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Revolutionary Work - Research. By Suzanne BownessPhotos by Luther Caverly When the series of revolutionary protests and riots – dubbed the “Arab Spring” – broke out in late 2010, news outlets worldwide were quick to highlight the role of social media in bringing these demonstrations to the world’s attention.

Revolutionary Work - Research

Yet Merlyna Lim, Carleton’s new Canada Research Chair in Digital Media and Global Network Society, says that a more accurate understanding of digital media’s role in revolution comes from resisting hasty labels. Her research instead takes a closer look at how the new format interplays with traditional networking, urban spaces, and activism. Although Lim has been studying revolutions in academic settings for over 10 years, her interest in revolution is personal. “I have always been interested in technology and activism. 22 Podcasts That You Should Be Subscribing To In 2016. Les huit techniques à suivre pour gagner un débat sur internet. Au Café des pratiques, on fait bien plus que boire un verre, on réinvente le bar de quartier. Avec sa large vitrine où s’affiche le menu, rien, de prime abord, ne différencie ce café d’un autre qui proposerait une restauration le midi.

Au Café des pratiques, on fait bien plus que boire un verre, on réinvente le bar de quartier

Mais une fois la porte poussée, la décoration évoque plus un atelier d’artistes qu’un troquet. Des poteries sur les étagères, des peintures qui sèchent, pendues à des fils, une sorte de grand métier à tisser et un mobilier disparate accueillent ceux qui franchissent la porte du Café des pratiques, ouvert depuis maintenant cinq ans à Besançon, en Franche-Comté. Jian Ghomeshi and the problem of narcissistic male rage. His public persona shattered, Jian Ghomeshi’s overweening narcissism has become the subject of public scorn.

Jian Ghomeshi and the problem of narcissistic male rage

His reported violence against women, whether inside or outside sexual interplay, has been rightly denounced. Yet making this scandal all about Ghomeshi, we risk ignoring the broader sources of male narcissistic rage towards females. We are dealing here with far more than the pathological quirks of an apparently disturbed and charismatic individual. We live in a society steeped in male narcissism, one in which aggression towards women is deeply entrenched in the collective male psyche. Nor is male sexual predation confined to a few “sick” individuals: that we see it portrayed, relentlessly and voyeuristically, in movies, TV shows, and advertising is beyond obvious, except for those mired in denial.

Early men and women were equal, say scientists. Our prehistoric forebears are often portrayed as spear-wielding savages, but the earliest human societies are likely to have been founded on enlightened egalitarian principles, according to scientists.

Early men and women were equal, say scientists

A study has shown that in contemporary hunter-gatherer tribes, men and women tend to have equal influence on where their group lives and who they live with. The findings challenge the idea that sexual equality is a recent invention, suggesting that it has been the norm for humans for most of our evolutionary history. Mark Dyble, an anthropologist who led the study at University College London, said: “There is still this wider perception that hunter-gatherers are more macho or male-dominated. We’d argue it was only with the emergence of agriculture, when people could start to accumulate resources, that inequality emerged.”

Cartoons Show How ‘Thank You’ Can Be an Empowering Substitute for ‘Sorry’ If you want to say “thank you,” don’t say “sorry.”

Cartoons Show How ‘Thank You’ Can Be an Empowering Substitute for ‘Sorry’

Want to share this article with your friends? Just copy and paste this link: Your friends may appreciate a “thank you” over a “sorry.” “Thank you” is self-confident, not self-deprecating. 5 Warning Signs You May Be Suffering from PTSD. Originally published on The Huffington Post and republished here with the author’s permission.

5 Warning Signs You May Be Suffering from PTSD

When Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is in the news, it’s mostly because of the number of veterans suffering as a result of combat-related trauma. Victims of other kinds of trauma can also suffer from PTSD, though, and often do without realizing it. PTSD mirrors other mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety, and can also present as “I feel fine” when really, the “feeling fine” rooted in numbness and avoidance. I have PTSD as a result of sexual abuse that was perpetrated on me throughout my childhood. Child sexual abuse and sexual assault are very common crimes, yet they are so stigmatized that they receive very little attention in the media from a mental health perspective. Here are some questions to ask yourself to look out for signs of PTSD in your life:

How Gaslighting Is Abuse That Stays with You Like a Terrifying Hurricane. 10 Things I've Learned About Gaslighting As An Abuse Tactic. 12 Reasons Why There's Orgasm Inequity (And No, It's Not That Women Are 'Harder to Please') I was young when I came to discover masturbation, and I had orgasms long before I knew what they were.

12 Reasons Why There's Orgasm Inequity (And No, It's Not That Women Are 'Harder to Please')

Nothing about it seemed complicated. I just rubbed “down there” for a few minutes, and it happened. But later, magazines, comedy routines, and sitcoms taught me that my body – and vaginas in general – were mysterious and complex, often too complex for those without them to figure out. Confirming what I’d been taught, orgasms weren’t as simple with partners as they were by myself.

