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Captivating Kirigami Ten-Sided Globe Gift Box. To look at this incredibly striking ten-sided globe gift box, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was the work of a master craftsman.

Captivating Kirigami Ten-Sided Globe Gift Box

Actually quite the opposite is true – it’s an amazingly simple DIY craft project that you and the kids could try your hand at right now! All you’ll need to make this amazing kirigami creation is a few sheets of colored paper and the free guide (Note: it’s a link to a PDF). It’s all about creating these uniquely shaped strips, which once assembled with create an eye-popping colorful effect that’s guarantee to brighten up any room! Choose a single color, interspace one color with a second of your choosing or go wild with and many wonderful colors as you like! As you can see here, no matter what you do the results will be outstanding! Along with a free video to guide you through every step of the process, we’ve also included the outline of the template you’ll need to make your own ten-sided globe.

(Project by The Fitful Flog) Kirigami Box [VIDEO Tutorial] Pdf. 50 Ways to Package Holiday Cookies: Ideas & Inspiration for Wrapping Cookie Gifts. I have been on a little cookie kick since baking a couple batches a few weeks ago for Thanksgiving.

50 Ways to Package Holiday Cookies: Ideas & Inspiration for Wrapping Cookie Gifts

See, I have not made homemade cookies for quite a long time {mainly due to my little guys allergies and the fact he can not eat any of them}. I forgot how easy it is to whip them up and that a majority of the ingredients needed are actually sitting right in the pantry. So with cookies on my mind and the holidays right around the corner,this weeks inspiration and ideas post is packed with fifty ways to package holiday cookies.

These creative wrapping solutions can easily turn any batch of cookies into a thoughtful homemade gift for anyone one your list. p.s. if you’re looking for cookie inspiration check out these100 Christmas Holiday Cookie Recipes Coffee Mug and Tea Cookie Packaging via Shopgirl Cookie Filled Sock Stockings via CBC. Free Template Maker. Wrap it up. DIY Plastic Container Using Bottles and Zipper - Latest Handmade. DIY Plastic Container Using Bottles and Zipper My friends and family members says that it never happened that they opened my fridge and didn’t find a bottle of cold drink.

DIY Plastic Container Using Bottles and Zipper - Latest Handmade

You can just imagine how many empty plastic bottles of cold drinks I would have. And so I was thinking to recycle these plastic bottles for any DIY project. I would say thanks to Zitta for giving me idea of DIY Plastic container using bottles and zipper. You can use this container as a purse, lunchbox for your kids or as a container to place coins or buttons. Stuff Required: Two plastic bottlesZipperSuper glue (or hot glue)Sewing needle and Nylon thread (if you don’t have glue)ScissorsMarkerDecorating materials Instructions: Mark the bottles approx. 3 inches high from the bottom, (height may vary depending upon your requirement for the container). Cutoff the bottom of the bottles from the marked location and sharpen the edges using small scissor.

Open the zipper and place it at the edge of first cut-out bottom. {capture the moment}: Birthday Organization Challenge. Whenever a new year begins, I always feel a new sense of motivation to become more organized in specific areas of my life.

{capture the moment}: Birthday Organization Challenge

As a card maker, one of my biggest goals has always been to send birthday cards to friends and family in a timely manner. I always seem to fall short in this area of my life, and it is with a new found sense of commitment that I decided to develop an organizational system that would really *work* for me and my lifestyle. To start, I looked at *why* I wasn't sending out birthday cards.

It wasn't a lack of cards to send, because believe me, I have boxes of them! After a bit of analysis, I decided it was about addressing the envelope & having postage stamps on hand, paired with getting the card sent in advance of the birthday to allow for an on-time delivery. 1. 2. 3. 3. Free Tooth Fairy Printables. I love that tooth fairy.

Free Tooth Fairy Printables

What is not to love? She is little and sparkly and she takes gross things away and leaves money its place. But I have heard that sometimes she has a hard time finding those little teeth buried under restless children’s pillows without waking them up….so I have heard. Well, NO MORE! Enter… the tooth fairy. Did you spot her? Can of Snow! Exclusive Free Printable. Do you have snow?!

Can of Snow! Exclusive Free Printable

I don’t. Sniffle. I’ve been dreaming of a white Christmas but, here in the South, that’s just down right wishful thinking. I was just starting to feel REALLY sorry for myself and, more importantly, my kids, when Chickabug emailed a brilliant idea. Pinterest. No helium needed to fill balloons. I'm a loser...and I LOVE it! 圣诞礼盒手工折纸教程. 圣诞节的即将到来让我们心中又开始有了一些小小的激动,因为我们将会收到大量的圣诞贺卡和圣诞礼物,但是如果收到了圣诞礼物之后,我们常常同时也需要回赠我们准备好的小礼物,但是礼物虽然有,但是没有一个合适的礼盒来进行包装,这还是一个真令人郁闷的事情呢,不过相信这个独特的手工折纸礼盒教程会给你一些启发的!


1.首先将一张正方形的纸两两对角对折,打开。 2.将两条对边对折,打开后,将两条边都折到中间的折痕的位置。 打开。 3.另一个方向也是对边对折后,打开,将两条边折到中间折痕处,打开。 4.将一个角折到对应的上一步打开的折痕的位置。 5.其余3个角重复上一步的操作。 Hungry Happenings.