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Voyager Image Gallery: Voyager at Jupiter. Ask Us - Space Physics. Moving Around in Space If you are free-floating in the middle of space with no gravitational forces nearby, is it possible for you to turn around by moving any body parts (like hitting yourself in the shoulder or swinging your arms)?

Ask Us - Space Physics

Remember that in order to move your body, you must be acted on by an external force (a body at rest remains at rest, according to Newton's Law). If you are stationary in space with nothing around you to push off on, you cannot move yourself by pushing on yourself. But you can twist your body around its center of gravity - you just can't move your center of gravity. On Earth, we can walk forward because we push on the Earth and it pushes back on us. So the answer to your question is yes, you can turn yourself around, but you can't move from where you are.Dr.

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