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Release update: New Yodiz UI. Yodiz renewal of UI is now completed and new interface is out of Beta phase officially. We are introducing the product quality New Yodiz, it's been a long journey for us and we are excited to share that all of the views have been migrated to new robust interfaces. This took us around 4 months of hard work to complete the migration. We are grateful for our users, who shared valuable features enhancements, bugs and suggestions, and for being remain patient. This can not be done without our Technical, QA and UI teams, they worked with full dedication and lots of efforts to transform the Yodiz (Beta) to an Ultimate Stunning looking Feature packed powerful Agile platform. Just a sneak peek of our release: Our technical development team completed 1809 tasks and issues for this release. In the following sections, we have summarized details about each new feature. Slack Integration It's now easy and simple to integrate Slack with Yodiz.

Whitelist domain and email support Quick Add Widgets Epics. Kanban Board. Project Management with Yodiz. Yodiz is a complete package. When you combine all the individual features being offered by Yodiz into one whole, it becomes a powerhouse of a Project management tool. Let’s have a look at each of the features one by one. Product Backlog The product backlog is one of the main features of Yodiz. A User Story is basically a task that needs to be accomplished, and has the person responsible for it, and person following it associated with it. All User Stories on the board are sorted according to Priority levels, which can be adjusted for each User Story by the user. Epics An epic allows you to group a number of User Stories together. Sprints Yodiz allows you to divide work into Sprints, in the traditional Agile fashion of doing things. Releases Releases are made after every Sprint, or after a couple of Sprints, depending on the team.

Issue Tracker Yodiz provides you with an Issue Tracker for creating, viewing and managing Issues within your project. Dashboards Integrations Collaboration. Release Management in Agile. A: A Release means working software in hands of users. A release is different from a Sprint because at the end of a Release the software is useable by the users whereas at the end of a Sprint this may or may not be the case. A single release may contain 1 or more Sprints and can have a span of multiple weeks or months depending on the complexity and practices in each organization. Just as any task in the software development phase can be accomplished without using a formal tool or documentation, releases can be made like this as well.

However, it is highly inadvisable as it leads to a lot of confusion. It is advisable to engage in some sort of release planning before starting work on a release. Depending on the complexity of the release, this can be achieved on something as simple as a whiteboard. Things to focus on while working on a release are: Focusing on Sprints/Iterations: Have the sprints or iterations met their scope or not? Yodiz gives you complete control over your Releases. Release update: Realtime boards, custom dashboards, updated notifications and other enhancements. We are glad to share that we have taken one further step in improving Yodiz. For the last few months we have been working on number of interesting features and among them most important one was to convert our boards to "Real time" boards. Now sprint, release and issue boards don't need to refresh manually anymore and you get instant updates once your other team members update anything.

Besides real-time boards, there are number of other features that are available with this release update. Below you can find full list of features and details. Real-time boards As mentioned above, all boards are now real-time, which means if you are at issue board and a new issue gets reported by other team member it will immediately be visible at your view, similarly if your team member updates some task from New to In Progress the widget will also move from New to In Progress instantly. Customizable Dashboards Reporting & tracking is key aspect for management. History Filter on all the boards. Announcing Yodiz Reloaded Public Beta. In our previous release on September 14, we made “Yodiz Reloaded” beta available to few customers and today we made a special update and now “Beta” is available to all our customers.

This is still work in progress and few views like “Issue Tracker” will be added soon. You can access Yodiz Reloaded by clicking on “Beta” link at navigation bar Yodiz Reloaded Story We started working at beginning of this year exactly on January 30, 2014 to find solution that would increase the performance, add flexibility and offer more smoother user experience for Yodiz. We were getting constant feedback that, all actions require server round trips and feeling “slow” on performing different actions especially at Sprint Board and Backlog. We ran multiple small “proof of concepts” projects to find best technology to migrate to, while keeping huge backend services that we built over years. Yodiz is JavaEE application and we have used JSF, Rich Faces along with some other libraries to build Yodiz front end. Yodiz (@Yodiz_Team) | Twitter. Security Check Required. Yodiz. Cloud-based Agile Project Management Software: Yodiz Review – CBR Digital.

Are you involved in software project management and development? If so, you might want to consider Yodiz. What is Yodiz, and how it can help you and your company in developing software – in the cloud? What is Yodiz? In software business, there are many methods to get things done efficiently and effectively. One of them is Scrum. Yodiz is one of online project management software that is built upon the methods of scrum and agile project development, allowing you to develop projects better, as well as tracking issues well. The cloud-powered Yodiz also takes software development to the social-sphere, allowing businesses to develop and manage projects better by connecting, engaging and sharing issues and progress via social media.

Features and benefits Yodiz provider 3 key features: 1. Yodiz offers a single dashboard for developers to track everything they are responsible for – you can access your very own to-do list, allowing you to organize your work easily. 2. 3. Yodiz vs. its competitors 1. Agile scrum-retrospective. Yodiz Reviews. Agile Scrum Tool, Issue Tracker, Kanban Task Board, Project Management, Epics Management, Bug Tracking - Yodiz.