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Blu artist biography: why street art matters. Blu is a street artist who is not afraid of risk. His works are now all over the world, and it’s easy to spot them with his incredibly refined technique and its recognisable style. He first made a name for himself in 1999 with his graffiti in Bologna, his native city, and capital of Italy’s Emilia-Romagna Region. In 2001, though, he started to paint with house paint and worked on bigger areas, on house walls. Most of the time he portrayed human figures in a sarcastic or dramatic way. In 2004, art galleries started to notice him and invited him to collective shows. In 2005 he travelled to Central and South America. In 2007 and 2008 he lived in Buenos Aires, creating a video called “Muto” (Silent), for which he won several awards and is one of the most viewed on YouTube (10537403 views).

The video is filmed in stop motion, creating a story connected to the territory. He also painted in ex war-zone, Belgrade, Serbia in 2009. Street Artist: Blu. A report and a selection of Street Art Fotos of Blus Street Art works in Berlin. When you walk through the streets of Berlin – Kreuzberg you will be stunned by the works of Italy based Street Artist “BLU”. His works will definitely strike your eyes, when you see them the first time, and when you will deal with them for a moment, they’ll blow your mind.

The big scaled works Blu has left in Berlin seem to be as strong and affecting as the history of Berlin. The Street Art works by Blu are dealing with the history and are quarreling with disturbing chapters of humanity without making the people feel scared. Passing the Oberbaumbrücke, on the left side, from Warschauer Str. located in the district Friedrichshain, former East-Berlin, to Schlesischestr. located in the district Kreuzberg, former West-Berlin, you are passing one of twelve former border checkpoints. If you take a look over the bridge you can see the first two murals by street artist Blu right next to each other. The first Stop-Motion-Video by Blu, that he had ever done: BLUs Website BLUs Youtube Channel. Blu’s Massive New Mural in Rome Turns 48 Windows into Faces. View full detail Italian street artist Blu (previously) just wrapped up work on this giant mural that wraps around two sides of a building in Rome. The pieces utilizes nearly 50 windows to create the mouths and eyes of some 27 bizarre faces all vying for attention.

You can see some more views of the piece on his blog and explore it in detail on Google Street View. See it up close here. You! Be Inspired! - The Street Art of Blu. The amazing world of visual arts does not only ends on the use of paint and canvas, film, photography, design and form. Another awesome variation where most likely almost all the elements of artistry is applied is street art. It is commonly developed in public places in a form of paintings in giant canvases such as walls, windows, roads, bridges and other architectural forms. Over the years, the term is coined with graffiti work that can be called as unsanctioned art, as opposed to government sponsored initiatives. Although this is still somehow true today, more and more street artists have emerged to bring new forms of street art including LED art, murals, stencil art, street sculptures and installations, woodblocking and even video projection.

Speaking of street art, one name has emerged to be one of the most popular and influential street artists over the last decade. His name is Blu, an Italian artist who conceals his real identity.