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9 Things Successful Sponsors of [Agile] Transformations Do - Software Testing Blog. While business transformations are critical to meet the market demands and staying relevant in the context of change, the journey of transformation is no easy task. It is fraught with many risks, which if not handled well may de-rail the entire program and its efforts. The success or failure of a transformation program heavily rests on the shoulders of a sponsor, and the team that carries it. RajendraPrasad Thota, Global Practice Head – Advisory & Transformation at Cigniti in this post says that he, as an advisor, has immensely benefited from the experiences of working closely with many sponsors who have transform-ed their organizations successfully.

Raj has compiled the below list based on his experiences. 1. Successful sponsors always start with a why? 2. To support the vision, successful sponsors put in a great effort to build a strong business case for transformation. 3. 4. 5. Successful sponsors know what great teams can do to make the transformation journey to be successful. 6. 7. 5 Mobile Testing Tools That Will Help You Improve ROI - Software Testing Blog. The convergence of the internet and mobile technologies and their increasing usage have paved the way for the enterprises to do their business via mobile applications ever more. Mobile apps have become the key enablers of business for enterprises across industries. Gartner predicts that the mobile phone sales will reach 2.1 billion units by 2019, which will fuel demand for apps in the enterprise that meet the high performance and usability of consumer apps. The number of downloads and the customer rating have been considered as the vital indicators for measuring the success of an app.

Overall quality, performance and usability and the flawlessness differentiate the successful app from the unsuccessful. In today’s digital business world, improving customer experience is an essential factor to success, driving enterprises to invest in mobile application development and testing. Therefore, Mobile application testing has become crucial to ensure a flawless, smooth customer experience. Continuous Test Improvements in the Age of DevOps - Software Testing Blog.

Lately, there is a huge traction towards DevOps in the IT world. Many companies have adopted agile processes in pursuit of faster releases. So the next logical step to this is DevOps. Now every other organization wants to jump on to the DevOps bandwagon. If we study the DevOps landscape, testing is a critical part of the handoff between development and IT operations.

So, testing should be continually improved for the success of agile teams using DevOps practices. In this blog, Moin Syed, Associate Director – Advisory & Transformation Services at Cigniti Inc., explains the importance of continuous testing and how it enables test improvements in a DevOps model. Continuous Testing in DevOps Every one of us who understand DevOps is familiar with Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. Continuous testing in the context of DevOps should take a test-first approach, which will help measure test coverage to check that software features work as expected. Continuous Test Improvements. 6 Testing Tips to Help Woo Mobile Users and Improve ROI - Software Testing Blog. As of February 2016, the number of apps available in the Google Play Store stood at a staggering 2 million apps (per, while the number of global mobile devices and connections in 2015 grew to 7.9 billion, up from 7.3 billion in 2014 (per Cisco Visual Networking Index: Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update, 2015–2020 White Paper).

What this means is simple – to woo a mobile user to use the device that you are making, and to use an app that you created, you need to wear a different kind of hat compared to others. If your mobile or app is the same as a lot of others, or have any defect per se, you can be sure that the sale will not happen. To meet these high expectations and incessant demands of your consumers, the foremost thing to do is to understand the actual need (or problem). Once you have, create something that meets – and if possible, exceeds – their needs. 6 Quick Tips Cigniti provides a world class Mobile Testing Lab. Top 5 Technology Trends in the Insurance Industry - Software Testing Blog. Technology is evolving fast and many insurance organizations are challenged to keep up the pace.

These technological advancements are driving the demand for software developers to acquire new skills and capabilities in the insurance domain. The global insurance industry is facing increasing demand from the established markets and severe demand from the emerging markets. To tap the demand, insurance companies across the globe are embracing newer technologies and digital transformation while adopting mobile and cloud-based technologies. Global insurance players are focusing on refining the business processes and modernization of legacy applications to improve customer satisfaction through various distribution channels.

