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Eco-Cooler air conditioner cools a home without using electricity. Air conditioning units are expensive devices both to buy and to run.

Eco-Cooler air conditioner cools a home without using electricity

When they stop working, that’s also an expensive problem to solve. Even so, if you live in a location with unbearably hot summers, an AC unit is essential. Not everyone has that option, though, but they no longer need it because the Eco-Cooler has been invented. The Eco-Cooler is an air conditioner that requires no electricity to function and is created using waste products. It sounds too good to be true, but it exists and is in growing use across the country of its origin: Bangladesh, where 70% or residents live in tin huts without power. To make an Eco-Cooler you take a piece of board cut to the size of a window on your house. As the video below explains, the simple design works on the same principle as blowing air out of your mouth.

The change in temperature using an Eco-Cooler is at least 5 degrees Celsius. Top 47 Most Active Venture Capital Firms In India For Startups. This article is part of our series on the essentials of starting up in India in which we had earlier compiled the Top 15 Accelerators, Top 20 Incubators and CoWorking spaces in India.

Top 47 Most Active Venture Capital Firms In India For Startups

Once a startup has reached it’s growth stage, it’s most important requirement is undoubtedly the backing by reliable investors and an ample amount of funding to scale up. Though the concept of starting up has gained momentum recently, but the small number of investors willing to show their trust and invest in new ventures has been a problem for startups. Many startups find it difficult to approach venture capitalists and quite a few times the investment structure of the investor is inadequate for the startup. So this week we bring to you the much needed list of the most active institutional investors and capital funds in India along with their investment capacity, investment structure, investment industries and some of their most notable portfolio startups. Helion Venture Partners Accel Partners Blume Ventures. Untitled. How to do user research the right way. First, why should I bother talking to my users?

How to do user research the right way

All of us know it is important to talk to our users, our customers. However, few of us do. Why? Because most of us have divided views on whether talking to users is actually necessary. Some of us believe in what Henry Ford said, “If I ask my customers what they want,they would have said they wanted faster horses.” You might have the insights and intuition about what your user or customer thinks, but you can’t say with conviction what they truly want. So, what should you do? It will make you a better entrepreneur, a better speaker, heck, even a better businessman. How to do user research? Now that we’ve addressed the why, the next imperative question is how should you approach user research?

Don’t expect the moon. Whom should you target? Once you’ve set your objectives, spell out who the users you should talk to are and how to pick them. The reason is that you learn the most from either end of the spectrum. These 10 Tools for Remote Workers Will Make Office Life a Permanent Thing of the Past. Join us live at Entrepreneur's Accelerate Your Business event series in Chicago or Denver.

These 10 Tools for Remote Workers Will Make Office Life a Permanent Thing of the Past

Secure your spot » Many modern businesses have at least some remote workers. Working remotely increases productivity, reduces stress and is more cost-effective than working from an office. But what if you could take your office fully remote? Here are 10 innovative tools that can help make it happen. Related: Office, Schmoffice: How 3 Big-Name Companies Succeed With Remote Working 1. The closest thing you can get to a virtual office, Slack is technically a messaging app for teams – but one that lets you organize and prioritize conversations based on topics or projects and offers file sharing. 2. When working with teams spread out around the globe, it can be hard to keep track of who’s available to talk and who’s asleep (or maybe at the movies).

This information makes it easier to coordinate efforts across oceans and continents. 3. How to Manage Time With 10 Tips That Work. The 7 books every entrepreneur MUST read! The 15 Characteristics of Effective Entrepreneurs. Success Will Never Come to Entrepreneurs Who Do These 10 Things.