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Our First New Zealand Legacy Library! Comparing LT and Other Book Sites Talk about LibraryThing LibraryThing. This topic is currently marked as "dormant"—the last message is more than 90 days old.

Comparing LT and Other Book Sites Talk about LibraryThing LibraryThing

You can revive it by posting a reply. 1booksontrial Sep 21, 2010, 5:11pm The recent frequent LT down times got me thinking about alternatives to LT, which I haven't done since joining LT, because my experience here has been an enjoyable one. During last night's downtime, I checked out Have you used goodreads or other book sites, how do you like them compared to LT? 2_Zoe_ Sep 21, 2010, 5:28pm I don't use GR much, but I think it's generally seen as more accessible. LT does seem to have a longer tail than GR, though. 3theapparatus Edited: Sep 21, 2010, 5:36pm Looks that way: LT: 1,193,555 members GR: 3,600,000+ members I think LT is more about indexing while other sites are more about the social aspects of networking around books and reading.

Looks like they don't think much of Dragon Magazine though: heh Their CEO and founder is a tech head first and then a reader: 5booksontrial. LibraryThing Search - WikiThing. <<back to Help and Frequently Asked Questions This is a Help or FAQ page Please answer LibraryThing related questions here (and on the other Help and FAQ pages).

LibraryThing Search - WikiThing

To ASK questions, however, please use Talk. Types of search on LibraryThing There are 3 main search venues for book-related information on LibraryThing: Site-wide search: searching across the whole site for books, authors, ISBN, tags, etc. Each of these methods has access to different sets of data and uses specialized search engines tuned to give the best performance for that particular data. Site-wide Search How do I execute a site-wide search to find a particular book, author, or tag page? Use the Search box at the top-right corner of each page. For more detailed information, see Site-wide Search Catalog Search Catalog search syntax In the catalog search terms are character strings not keywords. Sample searches Acceptable modifier prefixes * private comments are only searchable within your own catalog. Librarything versus Goodreads Book cataloging services comparison. There are two great websites to post your book library and reviews, and

Librarything versus Goodreads Book cataloging services comparison

Which service is better? The following is a feature-by-feature comparison between librarything and goodreads. Exporting Librarything allows you to export your data. Goodreads vs. Librarything vs. Shelfari. When it comes to social networking sites, book lovers have it made. There are several popular websites that allow readers to catalog their books, share reviews, and connect with like-minded bookworms. But with choice comes decision and selecting the best site for you can take a bit of research and experimentation. Good Reads. BookLoversWiki - Princeton Public Library.

Open Library. Our First New Zealand Legacy Library. Our First New Zealand Legacy Library!

Our First New Zealand Legacy Library

We’re very pleased to announce the first New Zealand-based Legacy Library, that of Pei te Hurinui Jones (1898-1976). Jones joins Alfred Deakin (the second Prime Minister of Australia) in our Antipodean Legacies collection. Mr. Jones was a leading Māori scholar and translator (he’s known for translating three volumes of Māori chants and song-poetry into English, and three Shakespeare plays into Māori). You can read a more complete biographical sketch on his profile page. This catalog is thanks to the efforts of David Friggens, Systems Librarian at the University of Waikato, which holds the book collection. LibraryThing Catalog your books online.

For Libraries. Groups I See Dead People's Books. A group for those interested and involved in entering the personal libraries of famous readers into LibraryThing as Legacy Libraries.

Groups I See Dead People's Books

For discussions of the libraries of those still among the living, head on over to the "Other Peoples' Libraries" group. Browse, search, and augment Legacy Library data via the Legacy Libraries page. If you'd like to join a Legacy project already underway, please use the contact information listed here, or contact jbd1. If you'd like to start a new Legacy project, visit the Cataloging Guide and learn how to get started. Also see the Legacy Libraries page for more info. Questions? Total members: 528 members Loading... Thingology (LibraryThing's ideas blog) Summary: Tim, LibraryThing’s founder, is going to be giving a one-day, almost-free introduction to PHP programming on Friday, June 27, alongside the preconference day of ALA 2014 in Las Vegas, NV.

Thingology (LibraryThing's ideas blog)

“Enough PHP to Be Dangerous” will cover the basics of PHP, the most common web programming language. It’s designed for people with little programming experience.(1) Instruction will be project-based–a series of brief explanations followed by hands-on problem solving. You won’t emerge a PHP master, but you’ll know enough to be dangerous!