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Safari Embassy

Safari Embassy provides ultimate African Safari Tour Packages at reasonable prices. Experience the wildlife and adventurous African Safari with a private guide of safari Embassy.

Safari Embassy Offers ‘Personalized Safari Program’ for Family-Friendly Safari. Botswana, May 20,2017/ -- Known for the perfect combination of travel with leisure, Safari Embassy has introduced ‘Personalized Safari Program’ in South Africa and Kenya.

Safari Embassy Offers ‘Personalized Safari Program’ for Family-Friendly Safari

Now, the travelers can experience the best wildlife safari in South Africa the way they want. Their vast touring expertise will allow a selection of tours that make the most of their time on holiday by combining a variety of vastly differing experiences. Speaking about the program, Kane Motswana, Co-Founder, Safari Embassy said, ‘‘with the best team of guides, we understand the meaning of travel with leisure for every age group.

We absolutely know that’s what makes the difference. We know that no two people are the same, no two people have the same expectations and needs and that’s why with us, no two trips will ever be the same.We tailor make each safari to suit our individual clients, by finding out more about them, who they are, what they like, what they don’t and what they expect. African Safari Tour: Experience Of A Lifetime. We all have at least once in our life planned to experience the African Safari Tours.

African Safari Tour: Experience Of A Lifetime

While some of us experience the best African Safari Tours but most of us just keep on thinking about the Photographic Safaris. Let us resolve some of your uncertainties of what to expect when departing into the wilderness.Talking about the destinations, African and Namibian Safari Tour and the Photographic Safaris are considered the best. Both the African and Namibian Safari Tours provide incredible safari accommodation for all price ranges. The service in the camps is professional and personal and the atmosphere makes it a home away from home. Show Full Text Taking an African safari is an exciting holiday choice for people around the globe. However, it is quite important to pack your bags well while going on a safari. More info: See how Lions and Hyenas struggle for the dead Hippo in the water Sunset view in Namibia. Why Us. Africa is our home.

Why Us

We were born here. We grew up here. We’ve lived and worked here our entire lives. We know this place. Ride Into The Wild With The Best African Safari Tour - Exact Release 06:49 am. Return to: Lifestyle News Africa is an ideal holiday destination for every age group.

Ride Into The Wild With The Best African Safari Tour - Exact Release 06:49 am

It also serves the interest of every traveller. From a solo backpacker to luxury travellers, Africa has a lot to offer to one and all. No holiday to Africa can be complete without an African safari tour. Safariembassy provides customized solutions for the travellers. It is a one stop destination for those looking for an up close and personal tryst with the wildlife of Africa. Specially designed for photography enthusiasts, the photographic safaris serve your needs. South Africa is a land of diversity and contrasts, it offers an ultimate experience that is distinct and satisfying. When it comes to South Africa, no holiday is complete without the ultimate safari tour.

Famous for the wildlife and its adventures, it would be unwise to miss out on the African Safari Adventures. The African Safari Tours provide a distinct experience which ensures a comfortable safari and an up close view of the wildlife. It will open a new realm for you and provide all the insights into the wildlife of South Africa. It would be ideal to book a safari with the travel agents in Botswana for a complete package and a comfortable ride. The African Safari Adventure offers a wide range of packages to choose from. The African Safari Tours offer various packages that include photographic safaris that are ideal for photography enthusiasts. If you are travelling with your family, take the family safaris that serve the interests of every age group. If you want to have the real taste of South Africa, take a mobile safari. African safari tours. Botswana Safari - Travel Agents in Botswana.

Botswana is one of the most popular safari destinations in Africa, best known for it’s vast areas of pristine, untouched wilderness, for it’s raw beauty and it’s incredible diversity, from desert to delta.

Botswana Safari - Travel Agents in Botswana

From the Jewel of the Kalahari, The Okavango Delta, to the majestic Makgadigadi pans, from the serenity of the Selinda Spillway to the fascinating, ancient culture of the San tribes in the Kalahari, Botswana is teeming with wildlife and abound with endless, spectacular photographic opportunities. It comes as no surprise that Botswana has recently been voted by Lonely Planet as the top country to visit in 2016. With it’s high income, low impact tourism policy, Botswana boasts some of Africa’s most luxurious camps in enormous, private concessions; ensuring complete exclusivity and a truly wild, genuine safari experienc. Botswana is home to Safari Embassy and Kane Motswana’s playground, he was raised in the very concessions he now guides in and knows them inside out.