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Sustainable and eco issues

VIDEO for lessons. About - Food System Curriculum - Johns Hopkins University. FoodSpan is a free, downloadable high school curriculum that highlights critical issues in the food system and empowers students to be food citizens.

About - Food System Curriculum - Johns Hopkins University

It is aligned to national education standards in science, social studies, health, and family and consumer sciences. This curriculum stimulates debate about crucial food system topics related to human health, the environment, equity, and animal welfare. The Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future developed FoodSpan as a natural outgrowth of the work it does to help build a healthier, more equitable, and more resilient food system. For tips on how to use FoodSpan, see Getting Started. FoodSpan is a second-generation curriculum, as it builds off the Teaching the Food System (TFS) curriculum that launched in 2011.


Terrestrial Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide. <div class="noscript">JavaScript appears to be disabled.

Terrestrial Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide

JavaScript must be enabled to use some functions of this site. </div> Terrestrial sequestration involves the collection and storage of carbon dioxide by plants and the storage of carbon in soil. Natural Terrestrial Sequestration Natural Terrestrial Sequestration Diagram. Source: EPA Click to enlarge Terrestrial sequestration involves the capture and storage of carbon dioxide by plants and the storage of carbon in soil. As part of the natural process, some of the carbon is released into the atmosphere, but some carbon is captured within the soil and increases the soil's organic matter content.


Neolithic Agriculture. Embed code Select a size, the embed code changes based on your selection.

Neolithic Agriculture

_abc Powtoon Transcript HI ESO CLIL 1! READY TO LEARN ABOUT PREHISTORY? The longest and oldest period of human history. CC creative commons attribution Stonehenge, Winter Solstice 2008 Sign that the War Against Tibet is Over, Dharma Wheel, sewn fabric on Monastery awning, Boudha, Kathmandu, Nepal competition Before you add your video to the competition, please choose the category you think it fits best.

Dicember test

Testo Biology. L'Uomo e le Piante nella Preistoria. LA GRAMMATICA DI ENGLISH GRATIS. First Day ESL Activity: Introductions of English Students. The first day of teaching a new English class can be difficult for any foreign language teacher.

First Day ESL Activity: Introductions of English Students

Often ESL schools don't provide much information concerning the class, so the teacher goes into class with only a vague idea of the true English level of the students. A university foreign language class may speak at a low intermediate level, and a high school ESL class may be advanced. This raises the problem of entering an English class with a lesson plan and ESL activity that quickly proves to be too hard or too easy. There is a very easy ESL activity that can help make the first day of English class go more smoothly, discover the true level of the students, provide opportunities to speak English and learn more about the ESL students. Have the foreign language students introduce themselves in front of the entire class. Public Introductions as an ESL activity.

Amazing Grazing: Activies and Lesson Plans for Grades K-12. Agriculture vocab. The 7-step Listening Challenge. How can your students develop their listening while away from your English classes ?

The 7-step Listening Challenge

A learner training moment of reflection on how to take responsibility for their language acquisition. Quiz me *Do you need to train your ears for the different accents and pronunciation out there? *Is it important to listen to a recording on a particular topic to check your general understanding? Micro-dictations/listening activities. Back in November, my pre-intermediate students were listening to a coursebook text.

Micro-dictations/listening activities

There was an Irish speaker telling a story about his aunt and uncle’s holiday, and most of the students had no idea what he was saying. It wasn’t just his accent that was difficult for them. He spoke too quickly, and his use of connected speech was something they hadn’t really encountered before, or if they had, they hadn’t been taught how to deal with it. Inspired by John Field’s Listening in the Language Classroom (Cambridge: 2009), I embarked on a series of activities to help the group get to grips with understanding connected speech, including introducing simple rules like ‘final consonant sound + initial vowel sound are linked’, as well as the idea of weak forms of grammar words like ‘was’ and ‘of’.

You can read more about the kind of activities I used on my blog. My favourite way of bringing all of these rules together and giving the students extra listening practice at home is micro-dictations.


The Farm - English Vocabulary. China Increases Food Imports voa special english 2013. Farm-to-table idea. Learn English - English Farm Animals Vocabulary. Agriculture vocabulary.