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Blog - How to run a bakery successfully. Cakes have become the mandatory part of every special occasion today.

Blog - How to run a bakery successfully

From birthday parties to farewells, anniversaries to engagements. If its a call for celebration its, its time to book a cake from our favorite cake shop. Along with the increasing demand for bakery items the competition has also been increasing. Today we can easily spot two or more bakeries on every street offering the best of their products. High purity iron. Inventory Management with ERP software. One of the major components of the ERP system is its feature of inventory management.

Inventory Management with ERP software

This helps you in a great way to monitor and manage your warehouses and its retail locations. For instance, consider a supermarket that is loaded with various products and a huge collection of items. You can manage this all in a very easy way by organizing the items with their unique identification numbers that are a lot easy to confirm, and all of this with ERP. Inventory Management with ERP software. LATTICE STRUCTURE - OPTIMIZE YOUR 3D PRINTED PARTS - 3DIncredible. Additive manufacturing brings a whole new world of opportunities and changes in manufacturable parts by creating new possibilities in free form design.


For example, the creation of lattice structures. A lattice is made of repeated unit cells. Lattices can be uniform i.e. exact same cell is repeated in all directions, or variable i.e. the size or spacing of the cells is different in different directions. Lattice Structure The lattice structure possesses many superior properties to conventional structures. Electro-Fine Iron Powder. ELECTRO-FINE is a special grade of high-purity electrolytic iron powders produced by IMP for various applications in food industry.

Electro-Fine Iron Powder

It is highly pure, stable and plays important role in food fortification. IMP is already providing food grade Electro-Fine to all well-known companies across the world for food-fortification at very competitive prices since last over 20 years.It has many benefits compared to other forms of iron. Purity: 99.5% Benefits of HRMS For An Industrial Growth. Mandible Implant with 3D Printing. High Purity Electrolytic Iron Powder and its Applications. Pc. Im p. 3dd. PCSOFT ERP SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. The constant changes in the technology encourage the firms of level up and match the competition of around us.


A technologically incorporated firm is the one that could help their clients with all the latest digital trends and offer them the desired success and ease in the management. ERP for the manufacturing industry has worked wonders, whether it is warehouse management, a better human resource or a maximized productivity, ERP has been the reason to change the face of manufacturing industry. PC Soft has been on a progression with all the new features in store to offer our clients with.

Want to know, what features? Let’s introduce them to you. High Purity Iron Foil - IMP India. Iron is probably one of the most abundant metals on the earth, being used on the largest scale of any metal.

High Purity Iron Foil - IMP India

When pure, iron is a lustrous shiny silver-white metal which is soft and very malleable. Iron is also well known for its properties like high tensile strength, good electrical and magnetic shielding properties. It finds applications in various areas due to its unique characteristics. High Purity Iron foil produced by Industrial Metal Powders (India) Pvt. Ltd. is manufactured from the electrodeposited plates. What is Hybrid Manufacturing? What is Hybrid Manufacturing?

What is Hybrid Manufacturing?

The simplest way to understand hybrid manufacturing is as a combination of additive processes 3D printing, known in the context of production as additive manufacturing (AM) and subtractive processes, such as milling. While there are plenty of parts being made through some combination of these processes and more are being introduced all the time the crucial qualifier for hybrid manufacturing is that both processes occur on the same machine. Components usually suffer from wear, distortion, defects and cracks during their life cycle, and sometimes repairing is considered most cost effective and time saving than replacing these components.

For a complex geometry, especially aerospace components, the repair process gets more complicated, and the traditional repair methods cannot be used for. 5 Signs That Excel Can No Longer Support Your Business Planning. 3D Printing Technology Can Help in Increasing Efficiency through Weight Reduction. Trusted Source of High Purity  Iron. Why Indian Jewellery is Famous in the International Market. Right from the ancient monuments to the beautifully designed jewellery, India has always been a centre of attraction for many reasons.

Why Indian Jewellery is Famous in the International Market

Jewellery has always been a part of the Indian culture and this is what makes India a leading jewellery manufacturer in the world. India is the place to find some of the delicate pieces of jewellery in the world. Indian Jewellery in the international market India is known for its Ethnic Diversity, especially a diverse dressing style based on religion, culture, age, etc. Benefits of HRMS for an industrial growth. With the growth in the business, the organizations usually face the issue with automation, aligning the management, and work order.

Benefits of HRMS for an industrial growth

This dramatical change eventually leads to the more complications in the human resource department. This problem could be tacked by choosing the partner like PC Soft who works to be the best HRMS service provider in Pune. In the past few years, the human resource industry has been in high demand along with the challenges. The role of HR is not restricted merely to the recruitment and tracking the record but now it expects to look after the work culture of the organization and contributing towards the goal of the company. An efficient HRMS will offer you more than your expectations. Metal 3D printing technology- Beneficial for spare parts industry. Of all the manufacturing methods available worldwide, it’s a boon to have 3d metal printing (Additive manufacturing) technology which has the ability to print any complex geometry parts easily with properties superior to conventional manufacturing processes.

Metal 3D printing technology- Beneficial for spare parts industry

It is said that the properties achieved by this technology is better than casting & near to forging. This technology prints parts layer by layer (layer thickness can be altered depending on the requirement of properties of desired part) and hence achieves a homogenous grain structure thereby resulting in higher strength of the part. As a result, the 3d printed part is denser. Iron Powder Pharmaceutical applications - The pharmaceutical industry is growing day by day and is intending to develop new drugs extracted from natural product though one thing always remains constant, i.e. the product should be as pure as possible. Purity has always been considered as an important factor when it comes to ensuring the quality of pharmaceutical products. Similarly, high purity element in electrolytic iron powder is the first requirement for bulk drugs and active pharmaceutical manufacturer across the world.

