how to relax. Yellow Tea and Its Benefits. Yellow tea is a readily available and popular type of tea.

Yellow Tea and Its Benefits

The process of making yellow tea is almost identical to green, but with one more step to surround and steam the tea. This allows the tea to oxidize slowly, and produces a much sweeter flavor than the yellow tea, the green tea. This gives the leaves a light yellow color during the drying process. Yellow tea is grown in the Yellow Mountains of China, which is why it is called yellow tea. However, the top four yellow tea producer countries are China, India, Kenya and Sri Lanka. Benefits of Regular Exercise. The Importance of Exercise In general, everyone knows that exercise is important in our daily lives.

Benefits of Regular Exercise

But how important it is and what problems can we face if we don’t exercise? It is important to remember that God has designed the human body to move naturally. A person, who takes advantage of the abilities given to him by nature, runs away and works hard, stays healthy. Similarly, people also face physical problems over time, if they walk very little all day or sit in front of the TV and do not exercise or do very little.

5 Management Tips You Can Learn from Your Kids. Working from home with children presents all kinds of challenges.

5 Management Tips You Can Learn from Your Kids

Time management is mutual conflicts, frequent disturbances and mutual affairs, to name a few. But the situations you face and overcome at home create opportunities to learn and develop management skills that can also be used at work. Importance of transport in the development of tourism. Transportation has been an integral part of the tourism industry. Dishes connect tourists to various tourist destinations. A common agreement is that when there is a better transport system, tourism increases. In most parts of the world, the country has under-performed its natural heritage. One of the things mentioned as a reason for the low performance is poor transportation system. Transportation is needed to promote tourism and develop tourism among others; the maintenance of existing roads, the construction of more roads / rail track / maritime and air transport, and the construction of local airports and the operation of local flights. Time Is Money, Don't Waste It. Time is money, don’t waste it.

At during lockdown. Use each of these days as an opportunity to build new skills, discover hobbies, and do the work you have always wanted to do.The SalmonMag Team has compiled a list of ideas for you to discover. Give your house a makeover, Tired of seeing the same old seating / eating arrangements, day in, day out? Importance of Online Shopping. The Internet has changed the way we shop.

No need to drive to the nearest mall. You don’t have to deal with parking space issues or spend a whole afternoon shopping for a bed. Just pick your internet powered smartphone and find what you want to buy online. On a good shopping website, you can enjoy one day delivery. With food items, Home Goods you get their supplies in minutes. Advantages and Disadvantages of Green Tea.

Green tea is a popular hot drink around the world. In recent years, it has also gained popularity as a health drink. Green tea is derived from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant and is found in many varieties. It can be enjoyed hot, cold or even in powder form, and it is recognized for its high antioxidant content and health benefits.

But how much green tea should you drink to get these benefits? Ways to Fall Asleep As Fast As Possible. Is it accurate to say that you are envious of individuals who have the capacity to doze off anyplace? Almost certainly you’ve gone over somebody napping on a plane, prepare or even at a boisterous film. Psychological Benefits of Plants and Gardening. Communicating with nature is essential to maintaining a sense of well-being. By gardening and spending time managing the plants, we can reap a wide range of psychological benefits. Strengthening The Immune System Wall. The immune system is your first firewall against all disease – causing germs. By strengthening this wall, we make sure we stay strong and healthy.

What is Gardening. Horticulture It is customary to grow and cultivate plants as part of gardening. In gardens, the ornamental plants are often grown for their flowers, overall appearance or plants. The Most Popular Sports In The World. Salmon Mag (salmonmag) on Pinterest. SalmonMag (@SalmonMag88) / Twitter. SalmonMag - Accueil. SalmonMag. SalmonMag (@SalmonMag88) Articles Archives - Salmon Mag. Gadgets Archives - Salmon Mag. Interesting Archives - Salmon Mag. Business ideas Archives - Salmon Mag. Health Tips Archives - Salmon Mag. Business ideas.