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Software Testing and Quality Assurance Services - VTEST. Success StoriesAI application, USAWe are super happy with both the projects with VTEST.

Software Testing and Quality Assurance Services - VTEST

They did a professional job of Penetration testing , the report was comprehensive and was accepted by our customers. Overall, we find VTEST responsive, responsible, and easy to work with. I think they have good knowledge of QA domain and can be a reliable partner.- Founder Success StoriesHRMS Firm, USAvTEST testers worked without an intermediary manager per the client's request. He was impressed by their ability to identify and execute testing scenarios. Their focus on objectives improved over the course of the engagement.- CTO Success StoriesStaffing Firm, USAI liked that, even without me asking, they [vTEST] were able to come up with the whole test scenarios, the test cases, and so on.- Co-Founder Success StoriesFlights App, USAvTEST’s involvement leads to lower bugs in each release and overall higher quality, acting as a partner in initial processes and conversations.

Software Testing: 10 Skills that the future demands. In software testing, apart from the work experience and technical knowledge, there are certain aspects and skillsets that a software tester must possess.

Software Testing: 10 Skills that the future demands

Unlike a few years before, it is not the same now. Software testers with only technical knowledge of testing won’t survive in the race of testing opportunities. Year 2021 and the future demands more qualities and skillsets in the field of software testing as the digital space is becoming more challenging. In this article, we discuss some of those skills. From the ability to be a logical and analytical thinker to being rational we have covered most of it. Logical and analytical thinking A sense of creativity and an inquisitive mind A global as well as local approach The right application of knowledge Skills related to project management Documentation and communication Social networking skills A better understanding of coding Evidence gathering Being Rational 1. 2. GUI Testing Tutorial for Software Testers. GUI testing: The look test of your software Before starting with the main subject of the article, first, we need to understand what is the meaning of GUI.

GUI Testing Tutorial for Software Testers

Graphical User Interface The tech devices we use in our everyday life like Mobile, PC, Tablet, etc. have an element which is common in all the devices but still has a unique touch for each device. It is the things we see on screen. Game Testing: A Mini-Guide to the inner workings. The gaming industry is on a boom, and the pressure and responsibility on the software industry to keep up with the quality is ever-increasing.

Game Testing: A Mini-Guide to the inner workings

The target consumer group, in this case, includes professional gamers, hence it cannot be treated casually. As every game and the platforms are different, a fixed manifesto cannot be applied to the testing process. All the elements of a game testing like Usability, Regression, Compatibility, Content, Recovery, Functionality, Multiplayer functionality, Endurance, Performance, Hardware, and Localization must be verified and checked before the release. It is much similar to a regular Software Testing Cycle. Penetration Testing Tutorial - Software Testing Company. In the wide range of types of software testing, Penetration testing is one of the most prominent facets of software security testing.

Penetration Testing Tutorial - Software Testing Company

It is the prediction and simulation of security breaches and cyber-attacks that hamper the software workings. Also known as Pen testing, it allows a tester to assess the risks involved if any potential threat to software security takes place. By knowing the risks involved, testers not only detect vulnerable elements of the software security code, but also exploit them. Experts' advice to improve the Software Testing Process. All the youthful activities in today’s world are driven by technology.

Experts' advice to improve the Software Testing Process

May it be dating culture, newer innovative business startups, delivery applications… The list can go on. If we look closely, we will observe that the face of all these forces of today’s digital world is software. Though it can be seen and used in various formats like websites, applications, etc., it is the single most impactful and game-changing piece of technology in the current era.

A software, like any other product, is developed to meet a predetermined goal. The purpose of software testing, in simple terms, is to find out whether the software meets that particular goal, to assess its strengths and weaknesses, areas of improvement. Software testing is an independent activity that determines whether your software is ready to be launched in the target market.

Why ignoring Security Testing will cost you time and money. Security Testing Software testing has a massive impact in our lives today.

Why ignoring Security Testing will cost you time and money

Its indirect and Invisible but it affects our world in a huge way. Its present and growing fast like a bamboo in every sector that the world consists of. Its almost impossible to work efficiently in this digital world, if one is not fully taking benefit of the perks that the digital platform offers. For managing their businesses, many companies already use different web-systems and IT solutions. 1. Focus on testing the business and the application will be tested automatically - Software Testing Company. Over the years, I have observed that testers often tend to focus on testing the application without understanding the business of the application.

Focus on testing the business and the application will be tested automatically - Software Testing Company

To ensure that you are conducting comprehensive testing, testers should first understand and test the business of the application. If you are covering business level scenarios in your test coverage then you will have more confidence in your test coverage. Does your current testing services vendor provide you with enough value? - Best Software Testing Company. Your testing services vendor should be hitting it out of the park on each and every project they work with you on.

Does your current testing services vendor provide you with enough value? - Best Software Testing Company

Unfortunately, many vendors in the software testing services space leave a lot to be desired. I have talked to hundreds of clients over the past 10 years as a senior consultant in the testing industry. Over that time, at least 1 out of every 2 clients has told me that they wish their vendor stepped up in several areas, including: a.) Their engagement (work harder to understand their business and unlock hidden technology value), b.) Their capability to innovate (drive new tools and processes into their service areas), c.)

Many clients I have talked to also have told me that if a better service provider comes along with these attributes, they will not only listen, but seriously consider switching. Importance of Cloud testing - Software Testing. When it comes to software testing, it is a very expensive process.

