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Sage India is a leading provider of business management software like ERP, CRM, and Payroll services. Find out how your small and medium sized business can benefit using our product.

Top Payroll Software Company in Mumbai - PocketHRMS. Your hunt for the most reliable HRMS software in Mumbai ends! Referred to as the financial capital of the country, Mumbai is undoubtedly a city of dreams besides being the financial hub. The city houses some of the prominent industry giants such as NSE, Tata, Godrej, L&T, etc. Mumbai offers a stupendous breeding ground for all types of industries, be it Information Technology (IT), manufacturing, e-commerce, logistics, etc. attracting a horde of talents from every corner of the nation. This triggers the need for cost-effective yet agile HRM tools and practices.

This is where Pocket HRMS comes into action. How Social CRM Can Improve Your Marketing? Social media has become an integral part of our everyday lives and that is not a hidden fact.

How Social CRM Can Improve Your Marketing?

What started as a medium to communicate has evolved exponentially to become an extended arm of our daily life. Shopping, bill payments, product reviews, etc. there is hardly anything that cannot be done via social media platforms. Top Payroll Software Company in Mumbai - PocketHRMS. Payroll Management System. Best HR System in India. Online HR Payroll Software India. The Holy Grail to Securing your Data in the Cloud. The IT ecosystem is evolving at breath-taking speed with waves of disruptive cloud tech trends influencing the enterprise landscape almost every day.

The Holy Grail to Securing your Data in the Cloud

Cloud based technologies that popped up in the last couple of years are now triggering seismic shifts in ways a business leverages its digital infrastructure and engages with customers. According to Cisco, more than 60% of all the enterprise applications are expected to shift their operations to cloud in 2017. As more and more information flows between IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) and mobile devices to virtual repositories across the cloud, IT departments and alike will struggle when it comes to managing and protecting all the data.

Read also: How IT Leaders are shaking up the Business Ecosystem Cloud computing is fast becoming a perfect pick-me-up for businesses worldwide for its cost-efficient and flexibility features that enable employees and customers to have 24 x 7 access to the required data. IIoT Security VPN Management. AI and IoT set to take over the Customer Satisfaction Game. In today’s digital age, most of us have instant access to the World Wide Web.

AI and IoT set to take over the Customer Satisfaction Game

Be it checking consumer feedbacks, price comparisons or product descriptions, everything is available at fingertips. Customers today are very much empowered than they were a few decades back. Thus, as a rule of thumb, businesses ought to gain a comprehensive understanding of their consumers to stand out. Read also: Customer Intelligence – Do You Really Know Your Customers? This is why detailed customer satisfaction assessment plays a pivotal role when it comes to a company’s success. It goes like this! Upon receiving data from a customer in CRM solution, data could be fed into IoT processor that can analyse it tracking the entire customer journey and the crucial events/metrics. After fetching a structured or filtered information like service level or geographic location, IoT can be put to use for determining the state of a customer i.e., bad experience, neutral experience or good experience state.

Get the Right People for Your Big Data Journey. Are your Employees Enjoying the Juice of your ERP System? Rolling out a powerful ERP system is just half the battle won, as the real challenge lies in implementation and adoption of the same in long run.

Are your Employees Enjoying the Juice of your ERP System?

During the implementation stage, it is important for a company’s employees to acknowledge the fact as to why the legacy or traditional system is failing to keep up and why the company is moving to a new ERP software. This might include bringing in people from all the departments. As a natural human tendency, people tend to resist change and might find it a bit difficult to digest the fact. Irrespective of all such misconceptions, it ought to be confronted head-on. 5 Common yet Distressing Email Errors with CRM. Marketing experts play a pivotal role when it comes to reaching the prospects in the market to convert them into sales.

5 Common yet Distressing Email Errors with CRM

Of all the mediums, email happens to be the most efficient tool to carry out such campaigns. If email is done the right way, it can bring in a decent revenue in the form of sales thereby turning the marketing campaign a huge hit. Though the campaigns executed through emails can be done within a short span of time, the impact of a campaign can be disgruntled by simple common mistakes that undercut the message. Here are five common yet distressing email errors that are easy to avoid: No or incorrect personalization. Mastering ERP Pre-Implementation like a Boss! Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems assist businesses in streamlining their routine tasks saving significant amount of time and resources.

Mastering ERP Pre-Implementation like a Boss!

The success of an ERP solution depends greatly on its implementation, which is certainly not a cakewalk and requires sheer diligence and proper planning to get through. Data Virtualisation is coming to Enterprises. In a startling finding, it was found that 90% of world’s data had been generated in the last few of years.

Data Virtualisation is coming to Enterprises

Enterprises across the globe are submerged in pools of data from head to toe. Spring Cleaning: Decluttering your CRM System. It is common for data to get corrupt over time.