According to the 2015 Global Insurance Outlook by Ernst & Young, “Many insurers are investing in digital platforms that strengthen their relationships with customers across all product classifications and geographies. Is Model Driven Development (MDD) panacea to IT Development? - Software Testing Blog. The Software is driving every kind of business and technology (IoT, Agile, Cloud, Mobile, Big Data & Big testing) across creation of products and their operations. High software development costs have a significant monetary impact, and bad software design impairs the productivity which has serious consequences. Modern day system developers have some serious problems to cope with i.e., complexity, faster delivery, richer functionality and shorter turnaround time. The evolution of software engineering is characterized by the methodology proposals aiming to answer these questions channeled as how to produce working software and derivatives of it, according to the customer needs.

IT helps bridge the gap and achieve business goals despite an increase of business complexity and challenge. Ram Krishna Annavazala, Lead Test Consultant – Advisory & Transformation Services at Cigniti Technologies, gives an overview of MDD and its advantages here in this post. Model Driven Development – An Overview. Digital Disruption in the Banking Industry: Have you Defined your QA Strategy? - Software Testing Blog. Before we get there, we need to understand what is causing the whole turmoil and disruption in the banking industry. Yes, you guessed it right. It is FinTech. But what really is FinTech? Per Wiki, ‘Financial technology, also known as FinTech, is an economic industry composed of companies that use technology to make financial services more efficient. Financial technology companies are generally startups founded with the purpose of disrupting incumbent financial systems and corporations that rely less on software.’

In essence, FinTech is how technology has made its presence felt in the Banking Industry. The Risk of Disruption Today’s highly-active-on-the-social-media users are very different from the past generations. According to EY’s first FinTech Adoption Index, the average FinTech users are young, urban and belong to a higher-income group. Imran Gulamhuseinwala, EY Global FinTech Leader, said, “The adoption of FinTech products is relatively high…, so the risk of disruption is real.” Impact of Human Factors on Software Quality and Testing - Software Testing Blog. With the changing times, the nature of software testing has changed from being reactive (identifying defects, prioritizing and reporting them) to being preventive (ensuring that no defects occur in the software development).

Currently, with a growing number of software solutions developed and available in the market, end users have numerous options to choose from. This has transformed the way software is being developed and tested. Keeping with this, human factors like user behavior, user requirements, and user experience are given importance in the software development since they determine the quality of the software / applications developed. To be able to deliver high-quality software while considering human factors, software testing has been converging with programming for some years now.

Importance of Human Factors in Testing The objective of software testing is not only to ensure the quality of the product / application but also to identify and fix usability gaps in the product. How to Measure the Success of your Agile Initiatives - Software Testing Blog. Agile is known to be a process that greatly enhances an organizations’ capacity and capability in the areas of both software development and testing. Properly implemented, it provides a lot of business-critical benefits to organizations.

It helps organizations successfully tackle challenges related to development costs, predictability, and scope. As per the 10th Annual State of Agile Report by VersionOne, following are some statistics explaining the measures used to assess the success of Agile initiatives in organizations: The following points briefly describe what a few of these measures involve: On-time delivery and Customer/user satisfaction: A proper, well thought adoption of Agile software development practices, helps delivering on time business-critical solutions that are built as per the specific demands of the clients. Agile also provides an environment wherein feedback and inputs can be taken at any stage, thereby improving the solution at every step.

Top 5 Agile Techniques You Need To Adopt - Software Testing Blog. Agile software development is an iterative and collaborative approach that divides the overall development process into smaller parts, or “sprints.” An increasing number of organizations across the globe are adopting agile considering that it’s an effective way to design robust applications that are resistant to cyber-attacks. Agile is going global as many organizations worldwide are using agile techniques in some way or the other. Organizations that adopt agile practices in every possible way for their projects will certainly witness significant improvements in the quality of the product, time to market and customer satisfaction. Adoption of agile practices is not just limited to IT departments but also to other business units. Especially, the Scrum method is widely used by developers, testers and managers owing to the fact that there might be changes in the requirements of customers during a project’s lifecycle —particularly in big / long-term projects.

