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Sales for Life

Sales For life is a global sales training company that can help you transform your sales process from analog to digital. We can help you drive more sales towards your business by providing digital and social selling training, live workshops, webinars etc.

Lionbridge Case Study - Sales for Life. Lionbridge is the global leader in translation services for global brand.

Lionbridge Case Study - Sales for Life

They build deep relationships with the biggest brands in the world, so their customers can build deeper relationships with their market. Through our world-class platform, we orchestrate a network of 500,000 passionate experts around the world, who partner with brands to create culturally rich experiences. While our roots began in translation, our work today encompasses the realms of linguistics, AI, and data quality. Our experts dig deep to convey the most with every word and extract the most from every data point. Powered by people and augmented by cutting-edge technology, we deliver resonance with speed, scale, and precision Lionbridge is the global leader in translation services for global brand. They build deep relationships with the biggest brands in the world, so their customers can build deeper relationships with their market. Coaching Moment: sellers Sharing Insights in Portfolio - Sales for Life. According to Forrester Research, 74% of deals are awarded to the sales professional that is first to provide value and insight.

Coaching Moment: sellers Sharing Insights in Portfolio - Sales for Life

What does this really mean? Plant the seeds of inception within your customer. The medium through which insights are generated is content. Content in the 2020s can be in various forms: videos, blogs, podcasts. What’s important is that sellers understand the connection between sharing insights and shaping priorities. Citron Hygiene Case Study - Sales For Life. Why Social Selling is a must for Every Salesperson?

Social media has become the prime venue for product research and has completely changed the way we communicate and establish relationships.

Why Social Selling is a must for Every Salesperson?

But not just this, social media has become a prime venue for product research with over 60% of buyers researching about the product on the social media channels before making the decision. With the customers becoming more informed due to digitalization, researching about the price, reviews, and opinions about the product on online forums, many companies and brands have realized this paradigm shift and have started to develop new strategies to open a range of possibilities for them to engage and build relationships with the potential customers.

So, if you have not explored the perks of social selling yet, here are a few reasons you should start doing it now: Target Audience. Modernize Prospecting Build Pipeline. Coaching Moment: sellers Sharing Insights in Portfolio. Coaching Moment: The Buyer-Centric Social Profile. You are the CEO of a market.

Coaching Moment: The Buyer-Centric Social Profile

Your sellers are the CEO of their specific portfolio. World-class CEOs recognize that people buy from people they like and they trust. People like people, just like themselves. This very simple premise is why your sellers need to build a buyer-centric social profile. Drive accountability with each of your sellers to take a moment and review the following: 1. This will help you define the value propositions that are important to your customer. Social Selling Training - Sales for Life. Sales Leaders – cut $5/hour tasks for $500/hour Value Creators.

Time management: it’s either a manager’s strength or Achilles heel.

Sales Leaders – cut $5/hour tasks for $500/hour Value Creators

Weak managers confuse the act of ‘management’ with value creation. Management is “to forecast and to plan, to organise, to command, to coordinate and to control” (Source: Henri Foyal, creator of the original definition). Focusing on too many administrative or operational tasks will prevent you from realizing your full potential as a value builder. Sales Leaders – you are the CEO of your Market! You aim to be a world-class sales leader.

Sales Leaders – you are the CEO of your Market!

The first step in your journey is to reframe how you see yourself, and clarify your roles and responsibilities. You are the CEO of a market. This market can include territories, specific customer accounts, verticals or industries, it really doesn’t matter. You are the leader that can coalesce the resources at your disposal. And therefore, you are ultimately accountable for the success of your market.

As a builder, there are 3 roles and responsibilities that you can focus all your time and attention: SPEAR Selling: The Ultimate Account-Based Sales Guide For The Modern, Digital Sales Professional. W.I.L.L. – What does Ideal Look Like? The 10-minute Coaching 1-on-1. What does Ideal Look Like?

W.I.L.L. – What does Ideal Look Like? The 10-minute Coaching 1-on-1

(W.I.L.L.) The Key Pillars of Coaching Moments In every 1-on-1, there are 4 key pillars to your new ‘Coaching Moments’: 1. Preparation 2. Decision-Making Framework 3. 6 Elements To A Successful Social Selling Strategy. It’s no secret buyers have changed more in the past 10 years than the past 100.

6 Elements To A Successful Social Selling Strategy

The modern consumer is digitally driven, socially connected and mobile empowered. Old tactics are increasingly less effective, warranting a massive change in the way organizations reach and sell to their customers. The result? CEO Summit: What 46 Different CEOs Wanted Their Sellers To Do - SFL. I was in Nelson, British Columbia recently for an extreme skiing trip in the Selkirk Mountains.

