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299 no-sew ways to alter a t-shirt. I know, this may seem a little crazy... Who would sit around and think of 299 ways to alter a t-shirt? It actually wasn't like that. It was more like, I want to do a post about all the ways you can alter a t-shirt and then I got overwhelmed because I kept thinking of so many different things you can do. So I decided to make a little graphic showing all the ways I though of. To make a crop tank, make these cuts. And then you have a nice little crop tank! This shirt is a bigger shirt so I'm doing muscle sleeves and a fringe bottom.

Start cutting fringe. After you've cut your fringe, pull each piece to stretch it out and make it look less like you just cut it. I LOVE this design. Xo, Savannah. DIY Woven sleeves. Would you like to give a twist to your basic tee? Give it a different look without having to spend any money ? Then look for your T-shirt and scissors and let’s weave! Materials: T-shirt (long sleeves)Scissors Process: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. With this weaving technique you can do many different knitwear and apply it in different places on your tees.

Let’s weave it! DIY Lace and pom pom blazer back. As you may have noticed, one of my favorite clothing pieces is the blazers. I think that it’s a great garment to complete any look with a subtle androgynous touch and gives the impression of a clean outfit. Very professional yet sexy. I din’t want to miss the opportunity to make another DIY white blazer transformation, as it is the garment of the moment. This time I went for a more romantic and soft look, mixing pompom’s and lace. Continue reading and see how you can make this DIY in less than 15 minutes … Materials: Blazer or jacketLace collar (the ones sold for the front, I’ve used it in the back)Strip of pompom’sScissorsPinsSewing Machine (if you don’t have you can do it by hand with needle and thread) Process: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. You can also do this DIY on the back of a shirt or a top. This effect created between the pompoms next to the lace piece transform a simple white (boring) blazer in to a much more interesting and unexpected blazer with a very feminine back.


DIY Side stripe pants. In the latest fashion shows we have seen the trend of stripes and squares… white and black ..Then let’s get to work! Let’s do a stripy DIY ! I chose these white skinny jeans that I found in the back of my closet. With only black ribbon you can give them new life and change the look of your pants. Do you want to follow this trend? Materials: Trousers (color of your choice)Bias ribbon (color of your choice) measure the length of your pants (about 2,80 m)Needle and threadScissorsPins Process: 1. 2. Tip: Using bias ribbon its better, as this suites perfectly to the body if the pants are tight. 3.

Repeat on the other leg and your done! This style of pants, apart from being modern are very flattering, since visually lengthens the your legs. When you get tired of the stripe you only have to remove the ribbon and you have your original pants again. What pants would you chose? DIY Studded Denim Shorts. Cut off jeans are a staple when it comes to Spring/Summer fashion, but it’s always nice to have a pair that shouts out “I’m not just any old denim shorts !”. Here is a DIY idea using pins to stud your jeans – the perfect outfit for a summer’s day rockin’ in the sun ! To make your own pair of Studded Denim Shorts, YOU WILL NEED : - An old pair of jeans - A pair of scissors - A pot of pins - A tube of fabric glue or super glue - A small pair of pliers - A strip of iron-on fabric adhesive - An hour’s time Tutorial : Place you’re jeans on a flat surface and have a think about which parts you wish to stud.

Let me know if you make your own ! Xx Author : Aimee WoodFreelance blogger, content creator and social media manager. DIY : Lace embellished cut-off shorts // Short en jean à dentelle. This Sunday night DIY is pretty and perfect for the hot summer’s days I’m looking forward to once this flooding is over. Cut off shorts are a summer staple and can be embellished in so many different ways.

Spring / Summer 2012 is all about the denim, lace and pearls and this cute pair of cut-off denim shorts have all three, a great composition. And of course, they’re easy to make : ) Ce DIY du dimanche soir est parfait pour préparer le beau temps qui devrait arriver après ce déluge. Un jean coupé, c’est la base en été, mais en faire une pièce c’est facile et encore mieux !

