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I am Anna Nelson, researching on medical abortion. I am an accomplished researcher on various medical subjects and associated with, where my blog appears quite often. The site possesses popular abortion pills that have a high success rate among women. I advise women on how to terminate a 7 to 9 week fetus through abortions pills .Cornering web as a medium in creating awareness on gynecological health, I often hold webinars, write articles, and e-learning tutorials for females from all over the world. My works are beneficiary for every common woman in understanding reproductive system and coping with related diseases and conditions.

Why a comprehensive healthcare plan should include abortion as well? The ACA [ Affordable Care act] has brought significant changes to the women’s healthcare in United States.

Why a comprehensive healthcare plan should include abortion as well?

Before the legislation was passed, women could be and often were charged way more than their male counterparts for health insurance and most plans didn’t require to cover contraception. Insurance companies could also decline to even sell a policy, due to “pre-existing circumstances”, such as for getting treated for sexual assault or domestic violence or having a C-section. Health-care quality of care, access and affordability has improved greatly since the Affordable care act was implemented. Medical Abortion 101. How Do I Use Abortion Pills. Necessity Of Abortive Services In War-Torn Areas. “Collateral Damage” these two words change a female who has been raped into a statistics; the two words that excuse sexual violence as an unfortunate but inevitable side-effect of war.

Necessity Of Abortive Services In War-Torn Areas

In the war-torn areas criminalization cannot be the only focus; even prevention of sexual violence should be emphasized. Even though all actions have been taken to prevent sexual violence, rape is still used as a weapon of war; therefore, those affected need our help. Some abortive services works in precarious places throughout the world and sees far too many people get away with using rape as a weapon of war. For example, there are many women in Mali who were raped and had asked the help of abortive services.

They fled the conflict in the north and survived to tell the tale. For the females caught up in conflict, sexual and reproductive health care is as vital as food to eat, a clean drinking water, and place to sleep. Unexpected Pregnancy. Any adult women who is sexually active and not experienced menopause fears about pregnancy if her periods don’t come on time.

Unexpected Pregnancy

Most pregnancies occur because the couple is not using birth control or not using it properly/ inconsistently. Even though contraceptives like birth control pills, condoms, IUDs, shots etc. are very good in preventing pregnancy, they are not 100% effective. You may feel terrified, ashamed, shocked and are not ready/ do not want to be a parent. Otherwise, you may feel surprised and joyful about the possibility of becoming a parent. MTP Kit Pills are the Most Secure Way to Abortion. Taking a decision of ending pregnancy is a personal decision of females.

MTP Kit Pills are the Most Secure Way to Abortion

When anyone hears the word “abortion”, there may be already perceptions forming in their mind about the woman wanting to terminate pregnancy. For effective, safe, and reliable pregnancy ending, the FDA has certified medical options, known as the MTP Kit pills. If the woman thinks it is difficult visiting doctor or hospital for the procedure, then medications are a great choice. In reality, she makes the decision at some point in life due to any of the following reasons. What is the connection between abortion and careers? I have had an abortion.

What is the connection between abortion and careers?

It happened when I was in my last year of University, getting my master’s in Business administration. I used to study well into the night and start my day at 8 o clock in the morning again. Being as studious I was, I scored big in exams. I considered myself very hardworking, and perfectly healthy. Being that I went to gym regularly and had healthy food, I rarely fell sick. A friend joked, asking me if I was pregnant and I was suddenly concerned. I immediately bought pregnancy tests to see if I was indeed pregnant. The next natural step would be to tell my boyfriend; however, I was too afraid for his reaction.

Women Don’t Make Abortion Decision Lightly…. Today there are N- number of studies and research carried out by universities, governments, by the UN, reproductive healthcare institutes and researchers.

Women Don’t Make Abortion Decision Lightly….

In all these studies, it is stated that all around world, but especially, in developing / under-developed, women whether married or not do not have access to any kind of reproductive/ family planning services. This include lack of sex education among the girls and boys [young generation] from these countries. For e.g. in the context of Senegal, where the majority of population is Muslim, there are numerous Muslim intellectuals and writers who remind us the origin of Islam.

In this, contrary to most religions, two points are acknowledged – [ in the context of matrimony] primarily, that human beings are sexual in nature and secondly, these sexual desire are one of the most profound feeling of a human being. The crux of the problem There is an issue with prescribing abstinence pre-marriage as the best form of contraception. Statistics say. Biggest health issues women are facing today and how can you help. For a woman, safeguarding her health during ending a pregnancy is a priority. Taking the abortion pill without visiting a doctor is safe, says study. The Woman’s Guide To Having A Medical Abortion. The actual decision of having an abortion is always ‘gut-wrenching’ or ‘horrible’ decision.

