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SaleBhai is an online shopping platform for offering the widest range of authentic products sourced directly from their places of origin. We are supplying sweets, snacks, chocolates, dry fruits, handicrafts and many more across the India.

Aamrai Ratnagiri Premium Alphonso Buy Online Mangoes. Good News For Indian Diaspora Worldwide As SaleBhai Launches International Delivery. Even as you read this, there is probably a Gujarati somewhere in the US, listlessly chewing upon a taco while thinking back to the unforgettable combination of authentic khakhra and achaar.

Good News For Indian Diaspora Worldwide As SaleBhai Launches International Delivery

Meanwhile, a Bengali sits somewhere in France, missing the juicy bursts of Kolkata’s original rossogolla in her tray of macarons. No more! Since’s launch in September 2015, it has lived up to its promise of taking migrants back to their roots. And now it is ready to raise the bar by going international. In the past two years, the e-commerce startup has become the perfect site for diaspora communities across India to order authentic items from their hometowns as well as a portal for discovery of unique products from different regions of the country. It is now time for them to partake of the same nostalgic joy as the online marketplace has launched international shipping to 195 countries, with special focus on the US, West & South Africa, Middle East, Australia and the UK.

Top Health Benefits of Having Mangoes. It is summer and the time for the best gift of nature in the form of juicy mangoes has finally arrived.

Top Health Benefits of Having Mangoes

Who doesn’t love mangoes? Every summer, a huge number of people buy mangoes online. You must have heard over and over again that having mangoes will give your good health. Buy Holi Special Sweets at Biggest Online Store - SaleBhai. SaleBhai: A View Of The Future: Christmas Gifts Of 2050. One of the biggest fantasies of science has always been to see the future.

SaleBhai: A View Of The Future: Christmas Gifts Of 2050

From movies, to scientific theories, this never-ending desire has been reflected in various fields of work. How about imagining Christmas gifts of 2050? With the rapid rate of modern technological progress, it is difficult to imagine the changes that the world might have after so many years. However, with a proper blend of fantasy and logic, the following list might be the ideal way to make Christmas special in 2050. Brand new oxygen mask The rate at which pollution is affecting nature, that day is not far when natural air might not be breathable anymore. Robot mate for kids Children of the modern era have limited outdoor activities and friends, as compared to the kids of 90’s. 3D simulation games 3D is already an available technology which is expected to get improved immensely in the coming years.

A 2016 currency note bought in an auction. Indian and Imported Coffee Beans. Buy Sweets, Dry Fruits, Chocolates, Paintings & Handicraft Online India. Indian and Imported Coffee Beans. SaleBhai: 5 Unique Ways To Enjoy Cookies. Is there anything called a ‘bad cookie’ really?

SaleBhai: 5 Unique Ways To Enjoy Cookies

Easily one of the most popular baked items, Le Devis cookies are known to pamper taste buds of all age groups. With a packet of cookies open in front, is it not difficult to think and not start an instant digging? However, in case you are looking for creative ways of enjoying biscuits online, this blog is for you. Cookie butter fantasy You need to use your favourite cookie as a base to make this mouth-watering treat. Cookies with ice cream Cookies and ice cream might well be the top two food items that one can kill for. Cookies with cold beverages The usual trend is to tag cookies with hot beverages such as coffee and tea. Cookie milkshake. 5 Comfort Foods To Make Your Winter Delicious – SaleBhai Internet Pvt. Ltd. Winter has already arrived, calling for some special comfort foods.

5 Comfort Foods To Make Your Winter Delicious – SaleBhai Internet Pvt. Ltd.

You can make your winter delicious by preparing some mouth-watering seasonal delicacies at home. This blog will highlight 5 best winter snacks to get you through the cold days. Yes, the best way to fight the cold is by getting hold of something really hot. From chilli chicken to chilli fish to dalle-chilli pickles, you simply need to choose. You may also try a special dish named crock-pot chicken chilli. Any curry The colder season is the perfect time for the spiciest dishes such as curry. Ramen Traditional ramen from Japan is said to have been tailormade for winter. Mutton stroganoff This Russian speciality is made of mushrooms, onions, strips of mutton, thick noodles, and some cream. Macaroni with cheese Make your winter weekend evenings special with macaroni noodles in a thick cheese sauce.

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. SaleBhai: How To Make Your Own Quilt At Home? Have you started your quilts online shopping yet?

SaleBhai: How To Make Your Own Quilt At Home?

Quilts are very much an essential part of winter and can be an excellent gift for your loved ones. How about personalising things by making the quilt yourself at home? If you think it requires a lot of skill and effort, this blog will show you how a creative head and a structured approach can be enough. Buy best chocolate by Moddy’s Confectionery online. The Art Of Making Perfect Chocolate There is an interesting story of how a confectionery called Modern Store based in Ootacamund, or Ooty as it is popularly known in Tamil Nadu, became the Moddy’s that we love today.

buy best chocolate by Moddy’s Confectionery online

This hypermarket selling exclusive condiments and food items was first conceptualised by Janardhan Rao on 15th December 1951. It was a popular haunt for those who wanted nothing but the best. This area had many British settlers and during the course of his interaction with them, Rao met a few chocolatiers who shared their secret of making perfect European chocolates. Soon he was making and selling his own varieties. This family-owned enterprise continues to be one of India’s best chocolate manufacturers, with people from India and abroad thronging their 5,000-sqft shop at all times.