Les collections Printemps / Eté 2012 sont pleines de jean, de dentelle et de perles et ce short combine les trois. To make your own Lace embellished cut-off shorts, YOU WILL NEED : Pour créer ton propre short en jean à dentelle, IL TE FAUDRA : - Two V-shaped lace neck pieces – mine have sequins and pearl beads on ! - A needle and thread / Du fil et une aiguille - Scissors / Des ciseaux Learn how to do it yourself : xx. DIY : Grunge destroyed jeans. Sorry Levi’s but your straight black demi-curve just weren’t interesting enough for me this morning. After a good break in the middle of nowhere (a.k.a. Scotland), I’ve come back to London with a million DIY ideas. To kick off, here’s a video showing you how to destroy your jeans – in a good way ! Grungy gear is at the height of fashion this season so I decided to really go for it and distressed my jeans in subtle cross shapes.

A big one on the knee and a smaller one on the thigh – what’s the dealeo ? To make your own grunge destroyed jeans, YOU WILL NEED : - A pair of denim jeans (containing as little elastic as possible) - Chalk - Scissors - Tweezers (or long nails and a lot of patience) Here’s how to : The result : Jean by Levis customised by CNC Bag by Manoush Top by Sugarhill Boutique And the attitude : xx Author : Aimee WoodFreelance blogger, content creator and social media manager. DIY 30 DAYS 30 TEE-SHIRTS : #13 with a slashed back. After twelve tee-shirts it’s probably about time I told you white isn’t my favorite colour. Nor is it a colour that particularly suits my pasty skin as white as snow (COME ON SUNNNN !). I’m also getting pretty bored of white tee-shirts – which was obviously going to be the after effect of purchasing a few dozen in one go…!

Anyway, for this tee-shirt, I partnered up with Dylon who kindly sent me some of their fab dyes. I love the fact that this “tulip red” colour didn’t come out as harsh as I had expected, in fact it’s a pretty pinky red which suits me fine ! For the rest of the DIY, I simply slashed the back of the tee-shirt and tied the strands together – an easy up-cycle, really ! Isn’t it amazing what you can do with a tee-shirt and a pair of scissors ?! You may remember a few of last year’s DIYs like this diamond back top, this video or this knotted crop top ?

Well I hope you like tee-shirt 13 ! Love; xx Author : Aimee WoodFreelance blogger, content creator and social media manager. DIY Tie-Dye Jeans. It's Friday, so that calls for another DIY project! These tie dye jeans are so easy to create and you only need items you can find lying around the house. I made them last week after being inspired by these Isabel Marant Jeans and various other interpretations... What You Need Dark Indigo Jeans Household Bleach (or Baby Sterilising Fluid) Bucket Cold Water Lots of Rubber Bands Gloves Open Airy Work Space Start off by wrapping the legs of your jeans up with rubber bands. After you have done both legs, tie the top part of your jeans up in the same way using rubber bands. Pop the jeans into a bucket of half water, half bleach. Rinse them in cold water and squeeze out the majority of bleach (wearing your gloves.) I paired mine with a simple white tee and navy toms for the day time. Enjoy! X If you'd like to see more DIY tutorials by Gwen McMullin, just click on the DIY tab at the top of the page!

Sew Country Chick: Sewing, Crafts, and Vintage Style: Galaxy Painted Cutoffs: Jeans Cutoffs DIY. Spring is here and Isabelle will be making a new pair of DIY cutoffs every week to share here on Sew Country Chick . We want to inspire you to get creative with jeans from the thrift shop! Or maybe you have some in your storage shed ? To get the look right they need to be high waisted, of course. Low waisted jean shorts are so 2010! Our first pair of shorts we are showing are these GALAXY PAINTED shorts below. Isabelle made these awhile ago and I didn’t photograph the process but they turned out so cute! You will need some fabric paint to make galaxy shorts in these colors: White Blue Purple Silver If I was you I would practice on a piece of paper before I start on the shorts.

You only have one chance to get it right here…. Just sort of splotch the colors on with your brush on in cloud like forms and then use a small detail paint brush to paint little dots on the shorts to look like stars… Far Out . I would say these shorts classify as GROOVY…….. DIY Cuffed Jean Shorts. 10 Minutes DIY: No Sew Pocket T-Shirt. This pretty pocket T-shirt has been popping up all over my Pinterest feed lately, and I thought it would make an easy DIY project- a cheap and simple way to update a plain tee. I am, unfortunately, both pretty lazy and sewing-ignorant, so I went for a fabric glue version. It truly takes 10 minutes top (plus drying time) and couldn't be easier. You will need: T-shirtPiece of fabric (about 6"x6" or 5"x5")Post-it (optional)IronScissorsPen or pencilFabric glueA piece of paperThe free pattern, a printer, and heavy-weight paper or a piece of cardboardNo printer?

1. 2. 3. 4. 7. 8. Voilà! MARC JACOBS INSPIRED POLKA DOT JEANS. I am a denim fanatic and am always on the lookout for great new styles to add to my wardrobe. When I saw this adorable pair by Marc Jacobs, I knew what my next DIY would be. I love that he used a light washed denim with distressing; it is such a fun and refreshing take on polka dots. Full tutorial after the break... (Outfit: Zara top, Target x Prabal Gurung Heels) Materials: - Mossimo distressed denim (here) - 3/4" circle sponge brush (here) - Tulip fabric paint (here) - paper plate - ruler Steps: 1. And my friend, Kelly also has an amazing tutorial on colored polka dot jeans. DIY Worn denim shorts | a n n a • e v e r s - DIY Fashion blog. Do you like the effect of worn and torn jeans and do not know how to get it? Transform your basic jeans to worn shorts with studs. It is very simple and you don’t need to sew ….NOTHING! Materials: JeansStuds (I chose these old gold triangular shaped)ScissorsMeasure tapePinsCutter, knife or razor Process: 1.

Try the jeans on. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Here is the final worn effect on the shorts. Feel like cutting your jeans? More Creative Ways To Recycle Old T-Shirts. I can’t believe it took me TWO DAYS…but yesterday I FINALLY had a chance to take my Christmas present from Santa out of the box and try it out! I had so much fun! It couldn’t have come at a better time because today I am appearing on a local television talk show called Good Things Utah. The producers and I decided something on recycling old stuff into new stuff would be fun so I pulled out my bag of olds tees that I keep in an old pillowcase on a shelf in my closet and got busy!

I was just going to do re-do a few things I’d already done about recycling t-shirts from this former post…but looking around Pinterest and other places on the net, there were so many other good ideas I simply HAD to try some of them out! Besides, I had to break in my new sewing machine SOMEHOW! :-) As I have a tendency to do sometimes (OK, most of the time) I kind of went overboard. Since it is already 1:00 am and I have to be on TV in a few hours….I better get as much beauty sleep as I can! T-Shirt Leg Warmers. Glitter Striped Top. It would be a great understatement to say I am excited to share this DIY simply because I am beyond ecstatic to do so! I love love love this! Whether you like glitter or not you can't deny there is something alluring to transforming a simple plain top to a dazzling brand new piece! This is a fantastic way to add a much needed sparkle to your autumn/winter outfits and absolutely great to get some tops ready for the holidays.

DIY Glitter Striped Top I honestly love it and it looks so so so much better in person, the pictures really don't do it justice. - a top of your choice - glitter textile paint - masking tape - a painting or foam brush - a plastic bag or a piece of cardboard - fabric chalk or pencil and measuring tape (optional) I used a plain black V-neck tee but you can do this on any kind of top you want. I went for a few stripes of alternating silver and gold glitter. Place the plastic bag or cardboard piece in the top so that the paint doesn't transfer to its back side. xoxo. From T-shirt to scarf | a n n a • e v e r s - DIY Fashion blog. DIY cut out shirt | a n n a • e v e r s - DIY Fashion blog.