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Sakshi Puranik

A flamboyant professional with 4 years of experience in consumer-facing digital marketing reforming large brands (Aldi, CVS) as well as developing startup-inspired internal projects within a corporate environment. You can visit our link:-

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Crafting an outstanding resume is not an easy job.

Career Achievements Growth: Avoid These 7 Resume Mistakes #EZJobs #jobs #localjobs #parttimejobs #seasonaljobs

So many times, a resume is your only chance to make a first impression and peg your career achievements onto the recruiter’s imagination. A correctly presented resume shows the recruiters that you would be the best choice. You don’t want to blow away this chance, right? There are no two ways about it – your resume should stand out and leave a good impression. Hiring managers and HRs easily notice all the common resume mistakes and could remember you as that person they don’t want to hire. 1. We are pretty sure career guides advise you to include an objective in your resume. Jobs, Jobs Search, Global Careers, Job Listings, Placements, Global & Worldwide Job Sites for Job-Seekers. Jobs. James Bannan (jamesbannan) EZJobs Guerilla Marketing Challenge 2019 - T-Hub. EGMC challenge .pdf. Spring Forward and Try Something New Out of the ordinary Summer MUST DO’s. - EZJobs. It seems like every year we long for the Spring and Summer months as soon as Fall approaches.

Spring Forward and Try Something New Out of the ordinary Summer MUST DO’s. - EZJobs

With the most common end of summer thought being “I wish I had more time and did more this summer”, don’t hesitate, and add extra thrill to your upcoming summer activities. Number One: Skydiving Skydiving is probably somewhere on your bucket list, right? This summer, make it happen, because not only will you feel an inner thrill, there are great health benefits too. Skydiving is a natural stress reliever. Number Two: Bungie Jumping Much like skydiving, bungee jumping is another way to release adrenaline and experience an inner thrill like never before. Number Three: Jet Skiing / Water Skiing. Social Media Influencing - EZJobs. If you’re on the gram, you’re probably an influencer. . .

Social Media Influencing - EZJobs

Social media allows us to share our messages whenever we want, from wherever we want. Our instant ability to share our thoughts has shifted the idea of what being an influencer means today. If people are following you, your voice and opinions are being seen and followed. Even if you’re reach isn’t in the thousands, your opinions are still relevant. Influencer marketing is a newer idea, and something that has come about in our digital age. Although the beginning stages started with celebrities, the idea has definitely trickled down. Influencing opportunities are becoming a daily thing, and most companies have started some type of brand ambassador or influencing campaign. Due to the power of social media marketing, companies are in dire need of influencers. Job Rejections - EZJobs. Why being rejected from a job is a blessing in disguise.

Job Rejections - EZJobs

You just got rejected from your dream job, your devastated, and the world feels like it’s crashing in. But wait, why look at the situation with the glass half empty? There are always multiples approaches to a scenario, and each one will have a different reaction, but you have the ability to keep it positive or negative. 10 Social Media Facts That Will Blow Your Mind - EZJobs. The unbelievable stats that come with extensive social media usage, and the reason it’s so beneficial.

10 Social Media Facts That Will Blow Your Mind - EZJobs

Social Media platforms are amongst the most popular and consumed tools today. Have you ever wondered the crazy statistics that come along with our societies extreme media consumption? Here are some mind mind-blowing facts about social media: 1. Approximately there are 2 billion people active on social media platforms. 2. Your 2019 Summer Must’s - EZJobs. The things you just can’t pass up during this upcoming summer.

Your 2019 Summer Must’s - EZJobs

Let’s face it, out of the four seasons we have in a year, summer is the one we long for the most. 10 Tips for First Time Interviewers - EZJobs. The best advice on how to nail your interview like a pro!