This is to be expected to some extent. Pour certaines femmes, ne pas répondre aux trolls qui les agressent ne résout rien. Do I Have Your Consent To Show You This Video About The Part Of Sex That's Often Overlooked? ChoisirSaContraception. Depuis 2001, toute personne majeure peut demander une intervention chirurgicale à visée contraceptive.


Five ways that “staying safe” costs women. Men, have you every made fun of girls and women you know for going to the bathroom together?

Five ways that “staying safe” costs women

This habit is often high on the list of “girl” things men claim not to fathom. But here’s a simple and easy fact that can dispel a lot of confusion: Women regularly take steps to avoid the threat of rape, even if we don’t explicitly describe them as such. We train girls early to do things in groups — yes, including going to the bathroom — so that they aren’t vulnerable to sexual assault. Ask yourselves, men, do you feel safe on your neighborhood streets?

Do you choose where and when you exercise or shop or commute carefully? Le business de l'insécurité des femmes. Il est 4 heures du matin.

Le business de l'insécurité des femmes

Lire «Fifty Shades of Grey» entraîne-t-il des comportements à risque chez les femmes? Le succès presque inattendu du livre de EL James Fifty Shades of Grey sorti en 2011 et qui permettait à n'importe qui de lire un livre érotique vaguement SM dans le bus ou dans le train n'a pas que des vertus. Better Identification of Viking Corpses Reveals: Half of the Warriors Were Female. Shieldmaidens are not a myth! A recent archaeological discovery has shattered the stereotype of exclusively male Viking warriors sailing out to war while their long-suffering wives wait at home with baby Vikings. (We knew it! We always knew it.) Plus, some other findings are challenging that whole “rape and pillage” thing, too. Pour télé-travailler, mieux vaut être papa que maman. HOAX – Ces photos prétextes aux commentaires racistes…

La relance économique par les femmes, vous y avez pensé, Monsieur Valls?  Avec les militantes du Collectif Abandon de Famille - Tolérance Zéro! J'ai été atterrée de constater que LA promesse électorale du candidat François Hollande en faveur des Droits des Femmes se troque au rabais. Notre premier ministre, M. Manuel Valls, confirme que désormais le redressement se fera au prix des moyens économiques des françaisEs.

White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack by Peggy McIntosh. White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack "I was taught to see racism only in individual acts of meanness, not in invisible systems conferring dominance on my group" Explaining White Privilege to a Broke White Person  Years ago some feminist on the Internet told me I was “privileged.” I came from the kind of poor that people don’t want to believe still exists in this country. Have you ever spent a frigid northern-Illinois winter without heat or running water? I have. At 12 years old were you making ramen noodles in a coffee maker with water you fetched from a public bathroom?

I was. Being Objectified May Be Linked To Sexual Coercion In Romantic Relationships, Study Says. Public discourse around objectification often deals with images we see in the media, from steamy Maxim covers to gratuitously sexual Burger King ads. But how does this cultural focus on appearance make itself felt at the level of one-on-one romantic relationships? A new study suggests that objectification within a relationship is, at best, a serious red flag.

If a woman is objectified in a relationship, the research indicates, it's more likely that her male partner will sexually coerce and pressure her. In a paper published in a recent issue of Psychology of Women Quarterly, researchers from Bridgewater State University defined "objectification" as the act of viewing a person as an object with an emphasis on their physical appearance. Sexual objectification is linked to coercive behavior in heterosexual relationships. “Objectification from one’s romantic partner may be particularly powerful, given that physical attraction is a key element of romantic relationships and investment in romantic relationships is a feminine norm.” A new study published in Psychology of Women Quarterly The Object of Desire: How Being Objectified Creates Sexual Pressure for Women in Heterosexual Relationships found that females who are sexually objectified by their male partners tend to experience sexual pressure (the belief that a man deserves sex and the woman is obligated to provide it) and coercion (generally or through violence and manipulation) within their relationship.

Sexual objectification of female bodies is an epidemic in this country, and is influenced largely by media’s portrayal and overall hypersexualization of women. What is even more troubling than the objectification itself is the disheartening conclusion from the study- that women tend to internalize their own objectification. Teens Feel Pressure To Have Anal Sex. Source: A recent study of 130 British teenagers claims most teens are being pressured into performing anal sex.

Shockingly enough, male teens are also claiming to not enjoy the experience as much. Reason being, they felt the physical act did not live up to their expectations. Young men don’t think they need consent for anal sex. “Yes” is the only thing that explicitly means “yes” in sexual situations. The absence of “no” does not imply the presence of a “yes.” These are some of the most basic guidelines to engaging in consensual sex — regardless of what kind of sex that might be, including anal sex.

(Note: They are not the only guidelines.) Outlining this might seem elementary. Jackson Katz Profile - 'The Macho Paradox' Swarthmore College’s leafy campus in suburban Philadelphia looks lovely in brochures, but in autumn when night falls early, the long paths leading between buildings are lonely and surprisingly ill lit. The campus was especially eerie on a windy October night just before Halloween last year as Jackson Katz took the stage in a concert hall to talk about the sexual violence that the college’s young men have been perpetrating—yes, even here at this posh private campus—on its young women.