Iron Powder in Pharmaceutics. ERP PC SOFT. Iron powder for medicine. 3d incredible. 3d incredible. HRMS IMPLEMENTATION. Pc soft erp. Food Fortification. 3d printing. ERP Application Providers For Warehouse Management. An e-commerce is a totally different concept for all of those established retailers who are still into the traditional set-ups. In this digital age, these traditional setups need an efficient warehouse management system that offers the advantages no traditional set up can offer. You can always choose an efficient order booing app providers for the warehouse management. So, what exactly those advantages are? Let’s find out. We could say that last year we have led the mobile era in terms of sale. Advantages Mobile apps are faster Mobile apps are usually twice as fast as the website and the actions performed are faster too. Reliable source for high purity iron powder- IMP - Industrial Metal Powder (India) Pvt.

Ltd. has marked itself by providing high-quality metal powder ever since the beginning. The journey began in 1974 and a relentless effort towards providing a quality product has made it possible to expand our sales in 33 countries. There are countless reasons which make us stand apart from the other manufacturers and this blog will give you 10 reasons why to choose IMP as a reliable source for high purity iron powder needs. Largest Manufactures in the world of electrolytic Iron powder: Industrial Metal Powder(I) has more than 40 years of experience and has successfully established trust amongst customers.

ISO certified Industry: Mandible Implant with 3D Printing. What is a 3D Printed Mandible (Jaw) Implants? The jaw is a pair of bones that form the framework of the mouth, usually containing teeth and including a movable lower jaw (mandible) and fixed upper jaw (maxilla). Mandible (Jaw) or Mandibular implants are the implants that replace the present bone defect providing exact anatomy and aesthetics along with functions. Also such implants will help to fix autologous bone graft at the defect. Why Prefer 3D Printed Mandible Implants Over Traditional Implants? Mandibular reconstruction is a complex process as it requires different operations. Buy Gold and Diamond Jewellery, with the latest jewellery designs in India.

Food Fortification. Pc soft. ERP Software For Manufacturing Industry. The erp programming fuses shapes like inside organization, the generation of solicitations for customers, the leading body of stock, HR and the accounting, while CRM revolves around the business, advancing, and customer advantage. Generally the ERP and CRM modules autonomously helps in smooth exercises, anyway at whatever point joined they give additional favorable circumstances as well. The mix of two won’t simply upgrade the strategies yet also enhance benefit in a business. Why ERP and CRM should be facilitated? Unreservedly, ERP and CRM are sensible and works reasonably for different sorts of associations yet their coordination is seen to give you better rate of accomplishment. Electro-facial 200 - IMP. HIGH PURITY IRON - IMP. 3D Printing. Rapid Metal Prototyping - 3DIncredible. Gramton. Ways to overcome the major challenges in metal 3D printing - 3DIncredible.

3D printing reduces multiple part assembly into a single part and this technology is use for making very light metal parts by using topology optimization to make high strength component with the help of complex lattice structure. Metal 3d printing includes selective laser sintering (SLM), electron beam melting (EBM), Direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) which is used to fused metal powder together layer by layer to make the final product. High purity iron. Additive manufacturing. Pcsoft. Excel Can No Longer Support Your Business Planning. Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet developed by Microsoft that was released in 1985.

Since then it has grown to become arguably the most important computer program in workplaces around the world. If you’re doing your budgeting & planning in Excel, you’re not alone. Approximately 90% of companies with employees ranging from 50 to 200 use it to budget and plan. But, after a certain point in your business, you start to outgrow Excel and could be missing out on various benefits that a budgeting and planning solution can provide. With an advanced budgeting and planning solution, you could streamline your planning, increase collaboration, and run a more strategic process. Managing budgets in Excel requires lots of tactical work—downloading CSVs, cutting and pasting, rolling data up, updating formulas and links, building and updating forecasts and models, emailing files, and more. Budgets usually include sensitive data such as salary information. 3.

Cosmetic Applications - Gramton. Metal Additive Manufacturing Company. Equiv-Carbonyl Iron Powder by IMP - Internationals. Pearltrees. 3D Metal Printing. 3D Printing Services. Printing. Digital Printing on Fabric. Additive Manufacturing Technologies. Turing Machine. Beauty tree. Make Me Up. Beauty. Makeup/Hair/Nail tricks. 3D Printing Technology. Reduced Iron Powder- The Best Way To Make Magnetic Face Mask. Beauty products have evolved tremendously over time, bringing various inventions in the industry. From smudge-free eyeliner to anti-aging cream, we have been using a range of products to have a beautiful and long-lasting glowing skin. Hrms Implentation - PCSoft. Some product bundles are really profiting like the usage of ERP (Venture Asset Arranging), HRMS (Human Asset The executives Framework), Bookkeeping programming, and so forth to organizations.

At the point when entrepreneurs intend to execute distinctive programming programs for their associations, they are essentially worried around a couple of inquiries like: High Purity Electrolytic Iron Flakes. Industrial Metal Powders (I) Pvt. Reduced Iron Powder - IMP India. Reduced Iron Powder, FCC grade plays a vital role in today’s food and nutrition industry. Reduced Iron from IMP has high purity & excellent bioavailability compared to other reduced iron powders. Food Fortification process - IMP India. HRMS Software - PC Soft. 3D Printing Technology - Best Services in Pune.