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Hello Everyone! I am Safren Brown a Programming developer in Tutorial And Exmple Portal. It Provides free tutorial of Java, Servlet, JSP, Struts2, Spring, JavaScript, C, Python, SQL etc. Learn advance technology by website

Ancient Indian History MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) Disaster Management MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) 1) National Institute of Disaster Management was inaugurated on ………… September 23, 2002August 14, 2001October 16, 2003August 14, 2004 Answer: D) August 14, 2004 Explanation: National Institute of Disaster Management was inaugurated on August 14, 2004, by the Home Minister of India.

Disaster Management MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

NIDM is an institute which provides training and development programs to handle and manage the natural and man-made disaster in India. HTML MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) 1) What does HTML stand for?

HTML MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

Hypertext Markup LanguageHome Tool Markup LanguageHyperlinks and Text Markup LanguageNone of the above Answer: a. Hypertext Markup Language Explanation: HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. Java MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) 1) Observe the following code snippet and choose the correct option. byte b = 10; // line 1 b = b * 10; // line 2 Lines 1 and 2 both execute without any error.Because of line 2, the code will not compile.Because of line 1, the code will not compile.None of the above.

Java MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

DBMS MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) In this section, we are going to cover some of the basic questions based on DBMS, which are frequently asked during an interview.

DBMS MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

Here we will try to cover almost all the topics related to DBMS. 1) Relational database is a collection of TableFieldRecord or RowColum Answer: a. C Programming MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) - Tutorial And Example. 1) Who is known as the father of the C language?

C Programming MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) - Tutorial And Example

James RutherfordDennis RitchieMark ZuckerbergJames A. Gosling. Data Structure MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) - Tutorial And Example. 1) For sorting random linked list with the minimum time complexity, which of the following algorithm requires?

Data Structure MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) - Tutorial And Example

Merge SortBubbleSelection SortInsertion Sort Answer: (A) Explanation: Both Merge sort and Insertion sort can be used for linked lists. Merge sort is preferred because the worst-case time complexity of merge sort is better than Insertion sort, which is O(n log n) over O(n^2). So we can use merge sort for sorting a random linked list. DBMS MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) - Tutorial And Example. Even Odd Program in Java. Even Odd Program in Java The number that are completely divisible by 2 are even and the number that leaves remainder are odd numbers.

Even Odd Program in Java

For example, the numbers 2, 0, 4, 8, -2, -16 are even numbers and the numbers -1, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 are odd. In this section, we have created Java programs with different approaches to check the number is even or odd. CSS Text-Transform Property. Text-Transform in CSS The text-transform property permits us to alter the text case.

CSS Text-Transform Property

It controls the capitalization of the text. This property is employed to design the text appearance in every uppercase or every lowercase, or it may transform each word’s first character to uppercase. Types of Computer Graphics. Types of Computer Graphics The computer graphics contains two types.

Types of Computer Graphics

They are- Raster (Bitmap) graphicsVector graphics Many individuals are likely to consider pictures on computers (or phones, tablets, or some other electronic gadget with a picture interface) without worrying about how the graphic is processed and displayed on the computer device. Python Data Types. Python Data Types: The variable in Python is used to store values, and they can hold different values.

Python Data Types

Each variable in Python has its own data-type. Since Python is a dynamically typed language (The language in which we don’t need to pre-define the data-type of the variables), Hence we don’t need to define the data-type of the variables which we are declaring in our Python program. Python interpreter implicitly binds the value which variable stores with its data type automatically. What is Phishing Attack? What is Phishing Attack? Phishing is a type of social engineering attack used to obtain or steal data, such as usernames, passwords and credit card details. It occurs when an attacker is disguising oneself as a trusted entity in an electronic communication. Phishing cyber-attack uses disguised email as a weapon. The goal is to trap the email recipient into believing that the message is something they want, a request from their social websites or bank.

The recipient is then tricked into clicking a malicious link, leading to a malware installation, freezing the system as part of a ransomware attack, or revealing sensitive information. It is one of the oldest types of cyberattacks that back to the 1990s. Also, Phishing is used to gain a foothold in corporate networks as a part of a larger attack, such as an advanced persistent threat (APT) event. An organization succumbing to such an attack sustains severe financial losses, declining market share, reputation, and consumer trust. Digital Number System. Digital Number System: The computer understands digital language only.

