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Year 9 English : Writing Historical Fiction

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Australian Dictionary of Biography. A website about the history of Sydney. Home - eMelbourne - The Encyclopedia of Melbourne Online. National Archives of Australia. First Fleet Online. First Fleet artwork collection. On 13 May 1787 eleven ships, now commonly referred to as the First Fleet, set sail from Portsmouth to establish a colony in New South Wales, Australia.

First Fleet artwork collection

They reached their destination on 18 January 1788, 18 years after Captain James Cook had first landed on the east coast of Australia at Botany Bay. One of the unplanned but long-lasting outcomes of this event was the large number of outstanding drawings of Aboriginal people, the environment and wildlife found on arrival as well as of the early foundation of the colony. Stories from our WW1 collections. War records search - National Archives of Australia. History resources - National Library of Australia.

AIATSIS Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies AIATSIS: The Institute seeks to provide understanding of Australian Indigenous cultures, past and present through undertaking and publishing research, and providing access to print and audiovisual collections.

History resources - National Library of Australia

It undertakes research in indigenous health and wellbeing, education, history and cultural transmission, language, arts and cultural expression as well as native title and traditional ownership. Access to collections is provided through Mura, the Institute's online catalogue. State Library of NSW. National Archives - UK.