Spring Cleaning: Decluttering your CRM System

In the world of CRM, it is referred to as bad or corrupt data and the same rule can be applied to your customer database as well. There is only one option to address this problem and that is to declutter and cleanse the data in your CRM system. This is very true when it comes to database cleaning. In case of a newly established company or startup, the best time to kick-off the data cleansing work is right after the first year of its establishment.

How Artificial Intelligence is shaking up the ERP Landscape. The use of AI (artificial intelligence) in the enterprise technology ecosystem has always been a hot topic among industry gurus.

How Artificial Intelligence is shaking up the ERP Landscape

It is the age of AI and its scope is traversing beyond smartphone use, as it has paved way into the realm of ERP (enterprise resource planning) technology as well. Yes, artificial intelligence is proving out to be an excellent tool to optimise operational models and transform business operations for organisations all over the world. A few years ago, advanced AI tech was exclusive and costly due to undeveloped and controlled tools. 5 Traits to look for in a Killer CRM Consultant. It is quite common to come across businesses and enterprises having a dedicated staff to look after their enterprise solutions and CRM is no exception here.

5 Traits to look for in a Killer CRM Consultant

For some enterprises, administration of the CRM system is managed by IT whereas for some, the sales department runs the CRM application. Here, having a CRM consultant can help to fill in the gaps that staff have in their experience and understanding. A CRM consultant functions as a facilitator and helps in settling down the various conflicts or opinions of individuals from the sales or IT department. 3 Traits of an Awesome Sales Forecast.

Sales forecasting is a lot like weather forecasting. Here’s how: Both include the process of understanding a number of variables and practical as well as statistical data. Also, the accuracy of a forecast relies on the proficiency of the forecaster and the tool used. Simply put, it is a fine blend of science, art and technology. Unfortunately, sales forecasting turns out to be a painstaking process for sales leaders and reps all over. The most important component for accurate sales forecast is a standard or common sales methodology with regard to stages and checkpoints that are consistent and understood by the entire sales crew. Nevertheless, a killer sales forecast exhibits the following three traits: 4 Reasons your Business needs an ERP System to be GST Ready.

Why to strangle your business by holding it aloof from advanced enterprise technology? Yes, today it has become a need of the hour for businesses to walk hand-in-hand with emerging technologies for staying safe the impacts of any disruptive changes and ERP is one such tool that is successfully helping businesses achieve that. With the recent GST hoopla that has gripped businesses across the nation, organisations are under constant pressure to meet GST compliance. In addition, as the GST council has sanctioned the last two bills, the pressure doesn’t seem to cease either. Though the overall impact of GST tax reform remains a mystery, it is expected to revolutionise the financial backdrop for all types of services and manufacturing verticals.

So far, businesses used to do tax computations either manually or through some standalone software, but GST is set to change this game completely. How an Outdated CRM System can Sabotage your Business. Are you still using floppies for data storage? Certainly, not! CRM systems of the yesteryear were a lot like floppies. It was all like a small plastic disk, the size of an envelope.

However, advancement in technology has led to the origin of stronger and advanced CRM solutions today that offer improved and intelligent analytics, powerful reporting, tracking opportunities and lot more. Manufacturing CRM Software. Sage CRM solution for manufacturing is designed specifically to improve customer service and enhance marketing/sales endeavours for manufacturing & assembly plants and companies.

Enjoy better insights into sales forecasting, improved productivity, customer engagement and most importantly, simplify all your manufacturing workflows and processes with our proven manufacturing CRM software. A few highlights of our comprehensive CRM solution for manufacturing are as follows: • Holistic and 360-degree view of customers. ERP for manufacturing. Being able to meet the constantly evolving demands and expectations of customers, managing statutory/regulatory compliances, staying abreast with the cutthroat industrial environment, planning and stocking inventory and most importantly, manufacturing optimum quality products consistently are some of the prominent and monotonous challenges faced by manufacturing & assembly plants and companies.

CRM companies in Bangalore. ERP solution providers in Mumbai. ERP and CRM Software Solutions Company in Mumbai– Sage Software. CRM solution providers in Delhi. What GST means for banks and financial services - GST India. By now you would have woken up to the news of Rajya Sabha passing GST bill and being one step closer to implementation of the biggest tax reform in India since 70 years. How will GST in India affect the Software Industry? GST in India will be mostly applicable from April, 2016. This means, there will be lot of changes not only in the taxation that we have been seeing, but also with the consumption of the minutest item. ERP Companies in Tamil Nadu. Project and Engineering CRM Software. Engineering companies face a host of issues such as managing intricate projects, skyrocketing production costs, pricing, etc. A robust business management solution is the success mantra for project & engineering companies. Sage Software Solutions (P) Ltd. has come up with highly intuitive and effective suites of enterprise resource planning, CRM and payroll solutions to choose from that help boost efficiency, retain quality manufacturing standards, meet growing customer demands and survive in the cutthroat market.

