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ECMAScript 6: New Features: Overview and Comparison.


Vue. Top JavaScript Frameworks & Topics to Learn in 2017 – JavaScript Scene – Medium. The popularity of JavaScript has led to a very vibrant ecosystem of technologies, frameworks, and libraries.

Top JavaScript Frameworks & Topics to Learn in 2017 – JavaScript Scene – Medium

Along with all the amazing diversity and energy in the ecosystem comes a high degree of confusion for many. What technologies should you care about? Where should you invest your time to get the most benefit? Which tech stacks are companies hiring for right now? Which ones have the most growth potential? What are the most important technologies to know right now? Remember as you’re learning to experiment with some actual code. This is going to be a long list, but don’t get discouraged. A Note on Optional Learning Some of this stuff is strictly optional*, which means, I recommend them if you are interested in them, or you need to know them for a job, but you should not feel obligated to learn them.

Anything not marked with a * should be learned, but don’t feel obligated to learn everything there is to know about everything. JavaScript & DOM Fundamentals Tooling React Redux Why? RxJS* A Functional Programmer’s Introduction to JavaScript (Composing Software) Note: This is part of the “Composing Software” series on learning functional programming and compositional software techniques in JavaScript ES6+ from the ground up.

A Functional Programmer’s Introduction to JavaScript (Composing Software)

Stay tuned. There’s a lot more of this to come! < Previous | << Start over at Part 1 | Next > For those unfamiliar with JavaScript or ES6+, this is intended as a brief introduction. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced JavaScript developer, you may learn something new. The best way to learn to code is to code. Alternatively, you can get away with using the Node or browser console REPLs. Expressions and Values An expression is a chunk of code that evaluates to a value. The following are all valid expressions in JavaScript: 'Hello'; // Hello The value of an expression can be given a name. Const hello = 'Hello';hello; // Hello var, let, and const JavaScript supports two more variable declaration keywords: var, and let. Sometimes it’s useful to reassign variables. Types.

Angular 2

Design Patterns. Electron. AngularJS. Knockout : Home. Node.js. Desktop. Meteor.js. Try.filepicker. Uploading files from all these sources to your website or app can be difficult.


Your users have to leave your site and individually download their files before they can pass them along to you. Doing so creates an unpleasant friction in what should be a simple experience. Rather than requiring your user to repeatedly work though this process, you'd like them to be able to upload files directly from the services they already use: photos from Facebook or Instagram, documents from Dropbox or Amazon Cloud Drive. © 2015 Filepicker - All Rights Reserved. Privacy & Terms In two lines of JavaScript you can replace your traditional upload button with one that allows your users to select from their accounts on other services.

Many of your user's files are scattered across multiple services like Facebook, Instagram and Dropbox. Take the headache out of file uploads Connect, Process, and Store any file from anywhere on the internet 10 day free trial on all plans. Free 10 day trial on all plans. Dropzone.js.