Three months earlier, the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights had opened an investigation into Swarthmore, reviewing charges that the school had failed to properly handle sexual misconduct. In response, a group of students had invited Katz to speak, but this was no Take Back the Night rally of what Rush Limbaugh types like to call “furry-legged female fanatics.” Christy Mack, tabassée par War Machine : Des photos choc sur son lit d'hôpital. Why Women Are "Mysterious" by Twitter's @thewordy And Tumblr. Defusing the War Over the "Promiscuity" Vaccine. When my 11-year-old got her tetanus shot during her checkup last week, her pediatrician did not tell her that it was now safe to go dance barefoot on rusty nails.

Qu’est-ce qui définit une salope ? Il semble que la seule règle, c’est d’être une femme. A History of Black people in Europe. Black people in early britain and europe. Les bénéfices de la mixité en entreprise. Athina Marmorat L’empowerment des filles dans les milieux populaires. Fifty Shades Gets Bondage All Wrong! This Girl Nails It! Nina's games. La statistique, plus forte que l’amour. Sur Internet, des crevures poussent les filles au suicide. LOOK: Here's What Happened When Real Women Tried Cosmo's Lesbian Sex Tips 

La prostitution par pays. How Big of a Problem is Harassment at Comic Conventions? Very Big. La nouvelle BD érotique et porno, bandante et stylée. Agressée sexuellement, elle se fait insulter sur son blog : typique de la culture du viol. Relaxés après avoir violé une handicapée : les 5 points abjects de cette affaire. André Vallini : « Je veux faire de la lutte contre la maltraitance la grande cause nationale 2014 » "Détourner une mineure", la "blague" de Pierre-Louis Basse : connaît-il seulement la loi. 80 % des viols déqualifiés en délits: le viol, c'est un crime. Il faut appliquer la loi. Les conseils avisés de nos amies les bêtes de sexe (1) : pratiquer avec modération l'amour sadomaso. Culture du viol : quand "le Point" conseille aux femmes d'"accepter la brutalité"

Le camion et la poupée : jeux de singes, jeux de vilains. Young Scientists Say They're Sexually Abused In The Field. Vous avez dit « enculé »? Je vis avec 927 euros/mois et 3 enfants : pour la pension, mon ex me dit "Tu peux courir" Je vis avec 927 euros/mois et 3 enfants : pour la pension, mon ex me dit "Tu peux courir" Réformer le droit du viol. (3) Tumblr.

(3) Tumblr. Nouvelle vague de suicides chez Orange. Prostitution : Vous n'êtes pas mes alliés. Se plaindre. Reporting Rape, and Wishing She Hadn’t. Le cliché sexiste, nouvelle mode du marketing publicitaire ? À Bagdad, silence et peur après un massacre dans des maisons closes. Oscar Pistorius sort de son mutisme en postant d'étranges messages sur Twitter.

Powerful Tumblr Posts About Being A Woman. 20 Sex Myths, Debunked. Beach-volleyeuses et faux-culs. Paroles de Clients. Ressources Prostitution. Capture d’un déchaînement misogyne inouï par Lise Bouvet et pour toutes ! 19 Tips For Fighting Like A Girl. "Les conseilleurs ne sont pas les payeurs", c’est toujours vrai. Agression d’un Rom : « Le lynchage est un phénomène presque inédit en France » Richard Wilkinson : « Les inégalités nuisent à tous, y compris aux plus aisés » 10 Worst Ways Companies Have Used Feminism to Sell Women Products. It's Always An Exception When It's Women's Rights, Isn't It, Republicans? Mouvement Libre pour la Stérilisation Volontaire. Le "fait divers" de la violence conjugale. Petit florilège « anti-genre » pour que chacun sache à quoi s’en tenir. L'appel à témoin lancé par Lola, 25 ans, violée en plein jour à Perpignan par deux inconnus.

Before and After. Percentage of first-time full-time bachelor's degree-seeking students at 4-year institutions who completed a bachelor's degree, by race/ethnicity, time to completion, sex, and control of institution: Selected cohort entry years, 1996 through 2005. Psychologie. Why Military Sexual Assault Survivors Have Trouble Getting The Benefits They Deserve.

Video: The World Cup is no excuse for domestic violence. Chine: McDonald's instaure des réductions pour les hommes. Mariage homosexuel : la Manif pour tous a récolté 4,5 millions d'euros en 2013. Charente : la tournante jugée mardi, les cinq hommes relaxés. Catherine Blanc, psychanalyste, psychothérapeute et sexologue à Paris. Comment la #FriendZone est devenue une menace pour les femmes – Babel. Elles se font des plaisirs toutes seules. Les stéréotypes homme-femme mauvais pour la santé. Vous avez dit « enculé » Machisme ordinaire au collège : obéir aux garçons, c’est normal. Violée à 13 ans, cassée quand je porte plainte, sept ans après. Un an après le Sofitel: les enseignements féministes pour la lutte contre le viol. Recherche - #jenaipasportéplainte...