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Safety Xpress stock wheel stops, rubber wheel stops and a huge variety of other wheelstop items. Check out our huge range now and order online.

Effective Tips to Choose the Right Bollard for Your Business. Product Catalogue Bollards, Stair Nosing, Safety Barriers, Tactile Indicators. Ensure Safety and Security by Installing Security Bollards. Traffic Bollards One of the Best Traffic Calming and Safety Measures. Why Should You Go with Our Recommended Installation Partner. 4 Smart Parking Solutions That Every Car Owner Must Use - Safety Xpress. Finding a parking space is really becoming a challenge nowadays.

4 Smart Parking Solutions That Every Car Owner Must Use - Safety Xpress

The daily task of finding a parking spot or claiming the one that is yours – can be really annoying. So, what is the solution to this daily ordeal? If you own a car, you would be aware of hundreds of parking solutions available. You may have also tried few of them. But, if you are really keen to improve your car parking situation, switch to smart parking. Smart Parking makes use of sensor technology and smart mobile applications that not only help you with the varied parking options but also aids in managing the unoccupied parking space effectively. Additionally, there is a pool of benefits that you get with these smart parking solutions: Optimised parking Reduced traffic flow Reduced chaos Reduced pollution Enhanced user experience Increased safety Decreased management costs Upgrade Your Parking Space with These Smart Solutions 1.Smart Phone App Controlled Automatic Parking Lock The parking lock has a flexible design.

How Many Bollards Do You Need and How Much Will They Cost? - Safety Xpress. When it comes to installing bollards, you need to gather a bit of information, including what type of bollards will serve your purpose, how they can be best installed, where they must be placed, how many bollards will you need and how much will they cost!

How Many Bollards Do You Need and How Much Will They Cost? - Safety Xpress

Getting these answers will enable you to make the most out of your bollards. In this blog, we will answer all these questions for you. Let's begin with the application of bollards. Why Should You Consider Installing Bollards? What Are Tactile Indicators and Where Can They Be Used? - Safety Xpress. A commercial or a public place gets all kinds of crowds.

What Are Tactile Indicators and Where Can They Be Used? - Safety Xpress

This makes it imperative for the property owner to take all the necessary measures that help visitors to the area to move freely without the fear of slips and falls. Also, there are certain norms that every commercial property needs to follow during its construction process. Out of various precautionary measures, one piece of safety equipment that every owner must consider installing are tactile indicators. Here is a quick guide about tactile indicators and their applications. Buy Tactile Indicator Online - Safety Xpress. Tactile Indicators work as an aid for people with visual impairments.

Buy Tactile Indicator Online - Safety Xpress

Whether it is a corridor or a path, these tactile indicators will offer a change in surface and instantly alert people. We specialise in the supply of tactile ground surface indicators all over Australia. We Now Supply And Even Install Bollards In Melbourne, Sydney & Other Australian Cities - Safety Xpress. Bollards are very much in the news at the moment.

We Now Supply And Even Install Bollards In Melbourne, Sydney & Other Australian Cities - Safety Xpress

With the Victorian Government announcing more safety bollards for the Melbourne CBD area – many businesses will follow suit. After all, safety bollards can improve safety and bring down the risk of ram raids. In our previous blogs, we have described many features and benefits of our bollards. Our team at Safety Xpress has been supplying distinct bollard varieties to businesses all over Australia for 4 years. But we always get one common question – How to install bollards safely? We always try to help make your job easier by answering your common questions, like which bollard should choose? However, for some people, it can be tedious to do it themselves and we totally understand that. So, now you can get best-quality bollards as well as a professional installation service at your doorstep.

Types of Bollards - Which One Is Best For You? Road accidents are increasing adversely and the major reason is increasing speed.

Types of Bollards - Which One Is Best For You?

A simple step like reducing road speed can contribute majorly in reducing road accidents and people getting injured and killed in these road accidents. The simplest and easiest way to control the road speed is by speed humps or say sleeping policeman. These speed humps are not useful in efficiently reducing the vehicle speed, but can also be strategically placed to make convenient walkways for the pedestrians. Stainless Steel Bollards – Their Evolving Purpose and Applications. Installing bollards is the best way to restrict the access to specific areas.

Stainless Steel Bollards – Their Evolving Purpose and Applications

But, that’s not all it does. Read on to know more about the evolving purpose and applications of safety bollards. As you all know, the basic aim of installing a bollard was to provide protection against attempted ram raid robberies. But, nowadays its usage has evolved. There are various factors that demanded the introduction of the range of bollards that we, at Safety Xpress provide today. Customer’s Requirements This was very clear. Do I Need a Handyman to Install Bollards? - Safety Xpress. Provide Safety, Security and Design Value by Installing Removable Bollards. Wheel Stops and Rubber Wheel Stops - Safety Xpress Melbourne. Here’s the best way to make sure the parking area of your commercial business or shopping centre is well organised and provides proper parking spaces and excellent safety for your visitors.

Make sure you install in each parking space, quality carpark wheelstops by Safety Xpress, the leading provider of the finest rubber wheel stops Australia wide. Wheelstops are great for protecting your kerbs and walls from vehicles damaging them and also causing damage to the vehicles in the process. They assist in creating a boundary between obstacles and prevent travel further than the boundary the wheelstops create.