Many number systems are used in digital technology. The most common are Decimal, Binary, Octal and Hexadecimal number systems. Types of the Number system Weighted Number System – A number system with base ‘b’ will have ‘b’ different digits from 0—-(b-1). In other words, the base is the total Number of digits supported by any number system, which are from 0 to n-1, where n is the base of Number. Create a specific sized document in Photoshop CC. How to Create a specific sized document in Photoshop CC The default size of a Photoshop document is 16*12 cm. But, we can create a specific size document in Photoshop. In this article, we will learn how to create a specific sized document in Photoshop CC. Following are the steps to create a specific sized document in Adobe Photoshop CC: Node.js Core Debugger. Node.js – Core Debugger: It’s always a challenge when it comes to debug an application.

The Asynchronous workflows of Node.js include an additional layer of intricacy to this difficult process. Even though some updates have been made to the JavaScript V8 engine to create access to asynchronous stack traces a bit easier. Usually, we get errors on the main thread of the applications, making the debugging process a little bit harder. Whenever there is a crash in our Node.js applications, we normally rely on some types of complicated CLI tooling for the analysis of the core dumps. There are several tools available to debug Node.js applications, which include the following: Node.js Error Handling. Node.js – Error Handling: Errors are part of every programming language, and Node.js Environment is not an exception. There are many predefined errors in Node.js, including errors like SyntaxError, RangeError, and many more. The official documentation of Node.js has provided a detailed description of the Errors.

However, the point to be noted is that this documentation also refers to the Exceptions. Natural Language Processing. Natural Language Processing in AI. Information Retrieval. Information Retrieval: In order to analyze and categorize the text, we’d like to be able to figure out information about the text, some meaning about the text as well. And, to be able to take data in the text form and retrieve information from it, this task is known as the Information Retrieval system.

Digital Electronics: Digital Number System. Digital Number System In the real world, when any person says that “he has 8 rupees.”, we understand the statement easily, but digital systems don’t understand it. Boolean algebra. How to find archived emails in Gmail. Shelly Perry on LinkedIn: Supervised Machine Learning - Tutorial And Example. Supervised Machine Learning.

Supervised Machine Learning: In Supervised learning, the machine is trained with the help of well-labeled training data, i.e., the data is tagged with the truthful answer. In other words, we can say that in supervised learning, a supervisor or a teacher is always present. With the help of labeled training data, the supervised learning algorithm undergoes learning to predict the result for unexpected data. In order to build, scale, and deploy correctly, the supervised machine learning models not only necessitate time but also highly proficient experts from a team of extremely trained data scientists. File Organization in DBMS. Pattern Programs in Java. Pattern Programs in Java In Java, pattern programs are the most important from the perspective of interviews. The pattern programs improve thinking and coding skills. Addition Program in Java. Tutorial And Example - A Tutorial Website with Real Time Examples.

Operating System Tutorial. Database Management System. Magento 2 Tutorial. SQL CONSTRAINTS. SQL Data Manipulation Language. Introduction to SQL. SQL Tutorial for Beginners. Interested Variable Mechanism. Priority Scheduling in OS. Scheduling Algorithms in OS. React Bootstrap. React Lists. React Events. React Events. ReactJS Tutorial. JSP Comments. JSP Scriptlet Tag. Scripting in JSP. JSP Life Cycle.

JSP Comments. Top 30 DBMS Interview Questions for 2020. Top 48 C# Interview Questions for 2020. C Plus Plus Interview Questions for 2020. Top 15 C Interview Questions for 2020. Difference between Multi-programming and Multitasking. Operating System Services. Kernel in OS. Operating System Tutorial. Hadoop Tutorial. Machine Learning Tutorial for Beginners. Python Operators. Python Keywords. Python Setup guide and installation. Features of Python. Components of Operating System.

PhoneGap Tutorial. PhoneGap Interviews Questions. Computer Engineering. Android Operating System. Ubuntu Operating System. Needs of Operating System. Semaphore in Operating System. Domain Name System. File Transfer Protocol. User Datagram Protocol. Transmission Control Protocol. VBA: Steps to Create a Chart. VBA Charts Operations. VBA Regex Pattern Validation. Excel VBA Screen Updating. Charts in VBA. Steps to Create a Chart.

VBA Charts Operations.