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Teachers gifts

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Homework: creative inspiration for home and life: Good Taste: snowman soup gift package. One of my favorite gifts to give is Snowman Soup.

homework: creative inspiration for home and life: Good Taste: snowman soup gift package

If you’re not familiar with Snowman Soup, you’re in for a treat. You start with a steaming cup of hot chocolate and add marshmallows (snow) and chocolate kisses or morsels (eyes and buttons). As the marshmallows and chocolate begin to melt, they resemble a melting snowman. A peppermint stick or candy cane is used to stir the soup. It’s easy to make a Snowman Soup gift package. Print out the instructions for the soup. Just remember to save enough of the ingredients to have your own cup of Snowman Soup. This project is linked at the following: Geek Santa Emoticon Christmas card. Tin Can Treats {For Mother's Day & Teacher Appreciation!} I have three boys: ages 5, 3, and 10 months.

Tin Can Treats {For Mother's Day & Teacher Appreciation!}

There’s a chance I might be biased, but I happen to think they’re the most charming, adorable, and intelligent kids on the planet. They’re also kind of loud. And busy. And they destroy things. Lots of things. So on that note- I’m always trying to think of fun ways to supply Mother’s with much needed goodies on Mother’s Day because every Mom needs a secret stash right?? Supplies Needed: canned fruit with tab tops, suggested size 7-8oz candies for filling tissue paper hot glue gun decorative paper ribbon side can opener or safety can opener (optional) You can make these with any size can you can find with a tab top. Step one: Remove labels from cans.

Tip: If you’re using a traditional can opener, make sure when you are removing your lid, you don’t remove it completely. If you use this type of can opener, your life will be much easier: See how nicely it takes the lid off? And it fits back on seamlessly, with just a small amount of glue Now. Coke Teacher Gift. I am so glad that I finally am getting this post up.

Coke Teacher Gift

I have been in a battle with my printer all night and was almost in tears. But, I outsmarted that little booger and am rolling with this super-cute teacher gift! I want to go ahead and apologize in advance for all of the jumping around I will be doing over the next few weeks. Teacher Appreciation-Don’t Give Them Crap. Appreciate Your Favorite Teacher with a DIY Survival Kit.

27 Apr Tuesday, May 3rd is National Teacher Appreciation Day. That means you have less than a week to get your act together and find a nice way to show some love to all the hard-working teachers in your life. No worries though, I’ve put together an educator’s survival guide that’s brimming with trinkets every good teacher could use. And of course I’ve included a few free printables so you can make one of your very own. Click through for the goods. Hpo8's save of Emergency Chocolate, Christmas Gift, Gift for Teacher, Chocolate Lovers, Funny Gifts, Picture Frame Gifts- FOLLOW ME! on Wanelo. Rudolph Chocolate Bars. I always like to do cute little treats for each of my kid's class parties for all the holidays.

Rudolph Chocolate Bars

Since my new best friend Pinterest came along, the cute factor has been elevated. Teacher Gift-Framed Crayon Letters. This cute idea and pics come from Hilary Shirley, and she found it via the Tip Junkie.

Teacher Gift-Framed Crayon Letters

I bought an 8x 10 shadow box... printed the first letter of the teacher's last name really light in a plain font (I used Century Gothic) and the teacher's name on the side or bottom using a font called Pea Heather's Handwriting. I printed it on cardstock, cut crayons to size with a sharp paring knife and glued on with Elmer's glue. Crayons leave little flakey bits of color, so be careful not to smear your 'masterpiece.' I printed a sample on paper to hold my crayons up to to size them and a cutting board for cutting the crayons on. The cardstock does warp a bit, but it isn't noticeable in the shadow box. Personalized Notepads for dads, teachers, etc. Teacher Gift - Wordle. This year, I made all ten of the kids’ teachers a Word Cloud or a Wordle.

Teacher Gift - Wordle

Here is an example of the one I made for HHE using all the teachers/administrators names and school words. I emailed each teacher the following letter: HiI am going to make your year end gift and I need your help to make it better. Please provide me with the following information to make your gift more special. Just skip any areas that don't apply. Then you take the list of words and type them up in a word document. Once you have your list of words, go to Copy and paste your list of words into the “Create” box and press “Go”. Submitted by Tracy Barger ( End of school treat for classmates (with printable) My youngest son has already finished up the school year (kindergarten ends early) and I wanted to bring in a little treat for him to hand out to his classmates at the end-of-school party.

end of school treat for classmates (with printable)

Really I think they are from *me* as I'm more traumatized about school ending than him. I helped out in the classroom once a week so I have become quite attached to these sweet kids. I figured I'd share the printable in case anyone would like to make some, too. They are made to fit around Hershey Miniatures Chocolate Bars. Just cut out, fold at each vertical line, and adhere around bar on the adhesive tab. Print onto white cardstock and *be sure* to set the Page Scaling to None when printing or they won't be the right size. Vale Design : Freelance Package Design & Branding: DIY Teacher's Gift: Chalkboard Pot & Scrapbook Paper Seed Packets. My mom is a first grade teacher and she is close to being done with school.

Vale Design : Freelance Package Design & Branding: DIY Teacher's Gift: Chalkboard Pot & Scrapbook Paper Seed Packets

This year we came up with a cute, easy and inexpensive solution for her workshop mom gifts. We made chalkboard paint pot kits including two scrapbook paper seed packets and one piece of chalk. All 18 of them turned out super cute! We finished them off with the kraft paper plant information tags. {All design elements sized for the 3 inch diameter pots that were used.} 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. **Bonus because I am feeling good today! COMMON SENSE RULE: PLEASE DO NOT COPY, REPRODUCE, MODIFY OR PROFIT FROM THIS DESIGN IN ANYWAY.

{capture the moment}: Introducing Teacher's Apple (Teacher's Gifts Galore!) I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the presentation that myself and the team have prepared for you today!

{capture the moment}: Introducing Teacher's Apple (Teacher's Gifts Galore!)

Teacher's Apple is one of the new stamp sets being released by Papertrey ink on the 15th, and I think it fills an area that is lacking in variety in regards to our hobby! I myself have been looking for a teacher stamp set for years that fits into my personal style and sentimentality. I am excited about the possibilities of this new set and all the creative endeavors that can be explored with it! The design team, along with yours truly, have compiled a number of teachers gift projects for you to peruse today. These inspirations couldn't come at a better time as you begin the process of planning those holiday gifts!