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Planning the MYP Interdisciplinary unit

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Approaches to amplifying the IDU Experience. Designing and experiencing an interdisciplinary Unit (IDU) can only be matched by the satisfaction of seeing students taking ownership of their work, and demonstrating how much they’re able to do with what they know. What is more, an IDU allows us to present students with an unusual experience, which definitely rewards us teachers with unexpected engagement and responses. Planning an IDU requires participant teachers to engage intellectually, and to have an open mind about the multiple ways in which students may demonstrate understanding. Therefore, starting the IDU dialogue and planing by choosing a natural (and not forced entry point) always helps teachers to begin to understand aspects that will be explored, and explored that can be designed.

Beginning with a scenario that justifies the reasons why the involved subjects are joining forces consolidates the pathway to follow, and helps teachers become aware of the depth and breath of the inquiry. An experience with the senses Like this: