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Who wants to be a volunteer? Video parodies voluntourism. A video highlighting the problems with "voluntourism" has gone viral.

Who wants to be a volunteer? Video parodies voluntourism

A cross between the reality shows Who Wants to be a Millionaire and Survivor, the clip parodies a Western volunteer's experience in Africa. The group behind it, the Norwegian Students' and Academics' International Assistance Fund (SAIH), wants to challenge Western perceptions of the continent and stimulate debate about development.

A Volunteer's Confession - SAIH - Studentenes og Akademikernes Internasjonale Hjelpefond. Kristoffer Kinge "The poorest Ecuadorians are as poor as the poorest in Africa, and the richest are richer than the richest in Europe.

A Volunteer's Confession - SAIH - Studentenes og Akademikernes Internasjonale Hjelpefond

" - Kristoffer (18), Ecuador 2008 The first fundraiser campaign I remember seeing was of a poor, 4 year old girl somewhere in the Andes. Her face was covered in dirt, and she was so poor she had to use plastic bags as shoes. A voiceover in Norwegian explained her situation, and how we had to donate now in order to get her some shoes. Grassroots Volunteering. Ethical travel, particularly relating to voluntourism, has become a hot topic recently.

Grassroots Volunteering

It’s an important subject, but it can be a bit difficult to differentiate the good from the bad when it comes to travel and volunteering abroad. We interviewed Shannon O’Donnell, author of The Volunteer Traveler’s Handbook and founder of Grassroots Volunteering for some advice on traveling ethically. 'Voluntourism' is Not the Solution to Providing International Aid. Having the chance to travel to a foreign, exotic land you have never been to before and volunteer your services by helping a struggling community sounds like a great opportunity, right?

'Voluntourism' is Not the Solution to Providing International Aid

Do good and see amazing sights? What's the Difference Between Volunteering and Voluntourism? Photo Credit: Brian Gregory Voluntourism has gotten a pretty bad rap lately.

What's the Difference Between Volunteering and Voluntourism?

Articles arguing that the industry is turning into a form of neo-colonialism or describing it as the "white tourist's burden" bounce around the web every few months. Or you'll find stats thrown up that voluntourism is one of the fastest growing areas of the travel industry and that it is doing more harm than good. Africa doesn't need (dumb) volunteers. When I was in college, I remember seeing photos pop-up in my Facebook newsfeed of my (mainly white) classmates on a volunteer trip to Africa.

Africa doesn't need (dumb) volunteers

The pictures were always with children and it was always unclear what exactly the volunteers were doing. It always made me feel weird, but at the time I couldn’t figure out why. The video above takes a humorous look at some of the common pitfalls that come with volunteering abroad. Most of the people I knew who went to Africa were motivated by a desire to do good, but many of them did not have the skills necessary to really make a difference. (Check out 0:19 in the video) Authorities investigate The Global Work and Travel Co accused of rip-offs by former staff and customers. By consumer affairs reporter Amy Bainbridge and National Reporting Team's Mazoe Ford Updated Queensland authorities are investigating 22 complaints about a Gold Coast company that sends young people around the world on working holidays.

Authorities investigate The Global Work and Travel Co accused of rip-offs by former staff and customers

Separately, in a joint investigation between the ABC and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), dozens of former customers and employees of The Global Work and Travel Co have come forward claiming the company preys on vulnerable consumers and gives false guarantees about jobs. The Global Work and Travel Co offers to take care of job opportunities, flights, transfers, visa assistance and insurance for travellers to work in five countries on 10 different programs.

However, travellers said the company uses high-pressure sales tactics, while former employees have lifted the lid on huge flight mark-ups. Glenn Anderson, 27, paid The Global Work and Travel Co more than $5,000 for flights and a job to embark on a working holiday in Canada. White-savior industrial complex and the psychology of ‘saviordom’: A metaphor of divine incarnation (Part 2) Author's note: This is the second of a series.

White-savior industrial complex and the psychology of ‘saviordom’: A metaphor of divine incarnation (Part 2)

View Part 1 here. A metaphor of divine incarnation aptly illustrates the psychology of the search for saviordom in the "white-savior industrial complex," a term often used in reference to the "voluntourist" industry, a new form of for-profit safari in which Westerners pay for short vacation trips, not to see Africa's wildlife but see, meet and provide "altruistic" volunteer services to its people. Westerners seeking an opportunity to make a contribution to "Save Africa" are provided with an array of options, including taking care of and paying for the education of orphans, building schools for poor rural children and providing other community services.

