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SacTown Social Bikes

Sac Town Social Bikes offers groups a unique and eco-friendly way of touring Sacramento, CA on special multi-passenger bikes. Our guests pedal through historic or customized routes through downtown while our professional guide tells them stories, jokes, and fun facts about the city. We help guests plan itineraries before their trip, so everyone can enjoy their time on the bike and at every stop. Our bikes include a 6-passenger conference bike, which lets riders sit in a circle, and a 15-seater bike with a power-assisted motor, LED lights, and overhead storage. Guests over 21 may enjoy beer or wine aboard our bikes. Our tours are an entertaining option for birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, team building, and other special events.

How to Have the Best Bachelor Party in Sacramento: Go for a Beer Bike. Bachelor (and bachelorette) parties offer a great time for fun and bonding.

Choosing a beer bike in Sacramento for a bachelor party or other special event makes the celebration fun, affordable, accessible, and unique. – sactownsocialbikes

They are a celebration of a wonderful event and an opportunity for good friends to honor someone who has found their soulmate and life partner.

How to Have the Best Bachelor Party in Sacramento: Go for a Beer Bike

Unique Parties Create More Lasting Memories Plenty of options exist for the creative planner. Parties which honor the spirit of the event in a fun way and won’t break the bank. One great way for close friends to celebrate a coming wedding, or any important milestone, is going for a Sacramento beer bike tour. Parties Tailored to your Interests Bachelor parties are about fun. Affordable Events Let Everyone Celebrate Keeping your party local lets everyone participate. Enjoy the Best Breweries in Sacramento by Touring around on a Fun Pub Crawl. Downtown Sacramento is quickly becoming a brewpub destination for beer lovers from near and far.

Enjoy the Best Breweries in Sacramento by Touring around on a Fun Pub Crawl

Midtown alone is host to a multitude of great breweries, some of which have been named as one of the top ten in the state. You could hit each individually, but to truly enjoy the culture and compare the great brews, a Sacramento pub crawl is the best way to experience the fine craft beers this historic city has to offer. Pub Crawls Are Great for Celebrating Special Events Pub crawls have been a tradition for beer lovers for as long as pubs have been around. There is something exciting about moving from bar to bar and sampling the fare each offers with your friends. Responsible Crawling Is a Must A large part of the fun during a pub crawl happens outside the brewery. Beer Bikes Take the Party on the Road Pub crawls have become mobile, but not in cars.

Sources: California’s Best Breweries, Capitol Alert, Basic Tips and Tricks for Maximum Enjoyment During a Pub Crawl. Whether you’re on a vacation or celebrating the end of a challenging work week (or month), there’s always a good reason to go on a pub crawl to unwind.

Basic Tips and Tricks for Maximum Enjoyment During a Pub Crawl

And by unwind, we mean actually letting loose and having some real fun. There are certain guidelines to abide by to ensure that you will safely enjoy the entire experience and the people around you will as well. Stay With The Group The entire point of joining a pub crawl is to bond and socialize with your fellow crawlers. Don’t hold back the rest of the group by falling back. Pace Yourself Although it’s a pub crawl, and throwing back a few drinks is part of the fun, you don’t have to do it all in a rush. If you drink too much too soon, you’ll lose steam too early, which can be a downer for the rest of the group because then they’ll have to make sure you’re well taken care of and that you’re able to get home safely. Don’t Go Pub Crawling Hungry This is actually one of the most basic commandments when going drinking. Sources: Planning a Pub Crawl with a Beer Bike for a Brand New Experience. Pub crawls don’t have to all be done in the traditional way: walking from bar to bar.

Planning a Pub Crawl with a Beer Bike for a Brand New Experience

People are becoming more and more creative when looking to have a great time on a night out on the town and one of them is a group bike tour. And the best part is, you can make new friends along the way. Make an Itinerary Whether you’re doing an actual walking pub crawl or riding a beer bike, like the ones offered by Sactown Social Bikes, it’s best to pre-plan your route. This helps make more efficient use of your time, so you have more time for fun. You can leave some room for an alternatives to your plan if you don’t want to be too strict about your pub crawl itinerary or beer bike route–that’s totally up to you. It’s Not Just All About the Booze It’s a pub crawl, yes, but it doesn’t have to be solely just about drinking.

Have a Theme It also makes it fun and easy to identify each other and stay together.