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Fall Prevention - Sage Home Care - New York and Connecticut. Fall Prevention The likelihood of falling increases with age. The physical changes brought about by age typically contributes to the increase of fall risks. Falling is one of the leading causes of accidental injuries, which may further lead to unintentional hospitalization in the elderly. According to the studies conducted by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Every 11 seconds, a senior is getting treatment in the emergency room due to an injury for a fall.Every 19 minutes, a senior individual dies from a fall.Every year, 2.8 million injuries caused by falls are treated in emergency departments.

The Causes Of Elderly Falls With these facts established, fall prevention should definitely be a focus in home care. Fall Prevention Tips Family members like you can help lessen the chances of falling in your senior loved ones. The home should be well-lit. What We Can Do for Your Senior Family Members Wireless mechanism. Home Care Services | Sage Home Care | Brewster NY & Bethel CT. Services At Sage Home Care in Brewster, NY and Bethel, CT, we understand that every person and family situation is unique.

This is why we will take the time to evaluate your living situation, your health conditions, and your care schedule preferences. We will work closely with you, your family, and your health care team to ensure that we are delivering the highest quality of services that best suit your situation and needs. Our services include: ADDITIONAL SERVICES AVAILABLE AT NO CHARGE TO CLIENTS: We are the only agency in the area with a fully equipped simulation and caregiver training lab. For more information about these services, we invite you to Set an Appointment now to meet with one of our friendly staff members.

When Man’s Best Friend Becomes Therapeutic. There has been a pre-existing close connection between dogs and humans. Through the years, dogs have been continually tagged as man’s best friend. It is no longer absurd to think that they have positive effects on a person’s health. In fact, their role of being cool and fun pets has ascended to becoming main tools for therapy. Research has discovered how interacting with pets like dogs can help address various health issues. This has given birth to what is now known as Pet Therapy. Pet Therapy, also called “Animal-Assisted Therapy,” is a form of therapy that involves animals for treatment. As a multifaceted Home Care in Brewster, New York, Sage Home Care is pleased to make Pet Therapy available to all clients who could be needing it!

Improvement of social interactionsImprovement of verbal communication skillsImprovement of motor skills and independent movementImprovement of mental functions Improvement of moodImprovement of the feelings of comfort, friendship, and companionship. A Conversation with the Depressed. We all know people of different ages and standings in life. We all have someone we love, someone who is a friend, someone who is a family. Of all the people we know, one of them could be depressed. Any one of them could be facing a battle we know nothing about. Sometimes, we won’t know what to do. Sometimes, they need our help. Sometimes, we know too little about these battles they face. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter if we know or not.

We don’t always need to bring something for them – a treat, a gift. Talking to someone who is depressed doesn’t require much effort. A conversation with the depressed: Starts with the heart. When you care, ‘love’ becomes a stronger, better word every day. Sage Home Care, a provider of Home Care in Bethel CT is here to serve you! The Progression Of Dementia : What Patients Go Through In 7 Stages. Dementia is a mental disease that is mostly associated with senior individuals. Patients with dementia often lose most of their memory. They even forget basic functions such as eating, walking, and others. This condition progresses in various stages as time passes. The Reisberg Scale is the most popular scale being used by doctors to measure the progression of the condition. This 7-stage method is categorized by how much the cognitive ability of the patient has declined.

Stage 1All people who are not suffering from dementia are actually categorized as being in Stage 1. Sage Home Care understands the difficulty that patients, as well as all family members, go through in every stage of dementia.