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Saketh Exim Ltd.

Saketh Exim is leading various steel and metal products manufacturer and supplier company in India. We provide a product like Pipe hangers, nut bolts, fastener, washers, clamps, hangers, cable tray anti-vibration rubber pads and more at an affordable cost since 2010.

4 Reasons Why U-Bolt is best for Fastening. Piping support is an important consideration to make.

4 Reasons Why U-Bolt is best for Fastening

The quality of piping support cannot be compromised. 6 Safety Tips to Use Beam Clamps. Beam clamps are quite useful, but it is of utmost importance that they are used keeping the safety aspects in mind.

6 Safety Tips to Use Beam Clamps

Using the beam clamps safely is crucial to keep at bay accidents and also any sort of damages to the clamps and accessories. In this post, we will share few vital tips shared by the best expansion joints manufacturers so that you can use clamps safely. 1. Thoroughly check the clamps You must thoroughly check the beam clamps before putting them into use. Most Efficient Anti Vibration Rubber Pads Supplier in India. Types of Pipe and Fitting Process. Posted by sakethexim on October 25th, 2019 From structural steel bases to pipe fabrication, manufacturing of piping systems has been highly hyped.

Types of Pipe and Fitting Process

Be it for water treatment, power generation, petrochemical, industrial, environmental, or pharmaceutical industry, different type of pipes are available in market for each of these industries. And similarly, there are different sort of fitting processes for each pipe with varying accessories like clevis hangers, sprinkler hangers, slotted channel, and much more. Let’s have a look at different types of pipe and its characteristics: Top Cable Tray Manufacturing Company in India. Benefits of Using Stainless Steel Threaded Rods. Posted by sakethexim on July 23rd, 2019 Stainless steel threaded rods are widely used in the construction industry.

Benefits of Using Stainless Steel Threaded Rods

These rods are used for small and big projects where ease of assembly is the primary concern. Threaded rods are designed to function and sustain under high tension. Reputed fastener manufacturers in India are known for manufacturing quality threaded rods of various shapes, sizes, and materials. Stainless steel threaded rods supplied by threaded rod suppliers in India are quite sought after due to many reasons. How to Choose U Bolt Manufacturer. Best Slotted Channel Supplier. How to Choose the Best Hardware Supplies for Your Home. Hardware forms an important part of any home.

How to Choose the Best Hardware Supplies for Your Home

It supports various hinges, pipes, sinks, etc. Choosing the right hardware equipment for your home can make the difference between having to deal with constant repairs and getting bothered about calling various technicians repeatedly, or living peacefully in your perfectly furnished home. It’s not just about the big things, even defects in minor parts such as pipe hangers can wreak havoc in your home by flooding it. Hence, when you buy these parts, it is important that you do proper research on them and their uses. Here are some tips to help you buy the perfect hardware supplies. 1. Quite often, the decision of choosing hardware parts just boils down to choosing the correct materials. Cast Iron Cast iron is a dull-looking, black and rough textured metal that is often used for pipes. Premium Quality Fasteners to Prevent Corrosion. How to Use Beam Clamps Safely? Beam clamps have made their way into various industries as an essential hardware for suspending and securing fixtures.

How to Use Beam Clamps Safely?

You may use these for suspending bridal rings, wires, threaded rods and electrical boxes in various settings. However, you should have a comprehensive knowledge on how to use the beam clamps safely. Well, you can use the traditional beam clamps that come with a screw for your purpose. Professionals who want to ensure safety while handling the beam clamps should also consider the quality of appliances used for lifting.

U-bolt: Application, Design, and Uses. Piping infrastructures in residential and industrial areas largely depend on the incorporation of u bolt in these systems.

U-bolt: Application, Design, and Uses

Particularly, when you deal with piping through which gasses and liquids pass, the U-bolt continues to be the most extensively used tool. These components come across a variety of designs. You can also buy u-bolts with screw threads at both the ends. This enables the pipework to remain secure in the right way. Today, most of the reputed companies handling piping projects collaborate with a reputed u bolt manufacturer for customized parts. Industrial application of U-Bolts Well, you might be familiar with u-bolts only in the piping projects. Besides, u-bolts also find an important application in engine shaft components and securing motors in various machines.

Important Things To Know About A Cable Tray. A Guide To Choose High Tensile Fastener Manufacturers in India. Fasteners, fasteners manufacturer, Anchor Fasteners Manufacturers in India. Top Quality Threaded Rod Suppliers in India. Type of Cable Trays to Fit a Variety of Applications. Type of Cable Trays to Fit a Variety of Applications by Saketh Exim. Types of Expansion Joints Used in Manufacturing. Top Slotted Channel Suppliers in India.

Look For Best U Bolt Manufacturer? Get Best Single Arch Expansion Joint. More About saddle clamp. The Difference Between Metallic Expansion Joint And Rubber Expansion Joint. Expansion joint plays a critical role in the piping system.

The Difference Between Metallic Expansion Joint And Rubber Expansion Joint

It absorbs thermal expansion and movement. The expansion comes in different types. It creates a lot of confusion amongst the people- which one is good or bad? How to use it? There is a lot of confusion regarding the same. Metallic expansion: Metallic expansion joint refers to prevention of the terminal growth, vibration, pressure and another kind of forces. There are many reasons why pipe gets stressed on the two ends of the pipe. Metal expansion can handle more pressure than a rubber expansion and it also handles high temperature as compared to rubber expansion. Rubber expansion: This expansion is flexible in nature and it helps in providing stress relief in the piping system with the help of thermal changes. Rubber expansion is used for normal water, warm water, cold water, weak acid, alkalis, compressed air, oils, gasoline and so on.

Buy Adjustable Clevis Hanger. Introduction to Beam Clamps. Leading Slotted Channel Suppliers in India. Installation Mistakes to Avoid: Pipe Hangers and Supports. Are you tired with installing pipe hanger again-and-again and its support?

Installation Mistakes to Avoid: Pipe Hangers and Supports

You don’t understand why this keeps happening with you? Would you like to know what is the root cause of defect? You might not know but defects start from the installation. It is very important one should install pipe hanger and supports correctly. The design, placement, and fitting are very important when it comes to installation. Following you would find 3 mistakes you should avoid during installing pipe hanger and its support Adjust according to the temperature: Temperature is something which changes the material dimension. Right preparation of surface: Preparation is the key when it comes to roof installation.

Top Pipe Hangers Manufacturer.