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Rida color scheme

100% cotton sale fabric perfect for patchwork and sewing. How to Make A Bow Tie. And you thought we only made girls’ stuff!

How to Make A Bow Tie

As I mentioned, we had the amazing honor of creating these bow ties for a little website you may have heard of called Martha Stewart, and as you mentioned, you’d like the tute. So here is our free bow tie pattern for you! See the whole gorgeous shoot on Martha Stewart Weddings here and get the full DIY for how to sew a clip-on bowtie for a boy after the jump…How to Make A Bowtie You’ll need some fabric and a teensy bit of lightweight interfacing for the bow, and for the strap you’ll need a set of bow tie accessories (one 7/8″ slider and one clip set).

There are three sections to this DIY, two different ways to sew a bow tie, then how to sew the bow tie strap. Simple Bow Tie & Double Bow Tie These two use the same method but the big one doubles up. 1. 2. 3. Sew all the way around the edge with 1/8″ seam allowance, leaving a hole in the center of one long side for turning, then remove the paper from the interfacing and trim the corners: 4. 1. 2. 3. Neck Pillows. Don't be alarmed that I've another post here.

Neck Pillows

I've actually done it 2 days ago but didn't have time to load up the pictures. So, here's another sewing that I did over the last 2 days. These few days of travelling on the car really make me realise the importance of a good neck pillow. My girls were sleeping on the car and their poor heads are either swayed to the extreme left or right. So, I decided to make one for them that will bring them some comfort while on the road. I didn't look for any tutorial online as it was a last minute project and I thought I could just draw free-hand and adjust as I go. Material Any soft material like Flannel. Instruction 1) The template is actually 1/2 of the neck pillow folded along the short edge. 2) Fold the fabric so that right side are facing each other. 3) Trace the template on the fabric and cut the pattern out using a 0.5" seam allowance. 6) Before you flip the pillow over, you have to snip around the curve area.

Nap Mat Tutorial. August 29, 2011 Remember how I said I love when my friends come to me with requests to make things I’d never make for myself?

Nap Mat Tutorial

This is another one of those projects! I loved the idea, and it went together really easily, and it turned out so cute! Her kids are going to start preschool and they go for more than 3 hours (not gonna lie, I’m a little jealous!) So she wanted me to make a nap mat cover for her daughter. Sofie loved helping me demonstrate the uses of this project!

A velcro closure across the back keeps the cover in place while allowing easy removal for washing. Crafty Blog: Nap Mat with Applique Name Tutorial. Here is my daughter's new nap mat for preschool.

Crafty Blog: Nap Mat with Applique Name Tutorial

It was made from the Jenny Garland tutorial but I added, changed and swapped up a few things. It makes a mat approx 20x50". Foam is removeable so you can wash it. Supplies List: 1 2/3 yards of fabric for the front and back of the mat 2 yards of minky (or something else soft) fabric for attached blanket Wide ribbon for handle (Jenny Garland used a longer elastic strap in her tutorial if you prefer that)Two buttons (about 1” in diameter).8 ounces of fiberfill to stuff pillowAll purpose threadA piece of 1” thick foam cut to 20” width by 40” length.

Making the Blanket: Cut two 36"x36" pieces from Minky. (Before top stitch) (After top stitch) Making the Mat: Cut two 22"x52" rectangles from your mat fabric to make the front and back. Cut four 4"x6" rectangles for the button tabs. Making your Button Tabs: Using your 4"x6" rectangles place them right sides together with 1/4" seam allowance. Lay out one of your 22"x52" rectangles right side up.

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