CEO Summit: What 46 Different CEOs Wanted Their Sellers To Do - SFL

I had the opportunity to live on top of Baldface Mountain for a week with 46 other CEOs, and it was incredible to listen to the pitfalls, challenges, best practices, and opportunities in each of their businesses. Each CEO had their own issues and problems, but one of the things that stuck out for me was the conversation around sales. CEOs couldn’t understand how sales professionals and sales leadership didn’t take ownership of their Total Addressable Market (TAM) or their territory like a CEO would, and they weren’t finding that type of accountability to problem-solving from their sales pros. So, let me dive deeper into that. When a seller is given a territory, that is their TAM; that territory can be a vertical, a set of accounts, or a geographic territory. Should Content Marketers Own the Content Experience In Your Organization? - SFL. As content experience rises to the ranks of the four core disciplines of marketing, the question of accountability rises with it.

Should Content Marketers Own the Content Experience In Your Organization? - SFL

As an important tenet of marketing, we know the impact an optimal or poor experience can have on our marketing efforts. In order to ensure we’re properly managing our content experience, someone must be responsible for its maintenance. The Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Selling. Sales leaders know there is much more to being successful with social media selling, or social selling, than merely using social media in the sales process. As you conduct more research about social media selling, you’ll quickly discover a complex, encompassing sales methodology with many tactics and intricacies. Whether you’re just beginning your social media selling journey or you want a quick refresher on the basics, this guide will walk you through.

Enterprise Sales Training Programs. What is Total Addressable Market and How to Calculate it? The Ultimate Guide to Social Selling. Essentials of a Sales Transformation. Businesses around the world are facing the pressure of undergoing a sales transformation by reorienting their entire go-to-market model and matching it to the buyer’s behavior. Sales transformation is the process where the sales operations of your business undergo a change in the go-to-market strategy and execution that requires the salespeople to change their entire approach. In any sales transformation, the goal is to re-form their techniques, methodologies, and resources while minimizing the impact of the transformation on the productivity and revenue of the company. We all can acknowledge the fact that the sales profession is going through a major transformation with buyers getting better informed through their social media, mobiles, etc. The need for salespeople to act as the middlemen in the purchasing journey is getting negligible.

Here are the key elements of digital sales transformation: • Look ahead • Think like a buyer • Align sales and marketing. Critical First Step: Leadership Communication Plan. When sales enablement, marketing or sales leadership decide to roll out a skills and competency-based training program, they often overlook a critical first step. They will typically reverse-engineer time periods where sellers are best suited for learning, such as the summer months, down times between quarters, or in preparation for Q4.

They execute training programs in August, September, and October to prepare for the heavy sell season of November and December. However, what is often neglected is how to get the leaders – sales, marketing, sales enablement, and operation leaders, and the sales community all together to understand their roles and responsibilities are, the expected outcomes of programs, and how well they coach to drive accountability programs. Communication is critical to success – that’s why these companies focus on town halls, business reviews, and annual sales kickoffs. It doesn’t naturally trickle down from a couple of emails, or because you have a Slack channel.

Why Social Selling is a must for Every Salesperson? Mission 100%: Learning Is The Ultimate Leading Indicator To Success. It’s interesting that as you grow and evolve in business, you see in hindsight mistakes in the way you communicated the value proposition of your product or service. And I confess that I made a giant mistake in the way I boasted about our certification process. Let me first explain the process, then the mistake I made.

Leadership Training Has Gone From: Nice To Have, To Absolutely Critical. A couple of weeks ago I was listening to a podcast. It was talking to sales leaders, discussing how leadership development has moved into a critical state. In most companies, too many sales leaders are new to their role – and fresh to management. The company has spent a lot of time, money, and energy on sales plans, processes, and methodologies, but they’ve never taken the same rigor to develop coaching methodologies, processes, and sales plays that sales leaders are responsible for driving accountability towards. Sales leaders typically have an ad hoc process to running their one-on-one’s; they aren’t keeping the same data points and KPIs, and measuring against it at the same rigor.

So to use a sports analogy, you’ve spent all this time telling the players on the field what to do, but the coaches don’t understand what good looks like – the players are running plays, but if you’re not scoring touchdowns, you can’t figure out where in the coaching process the playbook’s falling apart. Sales Play for Key Accounts. A strategy without proper execution is a waste of time but an execution without having a proper strategy in place is almost like firing without aiming. The internet is filled with stories of people finding success by placing a proper strategy in place.