Importance of Cloud testing - Software Testing

There are several challenges faced by these organizations that pursue testing. Limited test budgets, Deadlines are a few of them. Are you testing the software OR is the software testing you? - Best Software Testing Company. The headline of this article poses a simple question that all testers should be asking themselves. Before starting to test an application, testers are required to gather complete information about multiple aspects such as technology stack, application architecture, hosting details, testing scope, testing process, types of testing to be conducted, tools to be used and so on. If testers lack any of these information then it makes their life miserable and adds unnecessary delays in the testing lifecycle. Often testers tend to jump into logging defects and consider that as the most important deliverable of testing. It’s important to understand that defects are essential however it is equally or highly important for testers to first understand the application under test and conduct detailed analysis before starting to test.

IoT Testing – The challenge of the future. Though technical achievements of the past 10 years are noteworthy and are said to be the fundamentals of the future, the real and shapeshifting invention is the Internet of Things also known as, IoT. It’s the everyday use of these technical achievements which enables us a more easy life. IoT is all about this. The FitBit bands you use, Automated agricultural equipment’s, Connected homes are the few examples of IoT applications. By definition, IoT is like a system of various devices interconnected with the internet through software and applications. Artificial Intelligence in software testing. We know, Testing software manually is a necessity in the testing process. There are automation options to the process but, well, they are not replacements to the manual process.

However, technology might get ahead of humans, it won’t replace us. But when one says this, it is highly probable that he/she is underestimating the potential of Automated testing. Automated testing has its benefits when it comes to efforts, budgetary issues, and manpower. One cannot neglect the fact that it is a more efficient way than manual testing on some parts. But the potential of automation doesn’t stop here. Software Testing: A handbook for Beginners. As we all know, in the current digital world, software and applications are the tools used to execute any task. The apps we use on our mobile phones, the websites we surf are all software. From the multiple stages of creating this software, software testing is one of the most important and necessary stages. Software testing not only fixes all the bugs but also helps to build a strategy that can help to improve the accuracy, reliability, and usability of the product.

Defining Scalability testing: Needs and Stepwise execution. When testing software, one of the important factors to consider is the scalability of your app. There are various ways to go about verifying the scalability of a given software. It is the meter to decide how much one can scale the product with the increasing workload. Let’s take an example. If the users of the given software increase by 2 times the load it can carry, we will have to increase the degree of the server’s performance as well as decrease the server’s response time for a good experience with the user interface.

Importance of testing an E-Commerce Application - Best Software Testing Company. Let’s say you buy a book from Amazon or Flipkart, unknowingly you are becoming a part of an industry which is not just about you getting that book but much more. Sure, online stores are a very important aspect of E-commerce but it’s not just that. Software Testing and Quality Assurance Services - VTEST. Unit Testing and Coding Best Practices for Unit Tests. 10 things to consider for successful Test Automation - Best Software Testing Company.

With automation rising in every industry, software testing has also implemented it on different scales. Benefits of a Bug Tracking System. By now, all of you must know what a bug is. A bug is a word used in slang which means any error caused in the system and its various aspects like Requirements, Coding, Design, Specifications. The scale of this error can be anything from a basic typo to a serious coding issue. Software security threats in 2021 and preventive measures. As the years are passing by, the intensity and viciousness faced by the software industry are getting severe. There are innumerable hackers and cyber criminals out there who are like vultures trying to attack their food in the form of information and data. The Spiral Model Explained: Stages, Advantages and Disadvantages.

By now, all of you must have heard about the Spiral Model used in the Software Development Life Cycle, i.e. SDLC. Building a Dream QA Team – 5 Qualities. May it be any field, one can never ignore quality. Both as a customer and even as a businessman, we need quality. Quality work, Quality Products. It is the one parameter that cannot be compromised. A Basic Guide to Bucket Testing. Though Mobile apps have taken charge of the digital world lately, many small, as well as big organizations, have a strong customer base and communication through their website. Test estimation: Seeking accuracy along with efficiency. To make sure that a certain task is completed in the right manner, an approximation or estimation of the potential outcomes should be done. Penetration Testing: Definition, Need, Types, and Process.

Software Testing Models: 6 Methods and their Pros and Cons - VTEST. Test Scenarios – A 5-step guide to creating an effective test scenario. Avoiding dangerous web browser security threats: An efficient guide. VTEST - Outsource Software Testing. Importance of penetration testing for network security: 9 benefits. Mobile Software Testing for App Developer - A Beginners Guide. Functional Testing - 7 Best Practices You must consider - VTEST Blog. Mobile Application Performance Testing: The Litmus Test of Quality. The Benefits of Functional Automation Testing - VTEST Blog. AI and Bots in Software Testing: Where are we headed? - VTEST Blog. Mobile App Testing: The Need of the Hour - VTEST Blog. Mobile Game Testing: Usability and Functionality Testing - VTEST Blog. Definition, Importance, and Methodology of a Good Bug Report. Mobile App Testing: Android Vs iOS - VTEST Blog. Unit Testing Tutorial: 5 Best Practices - VTEST Blog. Blockchain Application Testing: 5 things to look into - VTEST Blog.

Vtest — Software Testing Services For E-Learning Domain... Mobile Application Testing: Stepwise Method - VTEST. IoT Testing – The challenge of the future - VTEST Blog. Artificial Intelligence in software testing - VTEST Blog. Hiring Software Testing Company? 6 bits of Advice - VTEST. Mobile Application Testing: Stepwise Method - VTEST.

Website Testing: Do You Really Need It ? - VTEST. All code is guilty until proven guilty. Social Media Application Testing. Software Testing and Quality Assurance Services - VTEST. First Solve the problem, then wirte the code. Functional Testing. Software Testing Verticals - Best Software Testing Company. Software Testing Verticals - Best Software Testing Company. Software Testing and Quality Assurance Services - VTEST. Independent Software Testing Services. Best Software Testing Company.