CRM for Media and Advertising. ERP for trading. A triumphant trading & distribution business is equal to the right mix of tools and techniques leveraged astutely to plan, garner, ship as well as deliver goods to the customers in a timely manner. Manufacturing Software India. Apparel and Shoes ERP Software. The volatile nature of apparel & shoes industry is highly influenced by fluctuating demands, seasonal trends, processing abilities, operating costs and various other factors. Nevertheless, Sage Software Solutions (P) Ltd. has been successfully assisting businesses involved in apparel and shoes industry to help them streamline critical business operations.

Whether you are an apparel-only manufacturing entity or both shoes & apparel manufacturing company, our robust business management solutions fit all. CRM solution providers in Delhi. CRM solution providers in Mumbai. CRM providers in India. Project and Engineering ERP software. 7 benefits of using CRM software for your SME. “Good customers are an asset which, when well managed and served, will return a handsome income stream for the company” – Philip Kotler Very much true and applicable in the 21st century, especially when the world’s companies have shifted from being just product-centric to now, customer-centric production.

There is far more focus and attention on customers than just the mere product or service provided by the company. This new invention does so much, from, Customer Acquisition, Customer satisfaction, Competitive Advantage, Security, Efficiency and much more. Customer Relationship Management is a process which came into very being because man wanted to convert his inabilities into opportunities and results which were previously very time consuming. There was wastage of resources and time which could have been otherwise utilized for the betterment of the company. ERP for Textile Industry - Sage Software. Fashion and Textile Industry is one of the major industries in the world which has been on a constant rise with new technologies and mediums assisting the manufacturers and buyers.

With eCommerce boom in India, textile industry has been loaded with more than ever rising demands for newer fashions. ERP for Paint Industry – Sage Software. ERP for Automotive Industry – Sage Software. Find the right accounting software for your business. Sage ERP X3 Sales Register. Sage Software Extended Reports Pack for India. What is SMAC and what effect does it have on business ERP. CRM and ERP for Medical Equipment Trading Industry. Sage 300: Freight Management System. ERP for Real Estate. CRM Software For Cab Services. ERP For Biotech And Genetic Engineering Industry. ERP for Educational Institutes in India. ERP System: prepare your employees for the big change. ERP for Bakery Industry in India. Business Goals: How can an ERP Implementation help. ERP for Cement Industry.

Facebook and Twitter — Future of Social CRM — Sage Soft Advice. Sage ERP for Chemical Industries in India. Accounts Payable Invoice and Payment Voucher. Calculate TDS in Sage ERP Solutions easily with Sage ERP X3. GST Impact on eCommerce in India. ERP Software: Perfect Solution for Startups Today! Part- I — Sage Soft Advice. TDS in Sage ERP solutions by Sage Software Solutions. Sage 300 ERP For pharmaceutical industry. Real Estate CRM Software for the dynamic industry. Business Applications like ERP and CRM from Sage Software. CRM software for startups in India. eCommerce ERP integration from Sage Software Solutions. Tech 7. Sage 300 ERP for Machine Shops. Sage 300 ERP for Defense Industry. GST in India - GST Tax and its affect on Software Industry.

Sage 300 ERP in Natural Decoration Industry. Sage ERP X3 Sales Register. Tips to find the right accounting software for your business — Part 1. Influence of SMAC on enterprise solutions. Freight Management System: Sage 300 ERP for Freight Management Companies and Clearing & Forwarding… Freight Management System: Sage 300 ERP for Freight Management Companies and Clearing & Forwarding… ERP for Real Estate organizations. Taxation Made Easy with Sage 300 ERP - GST in India. Top signs of poor business-IT alignment.

CRM solution for Manufacturing Industry. ERP for Food Packaging - ERP for Food Industry. Sage CRM for financial services - Sage Software Solutions. ERP Solutions Companies in India. Sage Software Solution. Top five issues organizations face during CRM implementation. 4 CRM Tools That Will Boost Your Business Performance. How Social Media and CRM Work Together Successfully. First Look: Sage CRM implemented in MVS. Sage 300 ERP for Discrete Manufacturing. Power Marketing campaigns with Marketing CRM. ERP for Apparel Industry. Customer Engagement, Social Media and Mobile CRM. Project Job Costing Accpac. Mobile CRM: A must for 2015. Is Your Business GST Ready? Influence of Social, Mobile, Analytic, Cloud on Enterprise Solutions. Enterprise Software.

CRM Software Solutions. Software Products in India.