Who Wants To Be A Volunteer? 5 Reasons poverty porn empowers the wrong person. Voluntourism. The word.


IVHQ - refused to refund registration, Review 162560. I am DISGUSTED!!

IVHQ - refused to refund registration, Review 162560

With the way people are being discredited as even being real people because they have a negative issue to place against IVHQ!!! I would've also like to point out to those who have had a bad experience may have chosen a "fake name" as this site is open to anyone to view!!! I would also like to point out to those that are not smart enough that. Voluntourism - Am I be exploitative/being exploited? : travel. Voluntourism: Sending America’s “Best and Brightest” Isn’t a Service Trip, It’s a Guilt Trip. The recent on-campus screening of Oil and Water, a movie about two boys confronting the exploitation of the natural resources of the indigenous communities in the Amazon in Ecuador, and its incorporation into this year’s summer readings and commencement speech, billed the movie as a vital partnership against a behemoth evil — big oil companies.

The film’s website describes it as an “intimate portrait of two young people finding their voices and trying to beat incredible odds.” But for me, as I sat through class discussions and speeches, I could only see it in stark binaries. David, the white kid from an affluent suburb in Massachusetts, walked into a small indigenous village and walked away with a world-class scholarship and an Ivy League education. Hugo struggled to relearn what it was his people needed from him after coming home from the United States unable to afford an American college education.

5 Fantastic Volunteer Vacation Ideas That Make a Difference. “Voluntourism” has become a very popular (as well as infamous) trend in contemporary international travel circles. On the positive side, the thought of travelers devoting their time and money to helping the world be a better place is much more inspiring than five days of umbrella drinks and debauchery at a resort. Ideally, communities will benefit from the volunteering effort, and volunteers will come away with a much richer, truer experience of the places. That, of course, is the whole idea of the exchange. However, there has also been some fairly negative press about voluntourism. Most of the problems revolve around dishonest orphanages, where children become an attraction and are actually exploited by “caretakers” making money off of volunteer programs. Good volunteering opportunities put volunteers in direct contact with people from the local community and, specifically, local people working to change the situation from within.

Conservation. Little White Girls Aren't The Problem, Privilege Is. “Isn’t race only an issue for those who make it one?” A British woman at Tourism Concern’s International Volunteering Conference asked. “Americans are, after all, obsessed with race,” she added. This wasn’t said as a compliment; it was posed with a hint of derision, as if our attempts at open dialogues on race are only one of a slew of problematic traits that she could point out.

Now, I can’t say that we have the whole “talking about race” thing down in any way. Most of the time we suck at it, but while the questioner was wrong her query brought up a good point. IVHQ - Endangerment, Review 696517. My daughter Lisa and friend were to begin work in an orphanage in Combodia on Monday when they received an email 24hrs prior that they were to be sent to an adult facility for the handicapped.Being two young ladies were totally unprepared for this change, Lisa had chose to volunteer at an orphanage to aid her with her studies.An attempt was made to contact IVHQ, only to find their contact was on holidays and unavailable.The girls were taken to the handicap facility but were unable to deal with this new situation.The most important point is that due this change they were put in danger...6 people killed 20 injured in police riots.The facility advised it was unsafe to leave the building during any stay, and other people advised them to leave the area as soon as without the assistance of IVHQ was forced to flee by bus for own safety.Why did they pay all that money?

Where are the children? Orphanage voluntourism in Ghana. By Hanna Tabea Voelkl. Voluntourism. ‘Voluntourism’ can do more harm than good. Every school year, my university classes are peppered with different organizations making announcements for volunteer trips all over the world. ‘Voluntourism’ can do more harm than good. 4 sustainable organisations to volunteer with – Go Ethically. It’s the catalyst for bad voluntourism practices: the organisation. If you’re concerned with your impact on the local community, your best bet would be to avoid the big names in volunteer travel and go with a fully responsible service, such as the ones listed below. With the right skills, training and attitude, you can make a real impact. Upload/number4/WILKINSON-MCCOOL-BOIS.pdf. Downloads/Child_sexual_abuse_an_analysis_of_media_case_reporting.pdf. HSRC. The global perception that sub-Saharan Africa is experiencing a burgeoning ‘AIDS orphan crisis’, coupled with growing trends in volunteer tourism as reported in Time of 26 July (Vacationing like Brangelina), has produced a potentially high-risk situation for already vulnerable young children in the region, asserts LINDA RICHTER.