The Woman’s Guide To Having A Medical Abortion

In some cases, the psychological aftermath of an abortion is an engulfing feeling of relief, in most cases; pregnancy termination was just a lawful medical procedure that allowed women’s life to persist unchanged after feeling momentarily terrified, afraid, and alone. While none of those who contributed seemed that they regretted their decision. Safe Online Pharmacy For Women's Health. What To Do If Your Vaginal Ring Has Fallen Out. If your vaginal ring falls out, then re-insert it as soon as you can.

What To Do If Your Vaginal Ring Has Fallen Out

This is because, the longer the ring has been out of the vagina, the higher the risk of getting pregnant is. As a consequence, a person may even experience breakthrough bleeding.What to do if the vaginal ring comes has been out for less than 3 hours 1. Rinse the Nuvaring with a cool or lukewarm water [do not use hot water] and then re-insert it into the vagina as soon as possible. Things to be eaten after taking abortion pills. Following an abortion, it is very crucial for a female to take care of her body.

Things to be eaten after taking abortion pills

In order to recover quickly after abortion procedure, she should do so. Taking care of what she is eating is the best way to take care of her body. It is vital to have appropriate diet, after a woman has undergone through termination of pregnancy. Reducing vitamin, heavy bleeding, riboflavin level, and iron too can have a hazardous result in the body. How Birth Control Pills Can Reduce The Risk Of Ovarian And Endometrial Cancer? Even if you don’t give much thought about your endometrial lining, it continues doing its work, i.e. your periods.

How Birth Control Pills Can Reduce The Risk Of Ovarian And Endometrial Cancer?

As time passes and your menstruation cycle continues you are more at risk of developing different types of female reproductive cancers. One way of stopping these cycle would be to get pregnant and decrease their risk but what if you are not ready to have a baby? There is an another way you can stop the menstrual cycle and lessen these risks- you can take birth control pills.

Oral birth control like the Loette contraceptive pills have been consistently found to have properties that reduce the risk of ovarian and endometrial cancer. Why is a Miscarriage medically referred as Abortion? The medical terminology for miscarriages can be confusing at times and therefore many women are shocked when they see the term ‘abortion’ written on forms or when they hear the term from the doctors. It can be frustrating to hear about your miscarriage this way. Regardless of what anyone’s political opinion may be, it is completely understandable why one may be upset to hear their miscarriage to be referred as abortion. An elective ending of a pregnancy, is when a woman chooses to terminate her unwanted pregnancy either with the use of safe abortion pills or surgery. Meanwhile, a miscarriage is a natural loss of the pregnancy due to health complications. Therefore, both concepts are different physically and emotionally.

Nuvaring- A Vaginal Ring Prevents Pregnancy Conveniently. What is successful medical abortion and how to find out you have had one? What does abortion on demand entail? [Part – I] “Abortion on demand” is a concept that women should be able to access pregnancy termination without going through unnecessary obstacles. This means that when a woman comes to a doctors’ office and asks or ‘demands’ for a Medical termination of pregnancy (MTP Kit) or surgical procedure she should get it in the next available appointment. While going through this, she won’t be subjected to unnecessary delays such as mandatory counseling session and waiting periods, given the list of medically inaccurate statements prior to procedure, having unneeded ultrasounds and to pay for them (they can be transvaginal ultrasounds which are mandatory – even for victims of incest and rape).

It also includes not having to notify/ or get a written consent from parents/guardians, or having to appeal in court, explaining why it would it would be dangerous for them to tell a parent about pregnancy. To understand everything about this concept, however specific question need to be asked. A birth control for women who always forget taking daily birth control. One of the most used contraceptive methods over time is known to be the birth control pills and the IUDs.

However, other birth control methods, like the vaginal ring have also experiencing increasing popularity in the recent years. It is the perfect contraceptive choice for women who are always forgetting to take the pill everyday – It is similar to birth control pill Nuvaring – the vaginal ring is a hormone secreting flexible plastic ring which functions in a pretty similar way as the birth control pills. It contains two female hormones (just like in combo pills)- synthetic estrogen and progestin which work by suppressing ovulation and transforming the cervical mucus. You have to insert it in the Vagina, where you can keep it for three weeks at a time Many women buy Nuvaring and find it confusing to use, however, its usage is pretty much simple. What to Do When You Have Missed Taking a ‘Combined’ Birth Control Pill. A combination contraceptive pill is the pregnancy preventing medication which normally contains a combination of varying degrees of estrogen and progestin (or their future generations).

Many women buy Loette pills and other similar contraceptives as most women generally take combination pills. These combined tablets come in two blister packs – in 28 and 21 pills blister packs, which contain 21 active hormonal tablets and additional seven ‘placebo pills’ in the twenty-eight pack. What do to when pills are missed? Everyday intake is the crucial in the overall efficiency of the tablets, therefore missing one reduces how well they work to fight against pregnancy.

