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South Texas Reptiles Forum. Genetic Crosses. Genetic and Morphological Terms (developed by Ron Michelotti) - a simple recessive mutation where the animal completely lacks melanin - (see gene) Mouth Rot (Infectious Stomatitis, Ulcerative Stomatitis) Mouth rot is the common name used to describe mouth infections in reptiles.

Mouth Rot (Infectious Stomatitis, Ulcerative Stomatitis)

These infections can be of bacterial, viral, fungal or parasitic origins. Other possibilities are cancer, foreign body and jaw fractures. Poor husbandry, especially incorrect cage temperatures, poor nutrition and forced feeding predisposes reptiles to mouth infections. Trauma to the nose or mouth areas from cage rubbing or bites from live prey are frequently associated with mouth infections. Mites and ticks often carry bacteria that can cause mouth infections, especially in snakes and lizards.