Patrons of Soldiers

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Many of the great saints of the Church have served in the military of their day. These saints have a tradition of patronage of those who serve today.

Saint Theodore Stratelates. Saint Theodore Stratelates. Also known as Theodore the GeneralTheodore TyroTheodore the RecruitTheodore TiroTheodor Tiro of EuchaïtaTheodore of AmaseaTheodore TeronTheodorus of Heraclea Memorial 7 February as Theodore Stratelates16 February as Theodore Tyro17 February Orthodox Calendar27 July on Korcula, Greece9 November as Theodor Tiro of Euchaïta Profile Roman general (stratelates) and covert Christian during a time of persecution.

Saint Theodore Stratelates

Saint Stanislaus of Cracrow. Saint Stanislaus of Cracow. Also known as Stanislaus Szczepanowsky Memorial Profile Born to the Polish nobility, son of Belislaus and Bogna, and raised in a pious family.

Saint Stanislaus of Cracow

Saint Sebastian. Saint Sebastian. Son of a wealthy Roman family.

Saint Sebastian

Educated in Milan. Officer of the Imperial Roman army, and captain of the guard. Favorite of Diocletian. During Diocletian‘s persecution of the Christians, Sebastian visited them in prison, bringing supplies and comfort. Saint Nicholas of Myra. Saint Nicholas of Myra. Also known as Nicholas of BariNicholas of LpnenskijNicholas of LipnoNicholas of SarajskijNicholas the Miracle WorkerKlaus….Mikulas….Nikolai….Nicolaas….Nicolas….Niklaas….Niklas….Nikolaus….Santa Claus Memorial Profile.

Saint Nicholas of Myra

Michael the Archangel. Michael the Archangel. Memorial Profile Archangel.

Michael the Archangel

Leader of the army of God during the Lucifer uprising. Devotion is common to Muslims, Christians and Jews, and there are writings about him in all three cultures. Saint Maurice. Saint Maurice. Also known as MauritiusMoritzMorris Memorial 22 September Profile Layman.

Saint Maurice

Saint Martin of Tours. Saint Martin of Tours. Born to pagan parents; his father was a Roman military officer and tribune.

Saint Martin of Tours

Martin was raised in Pavia, Italy. Discovered Christianity, and became a catechumen in his early teens. Joined the Roman imperial army at age 15, serving in a ceremonial unit that acted as the emperor’s bodyguard, rarely exposed to combat. Cavalry officer, and assigned to garrison duty in Gaul.Baptised into the Church at age 18. Saint Louis IX. Saint Louis IX. Also known as Louis Capet Memorial Profile.

Saint Louis IX

Saint Joan of Arc. Saint Joan of Arc. Saint James the Greater. Saint James the Greater. Also known as IagoJacobus de OudereJacobus MajorJakobus der ÄltereJames MajorJames the ElderJames the MoreJames the son of ZebedeeJames, son of ZebedeeSantiagoSantiago de EspañaSon of Thunder Memorial 25 Julyformerly 5 August30 December (translation of relics; Mozarabic rite)3 January (translation of relics to the monastery of Saint Vaast)30 April (Orthodox)29 December (Armenian)12 April (Coptic)27 December (Syrian Orthodox) Profile Son of Zebedee and Salome, brother of Saint John the Apostle, and may have been Jesus’ cousin.

Saint James the Greater

Saint Ignatius of Loyola. Saint Ignatius of Loyola. Also known as Inigo Lopez de Loyola Memorial 31 July Profile Born to the Spanish nobility.

Saint Ignatius of Loyola

Saint George. Saint George. Also known as Victory BringerZorzo Memorial 23 April (Roman Catholic)3 November (Russian Orthodox)fourth Sunday in June (Malta)third Sunday in July (Gozo)23 November (Geogia) Profile. Saint Faint. Saint Faith. Saint Adrian of Nicomedia. Saint Adrian of Nicomedia. Also known as Hadrian of Nicomedia Memorial. Saint Acacius of Byzantium. Saint Acacius of Byzantium. Also known as Acacius of ConstantinopleAcato of AvilaAcathiusAchatius of ByzantiumAgathius of ByzantiumAgathus of ByzantiumAgazio (in Calabria)Cuenca (in Spain) Memorial 7 Mayformerly 8 May16 January (translation of relics)17 April (Orthodox calendar) Profile.