The best thing is, they do this without causing damage to the vehicle or its tyres. Another benefit of using carpark wheelstops supplied by Safety Xpress, is their design. Indoor & Outdoor Safety Mirrors - Safety Xpress. Why Should You Consider Installing Steel Bollards? Buy Safety Barriers From Safety Xpress In Australia. 4 Important Uses Of Expandable Barrier. Expandable barriers are used in a wide range of settings.

4 Important Uses Of Expandable Barrier

Read to know more about these safety barriers and their application in various fields. Usually, safety barriers are used to prevent access into certain areas and prevent people being exposed to danger. The expandable barrier reduces accidents and helps the traffic to flow efficiently in any given situation. Due to their expandable features, these safety barriers are flexible, mobile and easy to install. Listed below are the few important uses of expandable barrier. Buy Over Bonnet Car Park Storage in Gold Coast. Safety Xpress has just what you need when it comes to storage in your parking space.

Buy Over Bonnet Car Park Storage in Gold Coast

With our over car bonnet and carpark storage solutions, we create additional space for storing essential items in your carpark space and garage without reducing the parking space available for your vehicle! We deliver all our Over Car Bonnet Storage Lockers to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast (QLD) and all other major cities in Australia. Over car bonnet storage lockers are specifically created to fill the space above where the bonnet rests when your car is parked. It’s a highly effective storage solution to safely store a range of household items and tools. They can be installed in home garages where they fit perfectly and look stylish as well.

Similarly, over bonnet carpark storage lockers are very useful in apartment building parking spaces. We ensure that our carpark storage solution provides adequate space in your parking area. Significance of Installing Speed Humps. Looking for the solution to decrease road accidents?

Significance of Installing Speed Humps

Speed humps are the definite choice. Read this blog to know more about speed humps and its positive impacts. One of the important elements used in controlling the speed of a vehicle is well-known as speed humps. These are the rounded raised device placed across the roadway and are the best for locations where very low speed is desired. They are the most common and efficient way of decreasing the speed of the vehicles and you can place on the streets to make convenient walkways. Install Speed Humps For Speed Reduction Through Long Corridor in Brisbane. Safety Xpress speed humps are manufactured with the intent of ensuring pedestrians are safer when sharing roads with vehicles.

This is created by reducing vehicle speeds around buildings, car parks and other shared areas. We stock plastic and rubber speed humps as seen below. Several Benefits of Installing Anti-Slip Stair Nosing. People often wonder why they need to install anti-slip stair nosing in their homes or offices. Owing to the variety of reasons, stairs often become hazardous. They are prone to become slippery with chemicals, grease and water thereby creating a hazard. Installing stair nosing provides extra protection against these elements thereby making the stairs safe. They not only make your staircase safe but also make them aesthetically pleasing.

Continuous use of staircases makes the edges smoother making them highly prone to accidents and risking the lives of every individual using it. Stainless Steel Bollards For Better Security & Traffic Management. Take the right measures to ensure the safety of your building and access to specific areas with safety bollards. They’re an essential product that play an important role in helping you achieve restricted access; and Safety Xpress will provide you with the right bollards to perform that role in a highly effective manner. We also stock a great range of removable bollards that are great for security and parking issues. Parking Bollards stop anyone taking your park without permission. Safety bollards are basically short sturdy vertical posts which protect your property from the impact of vehicles, by acting as a strong barrier. Order Anti Slip Stair Nosing Online on Safety Xpress. Buy Bollards, Speed Humps & Wheel Stops in Sydney from Safety Xpress. Several Benefits of Installing Anti-Slip Stair Nosing.

Safety Handrails & Safety Guard Rails. 8 Steps to Keep Your Employees Safe At Work. A workplace health and safety program is a practice targeted to minimise work-related injuries for your employees. Opt for Secured Road Solutions in Melbourne! – safetyxpressblog. Travelling on road needs to be a cautious act. After all, there are many aspects that a driver needs to consider to have a safe drive for him as well as for the others who are walking on the road. Another thing is to take a self initiative in maintaining discipline on road. Like for instance, it is our own responsibility that we park our vehicles properly and at the right place.

The best part is there are certain features that help us to follow the traffic guidelines easily. Let’s take a look at it one by one: Safety Xpress: Opt for Secured Road Solutions in Melbourne! Safety Xpress: BOLLARDS – Used for Security, Safety and Design Value in Melbourne. For any type of property, access and security are the two main considerations that you should keep in mind. Whether you run a business or deal with private residential property, you might hope to keep vehicles out of restricted zones-while as yet guaranteeing the access when you require it. Safety Xpress: Bike Racks Are Beneficial For The Commuters And The Society. For any type of property, access and security are the two main considerations that you should keep in mind. High Quality Chain Kerbs For Sale. Returns Policy You may return most new, unopened items within 30 days of delivery for a full refund. We'll also pay the return shipping costs if the return is a result of our error (you received an incorrect or defective item, etc.).

You should expect to receive your refund within four weeks of giving your package to the return shipper, however, in many cases you will receive a refund more quickly. 30 Tonne Heavy Duty Cable Protector. Get best discount on Bollards in Brisbane. Wheel Stops and Bollards Sydney - Safety Xpress Online Store. Buy Security bollards online at Low price. Steel Bollard - Removable Sleeve Lock Stainles Steel Bollard. Buy Removable Bollards Online at cheapest Price. Speed Humps and Speed Bumps - Safety Xpress Online Store.

Buy Quality Wheel Stops & Rubber Wheel Stops in melbourne. Speed Humps Melbourne - Safety Xpress. Steel Bollards - Safery Xpress.