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Year 8 English: Technical Innovation.

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2019 Media & Entertainment Industry Outlook. 1 Deloitte, Digital Media Trends survey, 12th edition, accessed January 22, 2019. 2 Ibid. 3 Ibid. 4 Dani Deahl, “Comcast Is Adding Amazon Prime Video to Its Xfinity X1 Boxes,” The Verge, August 2, 2018.

2019 Media & Entertainment Industry Outlook

The best entertainment innovations of 2018. Artificial intelligence mastered a lot of tasks in 2018.

The best entertainment innovations of 2018

There are algorithms that win human debates, book dinners, eliminate checkout lines, tend gardens, spot plumbing leaks, and call for help when we trip and fall. But the machines aren’t completely taking over just yet. Major Innovations That Combine Travel And Entertainment Are Under Way. 2019 International CES. CES Innovation Awards - Insta360 Pro 2 Wins Top Camera Award, ONE X Also Honored - Insta360 Blog. Insta360 announced today that two of its cameras, the Insta360 Pro 2 and Insta360 ONE X, have been honored with prestigious CES Innovation Awards for 2019.

CES Innovation Awards - Insta360 Pro 2 Wins Top Camera Award, ONE X Also Honored - Insta360 Blog

The Insta360 Pro 2 won the top prize, the Best of Innovation Award, in the Digital Imaging / Photography category. A groundbreaking tool for professional VR filmmakers, the Pro 2 earned the highest rating in a category that includes everything from top-of-the-line DSLR’s and cinema cameras, to action cameras and laser scanners. The Insta360 ONE X, which uses 360-degree technology to reinvent the action camera, was chosen as an Innovation Awards Honoree in the same category. “Since we built our first camera four years ago, we’ve stayed focused on bringing the power of 360-degree capture to everyone,” said JK Liu, Insta360 founder and CEO.

10 amazing camera innovations you need to know about from CES 2019. Space. Our vision: making space a universe of possibilities for everyone At Airbus, our purpose is to improve life on Earth and beyond through our cutting-edge space technologies.


With every technological breakthrough, we bring people closer together, we navigate new frontiers and we discover new and unexplored destinations. And we don't just take innovations to space – our space solutions and projects help solve global challenges on Earth. But we don’t stop there: we envisage a future where our human economy expands beyond Earth’s orbit and everyone benefits from the value of space. Explore, discover, connect: together, we can make tomorrow more than just another day. Whether mapping every star in our galaxy or looking back at planet Earth, Airbus has been helping to answer big questions from space and advance space exploration for more than 50 years.

Top 5 Technology Trends for 2019. Disruptive technology trends determine the way the new year will be shaped.

Top 5 Technology Trends for 2019

They will accelerate and transform many industries at a rapid pace throughout the year. They will shape the world and the future and will be present on the horizon of business owners and investors alike. The intelligent digital mesh is going to include interconnected humans, robots, devices, content, and services all driven by digital transformation. Disruptive technology trends are going to propel the future where technology innovation leaders must evolve and change at the same pace of the trends they must embrace. Or, they could be left behind and suffer a slowly mass extinction. Perhaps the obvious technology to watch closely in 2019 --before we can move on to anything else-- will be 5G. 5G is a necessary technology. The latest innovations at the International CES 2019. S Best of CES 2019. The 100 greatest innovations of 2018.

Sports Technology Year In Review: Five Of The Biggest Trends Of 2018. Video Assistant Referees (VAR)FIFA The worlds of sports and technology are colliding like never before, with administrators recognizing the possibilities of being smarter both on and off the field of play.

Sports Technology Year In Review: Five Of The Biggest Trends Of 2018

Innovations are being used at a boardroom level to make organizations more efficient and to generate more income, while technology is changing how sport is being played at an elite level. Fans too are benefiting from new services, applications and ways they can interact with sport. It’s difficult to pick out just five key tech trends from the sporting year, but these are the most significant of the past 12 months. British Columbia Medical Journal. The development and commercialization arm of the Cleveland Clinic held its 16th annual Medical Innovations Summit in October 2018.

British Columbia Medical Journal

The clinic’s scientists and physicians sifted through 100 nominations to select 10 up-and-coming innovations that they predict will improve care for patients throughout the world.[1] Here are their predictions for the top innovations: 1. Alternative therapies for pain to curb the number of unnecessary opioid prescriptions. Approaches include aromatherapy, dietary changes, and stress management, along with pharmacogenomics testing—a futuristic approach to analyzing the patient’s genetic makeup to determine how well the patient is able to metabolize certain medications. 2. Artificial intelligence to allow physicians to make better use of data from their electronic medical record system. 3. Top 10 healthcare innovations for 2019. Top Medical Innovations of 2018. Here's what Australia's cellular network scene could look like by 2020. 7 Networking Innovations That Are Changing the Future.

The phrase next-generation no longer means what it used to for networking.

7 Networking Innovations That Are Changing the Future

Wikipedia defines a next-generation network as one where communications of all kinds are transported by IP packets. That’s not exactly innovative. IP-based data transfers have been the norm for voice, video, and other media for years. The true networking innovations are the ones we call next-next generation technologies. They’re the developing solutions that will help the network MSPs of tomorrow achieve feats that today seem like fiction.

Here’s a look at seven such projects. Optical wireless networks Wireless networks based on radio wave have been widespread since the 2000s. One is that data transfer speeds on the RF spectrum are limited—which is part of the reason why sending data over a wireless Internet connection is almost always slower than using an Ethernet link.