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Pencil & Paper Prints - On the Grid ArtPractice Sheet | Angel Boy | Bird 2 | Clown | MORE Check out our Weekly Grid Art Sheets Grid Art Part 2... Drawing from your own photos or colorbook pages. Draw a Teddy Bear w/grid. 101 Websites for Elementary Teachers That You Should Know. 1st Grade Spelling Lists & Worksheets. PINKFONG - Sing, play & learn with PINKFONG! 1000s FREE Primary Teaching Resources & Printables - EYFS, KS1 and KS2. DLTK's Educational Activities for Children. KIZCLUB-Printables for Kids. Composition Worksheets & Free Printables.


Songs. Fluent LandCover Letter in English. Flo-Joe: THE place on the web for Cambridge English exam preparation: PET, FCE, CAE, CPE, IELTS. Kids Songs and Nursery Rhymes with videos, free flashcards, and activity ideas! The Super Simple Songs CD 1 and 2 are superb!

Kids Songs and Nursery Rhymes with videos, free flashcards, and activity ideas!

I love them and I have used them with my students in Brazil. Their ages range from 3 to 6 year old. They really enjoy them and they have had a lot of fun acting out while they are singing. Thanks very much for such creativity! RisaBrazil I work with different age groups in France. My preschool class has about 20 kids, jumping all around at the end of the school day, and they get really excited about the English class. I purchased Super Simple Songs and Super Simple Songs 2 and I love them both. As a former ESL and 1st grade teacher, I found the songs and materials on Super Simple Songs to be extremely useful and entertaining!

I just wanted to say that your Super Simple Songs are wonderful for our purposes at the Auditory Oral School for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students. I have used this CD in the Preschool Special Education setting and my students have been requesting to hear songs from it daily during circle time. 6 Storytelling Apps That Get English Language Learners Talking. For English language learners (ELLs) in the classroom, speaking English in front of others — particularly native speakers — can cause tremendous anxiety.

6 Storytelling Apps That Get English Language Learners Talking

In fact, the dread of speaking can actually interfere with students’ ability to learn. Even with the most well-planned, immersive, real-world learning opportunities, the brains of students with high anxiety won’t be receptive to learning, according to Stephen Krashen’s “Affective Filter Hypothesis” (and the brain research that supports it). So how can we design speaking activities that don’t make our students’ hearts race and palms sweat? Digital storytelling can be an effective way for ELLs to practice speaking English without the stress of being “on stage.” Apps and tech tools allow students to practice in the comfort of their own home by themselves or with a caregiver. Here are a few digital storytelling tools to help get your ELLs talking. Il blog dell'inglese per i bambini. Pubblicato il 12 luglio 2016 da DanielaTag: nuovi vocaboli Siete pronti per le vacanze al mare?

Il blog dell'inglese per i bambini

Qualche fortunato sarà già in spiaggia a giocare con la sabbia. Social Justice Books for Kids to Teach about Global Issues. Frasario - Corrispondenza. VocApp Flashcards - Optimize Your Learning. Useful Everyday Phrases in English - learn English,communication,english. Mini book. Magic Vocabulary Magic Vocabulary is an automatic generator of worksheets and games to teach vocabulary.

Mini book

Just enter your list of words and this website will create bingo, dominoes, crossword, memory games, etc. High Quality ESL Lesson Plans - Free Samples - $26 Membership Be a better teacher! Hundreds of PDF lesson plans. Online Picture Dictionary. Teacher's Zone. By Kieran Donaghy. Taking Pictures. This ELT lesson plan is designed around a short film by Simon Taylor titled Taking Pictures and the theme of photos.

Taking Pictures

Students learn and practise vocabulary related to photos, describe a photo, listen to a description of a photo, and talk about photos. I would ask all teachers who use Film English to consider buying my book Film in Action as the royalties which I receive from sales help to keep the website completely free. Language level: Elementary (A1) –Pre-intermediate (A2) « Tune Into English. K I D S I N – Free Playscripts for Kids! Dizionario Italiano-Inglese.

Una miniera di risorse per l'insegnamento dell'inglese: rappresenta senza dubbio un'autentica miniera di risorse didattiche per l'insegnamento della lingua inglese.

Una miniera di risorse per l'insegnamento dell'inglese:

Potete consultare le categorie disponibili per rendervi conto dei contenuti che potrete liberamente utilizzare in classe: video, giochi, test, canzoni e tanto altro ancora. Cooking Games x. Games to Learn English - For Students. Tools for Educators - free worksheet templates, printable game templates, 100% customizable worksheet makers with images! The English Learning Website by Montse Morales Free online exercises. CBeebies. English For Little Childrens. Games. UpToTen - the fun place to learn online.

Dream English Kids Songs, free mp3 song downloads,flashcards and lesson ideas,let's sing! Learning English - Exercises, Grammar, Vocabulary, Exams. Le quattro "C" del CLIL: l'obiettivo è aumentare lo Student's Talking Time. Red - CLIL è l’acronimo di Content and Language Integrated Learning: apprendimento integrato di lingua e contenuto.

Le quattro "C" del CLIL: l'obiettivo è aumentare lo Student's Talking Time

La lingua veicolare (L2) viene introdotta in modo semplice, in accordo con il livello linguistico di partenza degli studenti, dotando la classe di strumenti (scaffolding) linguistici, raccolte di parole e costruzioni grammaticali.