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SaleBhai is your one-stop destination for food specialities. We take great pride in presenting a mind-boggling range of exquisite sweets, snacks, biscuits, chocolates, pickles, spices, and much more. Whether it’s Agra’s petha, Lonawala’s chikki, Ratlam’s sev, Ahmedabad’s khakhra, Bengaluru’s chocolates, Bombay halwa, or Mysore pak, the country’s mouth-watering treats are all on

SaleBhai: How To Make Your Own Quilt At Home? Have you started your quilts online shopping yet?

SaleBhai: How To Make Your Own Quilt At Home?

Quilts are very much an essential part of winter and can be an excellent gift for your loved ones. How about personalising things by making the quilt yourself at home? If you think it requires a lot of skill and effort, this blog will show you how a creative head and a structured approach can be enough. The first thing to do is to identify the pattern and size of the quilt you wish to make.

Once that is set, choose your fabrics. Where are the scissors? Once the fabrics have dried up, you are free to cut them as per your desired shape and size. Then starts the sewing Place all the pieces the way you want to and start sewing them together. The batting and the backing Now that you have completed your quilt top, it is time to fix the batting and backing. Final stitching and the binding Stitch all the three layers together to avoid shifting.

Next time before you buy quilts in India, give your creativity a chance. Buy Sweets, Dry Fruits, Chocolates, Paintings & Handicraft Online India. 12 South Indian sweets that you must try before you die. If you have a South Indian friend, you are blessed to enjoy a special experience that others would have no clue about.

12 South Indian sweets that you must try before you die

The kind of impact that this special friendship can have on someone’s life is hard to believe. From including words such as Aiyyo and Da in regular vocabulary to starting to look at South Indian films from a more serious angle to discovering the unique taste and flavour of South Indian sweets, the list can go on forever. Oliver Wendell Homes Sr once said, “But friendship is the breathing rose, with sweets in every fold.” It is clearly one of the sweetest definitions that demonstrate the true spirit of friendship. When it comes to South Indian cuisine, what is the first thing that strikes your mind? Payasam Image credit It is said that the word payasam has been derived from ‘peeyusham’, meaning ambrosia or nectar. Author’s tip: If you wish to try preparing this unique delicacy at home, you can use your creativity to make it your signature dish.

Want a detailed recipe? Poli. 10 Indian Folk Art Styles That Mesmerised The World. - Souvik Ganguly (Assistant Manager, SaleBhai) Ancient Indian folk art has always been driven by innovation, need, availability of raw materials, religion, and society.

10 Indian Folk Art Styles That Mesmerised The World

The diversity of India has greatly been reflected in these traditional art forms. Be it paintings, or pottery, or weaving, native art styles carry a raw, natural feel that make them unique and high on aesthetic value. Want to learn more about tribes in India? Click here. How old is traditional folk art in India? As Mary Catherine Bateson (American writer and cultural anthropologist) rightly said, “What would it be like to have not only colour vision but culture vision, the ability to see the multiple worlds of others?” The following explains the market analysis of Indian art brilliantly.

What are the influencing factors? Indian folk art has undergone a slow evolution, thanks to exposure of multiple foreign cultures such as Mughals, British, Portuguese, Dutch, and more. Here’s the list of 10 such art forms. How Much Dry Fruits Should You Consume For Maximum Health Benefits. - Souvik Ganguly (Assistant Manager, SaleBhai) What will you learn from this article?

How Much Dry Fruits Should You Consume For Maximum Health Benefits

Why is it so difficult to limit your daily intake of dry fruits? How much should you consume? What do the surveys say? How much of each type should you take to enjoy the benefits of dry fruits? Why is it so difficult to limit your daily intake of dry fruits? Can you eat 30 grapes at one go? Note: The dried fruits might be smaller, but contain the same nutrient level as the fresher versions. How much should you consume? It is best to limit your daily intake of dry fruits to 20 grams. The following chart will tell you why you need to follow the quota strictly. Note: Always avoid eating straight from the bag. What do the surveys say? As per The Indian Express, a recent survey shows that 97% of affluent, young Indians prefer to snack on dry fruits, more specifically almonds.