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Costruire mappe mentali: 5 tool gratuiti per realizzarle. Una mindmap, o mappa mentale, è uno strumento che aiuta a pensare, a semplificare (a differenza di altre cose mentali), a comunicare ciò che abbiamo in mente, a memorizzare più facilmente alcuni concetti complessi.

Costruire mappe mentali: 5 tool gratuiti per realizzarle

Senza la presunzione di far somigliare i nostra scarabocchi alle prime mappe che sembra rappresentassero i concetti di Aristotele, si possono costruire mappe mentali efficaci usando diversi strumenti on line, software e alcune app. Di sicuro c’è che qualunque cosa noi decidiamo di usare, dobbiamo prima di tutto fare chiarezza dentro di noi, concentrarci sui concetti da rappresentare, cercare i rami da attaccare al tronco, che costituisce l’argomento centrale. Questi 5 tra i tantissimi tool gratuiti che si possono usare: Diagrams Online.


CHRONOZOOM. Tutorial in italiano di Pearltrees. Teaching with Timeline. XMIND. WikiMindMap. SpiderScribe. Collect, curate and share your ideas, inspirations, and projects!

Why do I have the feeling that all of you are teachers ? ;-) – patrock1804
I used popplet with my 9 year old pupils to create mind maps. It was very useful becouse it's very intuitive and very simple. I used it in class with the interactive board. We created maps which summarize the lessons. – sal.angela
That's all right! I found your comment on my pearl "Popplet" but I couldn't understand what you were saying. :-)) – sal.angela
Please, can you write to me in English? I'm sorry but I can't understand french. :-(( – sal.angela

Mindomo. - Collaborative mind mapping in your browser. Mind42- risorse on line. MYMAP. Brainstorm and mind map online. Mappa risorse. Create Free Interactive Timelines – Stories Displayed on Maps. Risorse varie. Math mind map. ConnectedMind. GRAPHOLITE. Free software downloads. MAPSKIP. MapSkip makes the world a canvas for our stories and photos.


It is an ancient human instinct to share our life stories with others, as the paintings and hand prints in stone-age caves show. And many of our stories are about places. Where we fell in love, had the dream vacation, took that great picture or, well, joined the rebellion. And then there are the many other places that anchor our lives - where we live, eat, work and have fun.