What is Digital Sales? Benefits of Social Media Sales Training. Post-Sales Kickoff Prospecting Slump? Now What? We’re approaching the end of sales kickoff season. CEO Summit: What 46 Different CEOs Wanted Their Sellers To Do. Starting The Year at Zero: You’re Behind. Now What? I’ve been fielding a lot of questions and calls over the last few weeks – and there’s no question that every Chief Revenue Officer is panicked. Outside of their annual referring revenue (the billings they need to protect from the core), there’s always a gap, and they all have to start at zero every year for the acquisition of new logos or new sales quota attainment, that inevitably, has jumped many times by 20% of compounded growth from the year before.

So, if you’re a Chief Revenue Officer reading this, and you can relate to the above, you’re probably feeling a sense of panic. Fundamentals of Sales Every Sales Rep Needs to Know. Focus on the customer. Importance of Social Selling Workshop. How do you gain the other 83% of a buyer’s mindshare? How To Implement Account Based Sales? Everyone is talking about account-based marketing and its impact. Social Selling in 60 Second 5X ROI. Why Social Selling Is Must In The Current Marketplace? 3 Lessons Crown Molding Taught Me About Social Selling Tools. One of my bucket list items is to appear on the television show Renovation Realities. For the uninitiated, this program profiles ordinary people attempting to perform home improvements of varying degree of difficulty – often with hilarious, read: disastrous, results. Between the minor injuries that range from electric shock to puncture wounds to marital spats, it is painfully obvious that the participants lack the knowledge and/or training to perform the necessary enhancements to their residence.

Why is LinkedIn Digital Sales Training Required? LinkedIn is one of the most effective platforms for B2B marketing. Empower Your Sales Reps With Social Media Sales Training. Social media marketing has become one of the most powerful marketing strategies in recent times thanks to the exponentially increasing numbers of social media users worldwide. Tips for Successful Sales Transformation. Selling With Social Podcast. Why Social Selling Training for Businesses is Important? 5 Big Mistakes That Social Sellers Make On Twitter. Selling On Social Media. Difference Between Social Media Marketing and Social Selling.

Prospecting: The Lost Art. LinkedIn is Superseding CRM Data in EMEA – Story From Frost & Sullivan. How to Enable Your Sales Team to Reach Their Summit. You’re Buying People’s Knowledge, Not Just a Training System. Why is Digital Media Sales Training Important? Effective Use Of Linkedin To Increase Sales Leads. How To Win The Game Of Social Selling? Train The Trainer: What Most Sales Enablement Strategies Are Missing. Sales Glossary: Social Media Marketing Vs. Social Selling. Social Media Guide for Business Success - Sales for Life. How B2B Marketing is Impacting Sales Teams? Pipeline Creation: Strategy Crushes Tactics for Breakfast. The Death of a Sales Rep. HOW??? Fortune 50 Customer 3x’s Sales Pipeline in 90 Days. The Life Of A Modern Sales Rep in 20 GIFs.

Why it is necessary to digitally transform your business? 10 Tips, Trick, Tactics to Increasing Sales Opportunities. How to Overcome Cold Call Anxiety? A Daily Sales Routine for Maximum Efficiency. Get Started with Digital Sales. Sales Glossary: What Is Social Selling? Social Selling: Why You Need It, and How to Do It Correctly. What is social content marketing. Is Cold Calling Effective? Social Selling Mastery: Improve Performance of Sales Professionals. What is LinkedIn SSI Score? Digital Sales Strategies Using Event Campaigning. Just-in-Time Coaching (Not Only Just-in-Time Learning) Welcome to Social Selling Mastery - Sales for Life.

Why is social selling training necessary? The Ultimate Guide to Social Selling. 6 Rules To Kickstart Social Selling With Your Sales Team. What is Social Selling? WARNING: There’s an Economic Slowdown Ahead – Get More Yield from Your Current Sales Reps. How to Increase Your Social Selling Index on LinkedIn?

Top Ways to Bring More Sales with Social Selling. Is Cold Calling Relevant in 2019? Why should Organizations Implement Sales Enablement? What is Social Selling and Why it is Important? How to Transform Your Sales? What Is Social Selling and Why Does Your Business Need It. Win Clients with Sales Enablement. Social Selling for B2B Marketing. Account Based Selling Certification. How Continuous Training Can Boost Your Sales Employees' Performance By 50%

Prefer Transitioning to Account Based Selling for Better Results. Let’s Talk Sales! Social Selling Mastery Intro- Promo. Tom Peters States “Training Is the Number One Profitability Strategy for Your Company” Economic Slowdown Fast Approaching: How Are You Going To Maintain Sales Pipeline In A Tougher Economy? Why is Sales Enablement Important? Videographic Reaching The Modern Buyer. Traditional Selling Vs. Social Selling. Top Essential B2B Marketing Strategies. The Impact of Social Selling.