The term ‘AIDS orphan tourism', describes tourist activities consisting of short-term travel to facilities, primarily in sub-Saharan Africa, that involve volunteering as caregivers for ‘AIDS orphans'. KickStart Ghana » International Volunteering: A Shift in Thinking. Here is the third blog entry from our 2014 Volunteer Coordinator, Ruth Taylor. Service & Outcomes: What does the evidence tell us about volunteers? Anna Du's UW1020 Global Development Blog. Impact of Social Media on Voluntourism. 10 Lessons Learned about Voluntourism. The Development Element by How Matters. The travel book gives this orphanage four stars. Why UNICEF and Save the Children are against You Caring for Orphans. Why you shouldn’t start an orphanage (from a woman who did)  Has Voluntourism Made You a Harmful Traveller? Listening to Community Voices in International Service on

My IVHQ Review - The Less Travelled Road. The hidden dangers of voluntourism. Child protection in tourism: Orphanage Tourism: what is it all about? A Taxonomy of Arguments in Favor of Bad Aid. Impacting Philanthropy. The unaffordable loaf of bread. Or the way we think poverty. The Reprise: Voluntourism. What Type Of Volunteer Are You? Is Voluntourism Selfless Or Selfish? The Problem With Voluntourism: A Rebuttal. KickStart Ghana » Volunteering Abroad with Children: A game of double standards? Voluntourism Part 2- A few things to note. UNICEF Warns Abut Orphanage Tourism. The travel book gives this orphanage four stars. How to Find a Worthwhile Voluntourism Experience. Macleay College » Volunteering: philanthropy or misanthropy? Go Ethically: A social media campaign. Cents Over Sense: The Truth Behind Voluntourism : Doctus Project. Here’s Why I Changed My Views On Voluntourism - Thought Catalog.

USAID Center for International Disaster Information (CIDI) A brief (and admittedly simplistic) look at why employment generated through tourism is better than charity. The Curse of Western Voluntourism. Once more, from the top… KickStart Ghana » Introducing Ruth Taylor, our 2014 Volunteer Coordinator. The best places to discuss responsible tourism online. Or are they? In Cambodia, fake orphanages soak up donations by duping tourists. 10 Inconvenient Truths About Voluntourism. Australians donate to school linked to sex abuse claims. Actually Making a Difference: Avoiding Voluntourism Traps. Voluntourism: When Australian charity goes bad overseas. Fake orphanages in Cambodia target tourists for cash in empathy scam. Development Tourism III: Volunteers. The Poor Get Poorer: the Debate on Voluntourism. Part 2: Is This Orphanage Really an Orphanage? Development Tourism III: Volunteers. Latest news and analysis from Nepal on politics, economics and society.

What Type Of Volunteer Are You? Help End Exploitation of Children in Tourism Holidays are when children are at most risk! ... Is volunteering in the third world actually helpful? But what are we doing to make volunteer travel better? How to Volunteer Abroad Ethically (and Avoid Scams) The 53rd Week. Voluntourism: Keeping it Sustainable Tourism Tattler. Orphanages and Volunteering as Profit Centres in Southeast Asia « Rethinking Philanthropy (Lisa Genasci) The Potential and Perils of International Volunteering. Two Years with an Orphanage Part 1: First Impressions. Now Trending: Judging the Voluntourist. When institutions get it right. Why Voluntourism isn’t as bad as it is made out to be. Orphanage Tourism is worse than many of us thought. Nasty side of Cambodia’s orphanage deception (VIDEO)

Why You Should Avoid Orphanage Visits in Cambodia. Canadian Co-operative Association. Reflections on volunteerism in Kenya – Part 1 [April- May 2014 Update] Cambodian Activist’s Fall Exposes Broad Deception. How to Find a Worthwhile Voluntourism Experience. Volunteering: The paradox at the beginning of an aid career. The Future of Voluntourism. Support grandmothers. Volunteer tourism: evolution, issues and futures - Journal of Sustainable Tourism - Volume 22, Issue 6. Is responsible voluntourism possible? ‘Yes, but it’s very hard’, says expert. Nepal's bogus orphan trade fuelled by rise in 'voluntourism' Volunteer tourism, greenwashing and understanding responsible marketing using market signalling theory. An Orphanage is not a Tourist Destination nor am I in ‘Africa’