Some Quick Facts: Accelerate Software Delivery by Implementing Continuous Testing - Software Testing Blog. In today’s economy, many organizations are embracing innovative ways to deliver software to the market to compete with the competition. As part of this innovation, software development teams are finding innovative ways to increase agility and testing teams are making sure that quality software is developed and tested thoroughly at the same speed. To align with the same speed, testing teams need to focus on continuous testing practices that enable testing teams to keep up with the agile development practices.

In this article, Kalyan Kumar Ghattu, Senior Consultant – Advisory and Transformation Services with Cigniti Technologies has emphasized on “How Continuous Testing Can Help Accelerate Software Delivery”. Kalyan’s experience with DevOps indicates that extensive testing plays a vital role in DevOps Success. What are the essential elements needed for Continuous Testing? If organizations want to accelerate software delivery, they must re-evaluate their current testing practices. Agile + DevOps - The Road Ahead - Part 2 - Software Testing Blog. If one has to deconstruct this new world of Agile and DevOps – it is interesting to note that both are explorative and experimentation of sorts! Our previous blog post – Agile+DevOps: New Roads, New Wheels & the art of Continuous Learning – Part 1, by Rajendra Prasad Thota, Practice Head – Advisory & Transformation Services at Cigniti, discussed how an IT organization should identify the critical challenges and right organizational change levers that need to be deployed in creating and delivering the value.

DevOps is not about simply collapsing two different teams or departments into a single boundary-less entity and pushing them to find a meaningful relationship – voila! And the magic happens. Well, it is not. At least, not that easy. For the two to come together, first there must be the right place [Org. So, what are the pillars and bridges of Dev & Ops? As we know, the DevOps world builds on the principles of CAMS [Culture, Automation, Measurement, and Sharing]. The Challenges of IoT Testing And How To Overcome Them - Software Testing Blog. Per Gartner, there will soon be more “Things” on the Internet than there are humans on the planet.

By 2022, each household could contain more than 500 connected devices. While innovators and inventors are busy thinking and creating gadgets for improving our lives, testing professionals are going all out to keep a check on the safe functioning of the smart tools. To ensure that all things IoT do not have any performance, security, or functionality issues, the testers (and developers) need to think strategically and smartly. They need to devise testing strategies and plans that cover all possible scenarios and challenges for making the use of these things more safe and comfortable. To say that Testing of all things that can be categorized under IoT is a must may sound clichéd, but then, there are a lot of organizations that still haven’t really digested the necessity and importance of the act. To overcome the aforesaid challenges, you must clearly define the following: 7 Recommendations You Need To Adopt For Agile Projects To Be Successful - Software Testing Blog.

Agile software development practices have been gaining momentum over the last few years. A recent survey by Versionone, carried out between July and October 2014, states that 94% percent of all organizations surveyed (out of 3925 responses) now practice agile. Agile practices are preferred where project requirements change rapidly as it ensures more dynamic turnarounds. This is in contrast to the traditional waterfall approach wherein projects are well-defined with stable requirements and are long-term in nature. Implementing agile practices for software development helps clients to achieve business value consistently across the project. Testing teams working in agile model need to adapt to rapid deployment cycles and the changes in testing patterns. Moreover, when it is a distributed testing team, project management becomes challenging. Here are the 7 key recommendations for testing in a globally distributed agile team model: Focus on people over processes & mind-set over skillset.

E&U (Energy and Utilities) | Independent Software Testing Services Company | Cigniti Technologies. E & U (Energy and Utilities) are the lifeline of a society and vital to the global economy. An uninterrupted and well managed E & U domain nourishes the growth of the economy and addresses the emerging needs with optimum use of technology. Smart Meters, self-service portals and Omni-Channel transactions are being preferred as the providers are compelled to cater to increasing consumption from industrial as well as domestic customers while complying with emission reduction systems as part of environment friendly policies. When it comes to the field impact of E & U, the value chain is as important as the production. Being the strategic part of infrastructure that supports the global economy, the E&U domain connects an enormous array of stakeholders ranging from governments, regulators, corporations, service providers to consumers. Cigniti’s Testing services in the E & U Domain Cigniti’s Test Capabilities span across.

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