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Dovetail Wrap. Of all the ways to add stitches in knitting, I favor the quiet beauty of yarn overs.

Dovetail Wrap

Like a woodworker’s dovetail joint, yarn overs are elegant engineering. They make their presence known with a whisper, not a shout, yet,surely yarn overs deserve resounding acclaim for all they do for our craft! The yarn over is not only the Dovetail Wrap’s only design element, it also carries the entire structural burden! You’ll be amazed that strategically placed yarn overs are all you need to create a triangle. Yarn overs at the edges of the wrap wing off into garter stitch ridges that seamlessly miter at the center spine. PS- To see an Instagram photo of this project being worn click here! Materials 5 skeins of Purl Soho’s Super Soft Merino, 100% merino wool. Gauge 10 stitches = 4 inches in garter stitch Size Pattern Cast on 8 stitches, leaving a tail at least 10 inches long. Row 1: Slip 1 purlwise, k1, [yo, k1] 2 times, place marker, [k1, yo] 2 times, k2. [12 stitches] Bind off loosely.

Finish. Monochrome Friendship Bracelets. These Monochrome Friendship Bracelets borrow the diamond pattern from our Classic Friendship Bracelets and, quite literally, turn it upside down!

Monochrome Friendship Bracelets

Using just one color of cording, you work up the diamond pattern, then flip it over to reveal a swirly pattern that intriguingly looks more like beading than macramé. Who knew that the “wrong side” of a friendship bracelet contained such beauty? To make your own just follow the instructions for the Diamond Bracelet in our Classic Friendship Bracelet Kit or Pattern, using the same color for each strand.

(Please see the Notes below for some helpful technical tips!) While this isn’t a beginner project, it is a fun challenge, kind of like a difficult sodoku or an all-black puzzle. Canettes. FAVORIS | SYSTEME D. PART-02|FAVORIS| comment-economiser. Make my lemonade. Tutos CROCHET. Pomander Balls: Peony Design. These peony pomander balls (also known as wedding kissing balls) are very elegant and easy to make.

Pomander Balls: Peony Design

And if you are on a tight budget and need some cheap wedding flower ideas, then these pomanders would be the perfect choice. These pomander balls could be used to decorate the pews, or your reception or even as a bridal bouquet design if you are planning on making your own bouquet. These pomanders make really beautiful, inexpensive wedding flowers because they are made from coffee filter flowers. And they look just like the real thing! We will show you step-by-step how to make these pomanders, including the paper flower instructions. Materials For Wedding Pomander Balls 4" Styrofoam ballCoffee filters (4 cup basket style)RibbonSpray bottle for waterScissorsPearl head pins (1.5" and 3")Watercolor paintPaintbrushWax paperPaper towels How To Make Paper Flowers: Peony Design Print and cut out the paper flower patterns.

One 4" ball takes 12 peony flowers, which requires 36 filters. Tissue Paper & Paper Flowers Tutorial. I debated sharing this tutorial for a couple-o-reasons.

Tissue Paper & Paper Flowers Tutorial

Reason 1. It's a craft that has been around since before I was born and reason 2... it's a craft that has been around since before I was born. I feel like I might be a 100 years old at this point. My crows feet asked for slippers the other day cause they were getting cold. Since it's new to me I figure it's got to be new to someone else too so I am doing it anyway! DIY : bracelet coloré avec des perles !

C’est un peu mon truc de l’été : faire des bracelets.

DIY : bracelet coloré avec des perles !

Devant une série (en ce moment je suis totalement accro à Modern Family, c’est juste à tomber par terre de rire !) Ou en lezardant au soleil, ça occupe les mains ! Trousse à bijoux de voyage {tuto} - Couture. Préparez et placer les éléments de la trousse (Partie 2) Extérieur de la trousse :Prenez le rectangle de cuir 17.5 x 21 cm et arrondissez-lui les coins en utilisant un verre pour vous aider à faire le tracé de l'arrondi.

Trousse à bijoux de voyage {tuto} - Couture

Fermeture de la trousse :Prenez le rectangle de cuir 5 x 6 cm et arrondissez deux coins. Posez le dessus d'une pression du côté où les coins sont arrondis et venez le coudre sur le grand rectangle cuir 17.5 x 21 en plein milieu du côté de 17.5 cm. Comment faire un bracelet brésilien avec prénom. Bracelet minimaliste : chaînes et perles. Aujourd'hui, je vous propose un tuto qui vous permettra de réaliser ce bracelet aux lignes simples et chics.

Bracelet minimaliste : chaînes et perles

Des bijoux au rayon plomberie. Vous vous souvenez de ma déclaration d’amour aux bijoux à corde ?

Des bijoux au rayon plomberie

Depuis je n’en avais finalement pas refait. Manque de temps et d’idées. Et puis cette semaine, Riikka du génial blog Weekday Carnival a posté un DIY pour faire un bracelet en corde. Coudre des sacs en tous genre. Tricot. Crochet. Classic Cowl. In the pantheon of classics we think our Classic Cowl is right at home.

Classic Cowl

Like the little black dress and the camel trench coat, cowls have worked their way onto the shortlist of wardrobe staples. I paired this pattern with another near-newbie, Purl Soho’s wonderfully soft, beautifully plied Worsted Twist Heather. Knit in a never-boring neutral, Wheat Flour, and in a never-boring stitch pattern, Fluffy Brioche, our Classic Cowl is just that.

-Laura Materials 4 skeins of Purl Soho's Worsted Twist or Worsted Twist Heather, 100% merino. Gauge 15 stitches = 4 inches in fluffy brioche stitch.

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