Meanwhile just like missing dosage, starting the new pack a little late can also effect the efficacy of the birth control pills. Why shouldn’t you wear heels during Pregnancy? While you are expecting, to wear or not wear heels may be a big question for you. If you are used to wearing high heels on a regular basis, it will be extremely tough for you to let go of your ‘lofty statement’ when you are pregnant.

Lots of women do wear heels throughout their nine months, however, GYN strictly recommend against doing so and with some valid reason as well! A number of reasons tell you why you need to give your heels some break for the period of pregnancy because there might be a pain and come with certain risks. Following are the main effects of wearing heels: Calf Cramps: Wearing heels for longer time leads to cramp in the muscles because your calf muscles are in a contracted position.

Back Pain: How much does abortion cost in America? Discussing about abortion and its ethical considerations. Latin American Women- Striking and fighting for abortion and an end to violence. How to tackle some misconceptions regarding abortion. Do you support women’s right? Why Women Use Abortion Pills than Aborting with Surgery? - safeabortionpillrx. Buy abortion pill to cancel pregnancy.

Every woman has the liberty to safeguard her health and privacy. Serbian Government retracts its Russian-inspired anti-abortion council , Medical - weSRCH. 28th December 2016. Cytolog Abortion pill,Dosage,Side-effects,Precautions. Cytolog Ingredients. Moral principles of Abortion. 5 Abortion myths that need to be shattered. Forty-three years ago, the milestone decision made by Supreme Court Roe v. Abortion costs in Australia (Part I) Pregnancy can beautiful at times, but some time it comes when it is least expected. In such cases, many times the woman may feel that terminating the pregnancy is the best option for her.

HISTORY OF ABORTION PILLS IN AUSTRALIA. Outcomes of the FDA’s update to the Medical abortion label on public health. After- Abortion Effect And Care. Some interesting facts about Misoprostol tablet. Complications in pregnancy due to obesity. How can you do safe abortion? PowerPoint presentation. Abortion laws in Australia (Part I) – Safeabortionpillrx. Abortion now and then – safe abortion pill – Medium. Buy Mifepristone and Misoprostol Abortion pill. Buy cytolog online. Impact of buffer zones near abortion clinics. Buy abortion pill online available on online pharmacies. Rejection of Abortion using mifeprex after certain Gestational limit. A Look Into The Newly Canadian-approved Abortion Pill Mifegymiso, Medical - weSRCH. Buy plan b online.pptx PowerPoint Presentation PPT. Best place to buy safe abortion pills online.

What age group is doing abortion? Dos and Don’ts of abortion pills – Safeabortionpillrx. Abortion pills: A harmless method of ending early pregnancy. Safety of Abortion techniques – Medium. Buying MTP Kit online is beneficial. Important safety tips for using Mifepristone. Contraceptive tablets. Ethical issues concerning abortion. The history of world’s first abortion pill: safeabp.

Plan B Side Effects and Effectiveness. Buy Mifepristone and Misoprostol Abortion pill. Pregnancy termination pills: how safe are they – Safeabortionpillrx. FDA rectifies its requirements for abortion pill. Ending an early pregnancy with medication is called medical abortion. Misoprostol Side Effects,Abortion,Dosage,Working,Price,Tablets.

Use of RU-486 online all over the world. Buy abortion pills online safely PowerPoint Presentation - ID:7407766. Facts and fiction about medical pregnancy termination – Safeabortionpillrx. Buy Mifepristone online ,Usage,Dosage Format,Side Effects. Best place to safe abortion pill online. Loette Pill Contraceptive Helps in Avoiding Pregnancy – Safeabortionpillrx. Abortion Pills MTP Kit User Manual. MTP Kit for Secured Abortion PowerPoint Presentation - ID:7398209. Women and Abortion: Things You Need to Know. Buy Loette Pills Online to stop pregnancy. Ru-486 Abortion Pill Working. Cytotec Abortion pill,Dosage,Side-effects,Precautions. Safe Mifeprex Abortion for Women.

How Social and Economic Factors Affect Abortion? – Safeabortionpillrx. Two Irish Women Live-Tweet Their Journey for Abortion in England. 10 Ways you can make Medical Abortion Easy to Endure. MTP kit Mifepristone and Misoprostol  When to Test Pregnancy After a Medical Abortion? – Safeabortionpillrx. Buy MTP Kit Online Mifepristone and Misoprostol. The Abortion Pill Pack. The Essentials for Abortion at a Clinic with Pills or Surgery. Buy Mifeprex Online. 7 Reasons Why Abortion Should Be Always Legal.