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Watch Free TV & Movies Online. The Best Slasher Movies of All Time. Before people scream “Bullshit!”

The Best Slasher Movies of All Time

And cry foul, let’s first clear the air—no, Psycho and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre aren’t slasher movies. And, sorry, Norman Bates and Leatherface aren’t slasher movie killers. Psycho and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre belong to a different subset of scary movies, ones in which some unlucky characters go to the wrong places at the wrong times and find themselves trapped inside a kind of hornet’s nest where the hornets have two legs and carve innocent folks up. Imagine if Jason Voorhees never left a ramshackle cabin in the woods, and all 12 (yes, 12!) Friday the 13th movies featured dumb kids tragically stumbling across his secluded domain. Greatest Slasher Films (1970 - 1990) - PopOptiq. The definition of a slasher film varies depending on who you ask, but in general, it contains several specific traits that feed into the genre’s formula.

Greatest Slasher Films (1970 - 1990) - PopOptiq

Author Vera Dika rather strictly defines the sub-genre in her book Games of Terror by only including films made between 1978 and 1984. In other words, she saw it as a movement. When someone describes Brick, they don’t define it as a noir, but instead neo-noir . In other words, it’s a modern motion picture that prominently utilizes elements of film noir, but with updated themes, content, style, visual elements or media that were absent in those from the 1940s and 1950s. So does one consider Scream a slasher film or a neo-slasher, or simply put, a modern slasher? Some consider Thirteen Women to be the earliest slasher – released all the way back in 1932. Consider this: When Black Christmas and Texas Chainsaw Massacre were released, the term slasher wasn’t attributed to those films either. 40: The Silent Scream (1980) 36:- Curtains (1983) My werewolf movie collection - a list by Stompgodzilla.

8 Horror Movies That Were Ahead Of Their Time - Saying a movie is ahead of its time can have two different meanings: 1) The film pioneered a specific filmmaking technique or 2) The film was maligned upon release and is now considered a classic.

8 Horror Movies That Were Ahead Of Their Time -

What I’ve done is look at horror films released over the past few decades and see what films I believe to truly be ahead of their time. Psycho First the funny bit of trivia: Psycho was the first film to show a toilet flushing on camera! Now for the serious bit of trivia: Psycho was not universally praised upon its initial release (nearly all British film critics panned it)! Bosley Crowther of The New York Times wrote, “There is not an abundance of subtlety or the lately familiar Hitchcock bent toward significant and colorful scenery in this obviously low-budget job.” The Thing (1982) While it’s a well-known fact, it still merits mentioning that John Carpenter’s The Thing was much-maligned when it was released in 1982. Jurassic Park Starship Troopers American Psycho Videodrome. Tarzan Movie : The Weissmuller Films (1932-1948) Your life in film. - News about movie censorship and comparisons of alternate versions (Movies, Comics, Series, Games and more)

Nosferatu - a Filmarcheology. , dated 1926 or 1927.

Nosferatu - a Filmarcheology

This version contained the famous title which had so delighted Breton: "Et quand il fut de l'autre côté du pont, les fantômes vinrent à sa rencontre" - which could be seen as an admittedly free but by no means inappropriate translation of the original German text: "Kaum hatte Hutter die Brücke überschritten, da ergriffen ihn die unheimlichen Gesichte... " It was a print from this version that reached the New York Museum of Modern Art in 1947.

There, as was the norm in Iris Barry's time, the foreign-language intertitles were translated into English. Sherlock Holmes Movies: The Most Underrated. In the midst of a very busy week for catalogue releases, Olive Films has unleashed a handsome new Blu-ray edition of the 1988 comedy Without a Clue, a movie that even you Sherlock fans (and there’s a lot of you) might not know about.

Sherlock Holmes Movies: The Most Underrated

A wickedly funny comic take on the boys from Baker Street, its HD debut is a reminder that, despite the current Downey franchise/Sherlock/Elementary-inspired Holmes vogue, there are plenty of wonderful Sherlock Holmes movie adaptations that have been consigned to the dustbins of history (or, at least, of video stores). Here are a few of them: Without a Clue The premise of Thom Eberhardt’s 1988 comedy is simple: what if Dr.