10 Tips for First Time Interviewers - EZJobs

The interview process is something that causes people unease, but it’s the way in which we approach the interview that determines our feelings towards it. Speaking face to face with your potential future boss is very nerve wrecking, but going in there ready to listen and with an open mind, is a must. One of the biggest mistakes of an interviewing is when there is too much talking, and too little listening. Your future boss wants to see your interest in THEM, their company, and the goals. The most important thing you can do in an interview is go in with an open mind, and be ready to listen. Present and Master - EZJobs. Tips to proving yourself in an interview.

Present and Master - EZJobs

If you have secured and in-person job interview, it’s obviously because you stood out on paper, and your skills set you apart from other applicants. It’s one thing to have an interview, but securing the job is what really matters. In the days leading up to the interview, you must practice presenting your best self. The 9-5 Positive Grind - EZJobs. 10 tips to end the workday feeling content!

The 9-5 Positive Grind - EZJobs

The end of the workday always feels like a drag, I mean, we all long for the clock to strike 5, right? Contrary to belief, the last few hours of the day help set the tone for the following day to come. Instead of the day’s end being slow and a drag, end the day on a positive note. Leaving work feeling content allows for you to go home and have a relaxed evening.

The Secret to Staying Motivated - EZJobs. Tips and tricks to staying motivated at your desk!

The Secret to Staying Motivated - EZJobs

Going to work is part of the life routine, and without money, we have no way to survive. Regardless of whether you love your job or hate your job, getting work done requires motivation. While you may be the most motivated person in the world, there will always be times where you find yourself slacking, and probably not, so motivated. When motivation is lacking, don’t question yourself or your capabilities.

It’s normal for the human mind to lose interest or slow down after doing the same thing over and over. Why Getting a Part-Time Job on Campus Will Better Prepare You for the Future - EZJobs. Honestly, working in college is hard, that’s plain and simple fact, but at the end of the day, you need money. So, whether you do or don’t want to work, you probably should. It’s college, you need textbooks, food money, cash for when you go out, a snack on the go, and probably many other random items you come across.

College is the first time you’re out in the world, and it’s the first step to real adulthood. Those four short years are the foundation for the rest of your life. Life Preparation. Five Tips to a Perfect Workspace - EZJobs. It’s likely that you spend more time at your desk than in your own home. Between the commute, time spent at the office, followed by personal responsibilities after the work day, you might be out of the house for more than 12 hours on the daily. So, what does this mean? Bring Your World Inside the Office People are most productive in environments where they are comfortable. 6 Resume Basics You Should Be Reviewing Constantly - EZJobs.

So, you’re on the job hunt, right? Let’s face it, your resume is definitely a top priority. The job search is never easy, but a clean, sharp resume will make the process easier. Four Tips to Managing Employees Well - EZJobs. The workplace environment is like a wild jungle, with all sorts of personalities and people. No matter what category you fall under, there will always be individuals who you like, can just tolerate, and those that you just . . .

CANNOT. Whether you genuinely love someone or just have no ability to deal with them, in the premise of a workspace, there must always be appropriate, respectful behavior. It’s the only way to get work done productively and efficiently. Here are four tips to ensure a positive, and cordial manager/employee experience: Be Sensitive As a leader, sensitivity can always be sensed from your employees. Address Problems Face-On When different issues and scenarios arise, it’s easy to just sweep them under the rug or handle them without care and thought. Five Qualities all Company Leaders Should Demonstrate - EZJobs. The horror stories of bosses who treat their employees poorly is endless. From discouragement on a daily basis, to daily negativity in the office, bosses like these reduce employee productivity, while increasing stress and anxiety levels.

On the other hand, a great boss, knows his employees, and knows them well. These leaders take the time to understand their workers, and also the key role that they play in the growth of the organization. But what exactly do these qualities entail? Great Leaders Should: Clearly Communicate Employee Goals. Four Ways to Finding Part-Time Work on Campus - EZJobs. Want some extra spending money during the school year? 10 Ways to Improve Your Finances - EZJobs. Everyone is always looking for more ways to cut back on spending, or how to bring in more of an income. There are always different tactics that can help you increase your savings almost instantaneously.

While working a second job is ideal for some, it may not be feasible for others.