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Nipponsei - Music Fresh From Japan May 4, 2013 Figured I might as well put something here. There have been some tracker improvements in the past 2 years though mainly for the other groups on it. Nipponsei - Music Fresh From Japan
erobeat erobeat Yet Another Live Action Title Involving Dragon Ninjas April 5th, 2014 There is a particular live action coming out in May, which is over 4 hours in length. In order for us to take on a project of this magnitude, we require a minimum of $200 to pay the translator and other expenses. Please help us reach this goal by either: a) Downloading the following dummy files once every 24 hours (contribution of about $0.04 cents):Uploaded
New Home Page Posted by bludragon on June 27, 2010 I started a new blog page for encoding all new anime. All anime will be for releases in CRF14 encodes. BluDragon's Anime BluDragon's Anime
Kira-Fansub This my first time starting a donor project, so there might be some changes later on. The reason I started this donor project was to help funding my study abroad in Japan next September 2014, all the donation going toward that. This donor project going to be on Kagaku Na Yatsura vol 2 and so on. the donors will donate on each chapters and once the goal met, I will start working on that chapter. whatever extra money from the previous ch will go to the next ch. so for example chapter 1 goal was 60$ and I received a 100$ donation, 60$ will go to ch 1 and the rest will go to the next ch. all donor will have the right to read the chapters before everyone else as a thanks for their donation. Kira-Fansub
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AnimeSuki AnimeSuki AnimeSuki tries to provide a complete and convenient overview of links to all unlicensed English anime fansubs available through the P2P file swarming application BitTorrent. What's new?(Last updated: January 21st, 2012) We have a new Kairin, for the new year, created by Aurora. As usual a larger version, with background, will be available on the forum.
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