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Researchers in Spain have proposed a new type of invisibility cloak that could hide objects from magnetic fields.

Introducing the 'antimagnet'

The cloak – which has not been built yet – is designed to have a dual effect. It ensures that a magnetic field generated inside the cloak does not leak outside, and it ensures that the cloak and its contents cannot be detected by an external magnetic field. If it can be realized as a practical device, the technology could prove useful in industrial applications that require specific magnetic environments. The first invisibility cloak was unveiled in 2006 and worked for electromagnetic radiation in the microwave range.

It and subsequent cloaks have been based on metamaterials – materials that have been artificially engineered to have specific electromagnetic properties. Magnetic shroud The team used a computer model to simulate the antimagnet as it enclosed a small single magnet. The research is available online at the arXiv preprint server. How to turn darkness into light. Quantum mechanics tells us that the vacuum is not empty but is filled with virtual particles that pop into and out of existence.

How to turn darkness into light

Normally these particles are hidden from our view, but now a team of physicists has used the electrical equivalent of an ultrafast mirror to convert virtual photons into real electromagnetic radiation. Known as the dynamical Casimir effect, it was first predicted more than 40 years ago. The static Casimir effect, put forward by Dutch physicist Hendrik Casimir in 1948, involves two perfectly reflecting parallel mirrors that, when placed in a vacuum, will be attracted to one another. This attractive force is caused by the radiation pressure exerted by virtual photons outside the mirrors and the fact that this pressure exceeds the pressure between the mirrors because of the limited number of modes of electromagnetic vibration that are permitted within this gap. In other words, the force results from a mismatch of electromagnetic modes in space.

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