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Sally Williams

I am an interior designer for almost 5 years now. Remodeling and designing homes have been my passion since my teenage years. During my free time, I would write articles about home improvement. I always find it helpful to share my ideas and knowledge to other people, especially to those who are interested in the same field.

Affordable Ways to Keep Your Home Organized. Increasing the Curb Appeal of Your Home. Eight home improvement ideas guaranteed to add value to your home - SallyWilliams. When remodeling, most homeowners are focused solely on what they want out of their newly remodeled home.

Eight home improvement ideas guaranteed to add value to your home - SallyWilliams

Eight home improvement ideas guaranteed to add value to your home. Things to consider before a DIY remodel - SallyWilliams. More and more homeowners are opting to do remodeling projects themselves.

Things to consider before a DIY remodel - SallyWilliams

One big reason for this is to save some money and get the most out of their remodeling budget. But another reason is that many homeowners enjoy the satisfaction of getting their hands dirty and being personally involved in the improvement of their homes. Whatever your reasons for wanting to tackle a DIY remodel, here are some things you’ll want to think about first. Safety Many homeowners have been injured while attempting to do remodeling work on their own. Time Homeowners would be wise to remember that time is money. Cost Though cost is usually one of the main reasons homeowners cite for wanting to do a remodel themselves, it can also be one of the main reasons they shouldn’t. Things to consider before a DIY remodel. Four hidden home remodeling costs. If there’s one thing that every home remodeling project has in common, it’s that it tends to cost more than you plan for.

Four hidden home remodeling costs

That’s because in every remodeling project there are hidden costs and unforeseen setbacks that force you to go over your budget. Remodeling experts recommend setting aside a little extra, at least 10% more than you expect the remodel to cost, so that you’re prepared for anything. Here are four of the most common hidden remodeling costs. Behind the walls and beneath the floors The most common unforeseen remodeling expenses tend to involve the plumbing and electrical systems. If you do uncover these sorts of problems, there’s nothing else you can do about but get them fixed. Structural issues If your remodeling project involves tearing down walls, you may learn after beginning the project that a wall is load bearing. Appliances that need extra support. Four hidden home remodeling costs. Affordable Home Upgrades. DIY Home Upgrades and Maintenance. Giving back to mom with a remodel. Sallywilliams: Giving back to mom with a remodel.

Mom has given you so much in your life, and you know you wouldn’t be anywhere without her.

sallywilliams: Giving back to mom with a remodel

Though it is a little late to do work around the house as a mother’s day gift, it’s never too late to help her out by making her house a place she loves. Ashton Kutcher did this for his mother, and it was a beautiful gift. Ashton Kutcher’s home remodel Though I’m sure Ashton Kutcher has more resources at his disposal than you do, he surprised his mother with a home remodel in her basement. Giving back to mom with a remodel. Rainy weather tough on rain gutters. DIY Home Repairs and Upgrades. The most expensive part about owning a home is the constant repairs, replacements and upgrades that you have to make in order to keep your home well maintained and its value as high as possible.

DIY Home Repairs and Upgrades

The importance of home maintenance is often under estimated, causing homeowners to spend more money on repairs that could have been avoided. It is true that home maintenance is costly, but you can do it on a budget. Here is some advice for home maintenance that all homeowners should consider. Fix before replacing items When household items break, or start to wear out, it is easy to just get rid of them, but replacing certain items like furniture can be expensive.

Watch tutorials and trust your skills Many hom eowners always hire professionals when it comes to household projects, but hiring professionals is expensive and can be avoided most of the time. Repairing and refurbishing furniture Do not be so quick to get rid of furniture that looks worn out. DIY Home Repairs and Upgrades. Making a Home Look Expensive - Sallywilliams. Let’s face it, when we decorate our homes, we want visitors to think we paid good money for that look, but the truth is most of us can’t afford the home décor looks of our dreams.

Making a Home Look Expensive - Sallywilliams

Here are a few ways to make your home look expensive without the actual cost! Affordable DIY upgrades for all skill levels We live in a world where do-it-yourself projects have never been more popular and easy to complete. Making a Home Look Expensive - General Chit-Chat. Welcome to BuzzBuzzHome Chat!

Making a Home Look Expensive - General Chit-Chat

If you've just signed up to our community and aren't quite sure how it all works yet, please read the below: What is BuzzBuzzHome's Chat? Chat is a fun and informative place, intended for open and honest discussions about real estate, land development, condos, townhomes and houses. Please join in the fun, ask questions, and help out others if you think you can be of assistance. What should I post in Chat? In BuzzBuzzHome's Chat, we love everything real-estate! Sound the alarms! Spotted!

Ask questions, get answers: "What is the average price per square foot? " Answer questions, and share your local knowledge: Has someone asked a question you know the answer to? What's not OK in Chat? Bad behavior makes Chat less fun for everyone, so let's avoid the following: Spamming Threats Insulting others Trolling Off-topic posts Okay. Making a Home Look Expensive. Five common oversights when remodeling. Remodeling projects rarely go as smoothly as you hope.

Five common oversights when remodeling

No matter how much planning goes into a home remodel and no matter how prepared you feel, it never goes exactly as you have it down on paper. Here are five of the most common oversights homeowners make when remodeling their homes and some tips for avoiding those oversights. Don’t forget the landscaping Many homeowners use up all of their remodeling budget on the interior of the home leaving the exterior feeling neglected. There are a number of good reasons why you should set aside some of your budget for your home’s exterior, and particularly, your landscaping. Five common oversights when remodeling.