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Amazingly Simple Graphic Design Software – Canva. Mehr Besucher: 17 kreative Wege zur Traffic-Steigerung. Einen Mangel an Traffic auf dem eigenen Blog zu beheben, ist eine der größten Herausforderungen, denen man sich stellen kann.

Mehr Besucher: 17 kreative Wege zur Traffic-Steigerung

Immer wieder hört man, dass “Content King ist” und mit guten Inhalten der Erfolg schon von selbst kommt. Doch leider ist dem nicht so. Denn was nutzt der beste Inhalt, wenn er nicht gelesen wird? Daher beschäftigen wir uns in diesem Beitrag einmal näher mit kreativen Methoden, mehr Besucherverkehr zu generieren und zu halten. Why You Should Be Building Trust, Not Traffic. I have a friend in SEO who consistently pumps out posts about strategies to drive “massive traffic” to your blog or website.

Why You Should Be Building Trust, Not Traffic

As any experienced marketer knows, nearly all of this traffic is represented by people who take a quick glance at a link and then never come back again. They are little more than tourists to your site. When I asked him why he put so much emphasis in this area, he replied, “Where there’s traffic, there is hope.” That’s a nice sound bite, but frankly a lousy marketing strategy. Kultur & Blog: Vorstellung konkreter Aktionen. Ex-Berater packt aus: So wurde Obama zum Social Media-Star. „Spaghetti-Strategie“ für Obama Viral Videos, Blogs und Interviews mit Youtubern: Barack Obama hat mit dem Social Web keine Berührungsängste.

Ex-Berater packt aus: So wurde Obama zum Social Media-Star

Don’t Just Curate Content, Harvest it. Jim Burns, PresidentAvitage Mark Gibson, CEO and FounderAdvanced Marketing Concepts Enterprise marketing leaders and chief content officers use many tactics to serve numerous content constituents and their use case requirements.

Don’t Just Curate Content, Harvest it

The emergence of the digital enterprise elevates requirements as groups beyond marketing, including sales and channel sales partners, but also customer service and HR (talent acquisition), must be supported in their use of content and content marketing tactics. How to Use the NEW Flipboard 3.0 to Market Your Business. Last week when I visited the Flipboard headquarters in Palo Alto, I realized that this simple mobile application is quite a lot more than a pretty face.

How to Use the NEW Flipboard 3.0 to Market Your Business

According to Techcrunch it already boasts 100 million downloads. With the addition of customized topics it is now a force in the digital space. Tips for Using Flipboard with LinkedIn to Promote Your Brand. Flipboard is a powerful mobile app that allows you to create visual magazines, curate content and read the articles around selected topics (i.e.

Tips for Using Flipboard with LinkedIn to Promote Your Brand

News, photography, health). It is not only informative and newsworthy, but it engages and interacts with the viewer. I have been using the platform since 2013 and the more I create Flipboard magazines the more I discover the multiple uses this app has to offer. This article is intended to show how Flipboard coupled with LinkedIn can be a powerful business tool for engaging and connecting businesses with potential customers. Because companies are always looking for novel or innovative ways to promote their brands and showcase their achievements, utilizing both platforms is a powerful marketing combination. Kick Your Social Strategy Into Overdrive: The Ins & Outs of Testing S… Spring: 22 kostenlose WordPress-Themes für den Kickstart 2015.

Hero Areas, Ghost Buttons, Material Design, Parallax Scrolling und ein paar andere Gestaltungslinien sind der heiße Scheiß in 2015 und kombinieren sich perfekt mit responsivem Design.

Spring: 22 kostenlose WordPress-Themes für den Kickstart 2015

WordPress-Theme-Entwickler haben sich an die Arbeit gemacht und ihre Interpretationen des Themes der Zukunft vorgelegt. Wir haben uns an die Arbeit gemacht, diese Interpretationen zu finden und zusammen zu stellen. Nutzen Sie die folgenden Themes als Inspiration oder verwenden Sie sie gleich so. Sie benötigen nur ein selbstgehostetes WordPress und los gehts… Just another WordPress site. Ariwoo Just another WordPress site Stylish Page Theme Voluptate Velit Esse - Get Started Today!

Just another WordPress site

Erat dolor purus turpis hymenaeos vel luctus integer consectetuer porttitor ut. Stylish Page Theme. M.fastcompany. If you scroll through Kelly Clarkson's Twitter page, you'll notice something curious.


Among the tweets promoting her new album, recognizable by the #piecebypiece hashtags, are also lots of regular quips and honest responses to fans. One of the reasons Jordan Blaugrund, VP of digital marketing at RCA Records, says his team chose to work closely with Twitter for the release of Clarkson's upcoming album Piece By Piece is, "It's the place where she's really herself. " During the promotional ramp up to today's album release, Clarkson has also taken advantage of Twitter's new audio cards. The integrated audio functionality enables followers to listen to music inside the Twitter app while browsing their timeline. The topic of music overall remains one of the most popular on the service, year after year. 3 things you need to remember about creating great digital content for your target audience. SEO is getting more hardcore and complex with every Google algorithm update.

3 things you need to remember about creating great digital content for your target audience

+300 Awesome Free Things for Entrepreneurs and Startups — Entrepreneurship, Startups & Life Hacking. 8 Keys to Creating More Meaningful Content. Hello ! @ # $ % ^ & * I was staring at my keyboard when I got the idea for this post. And there they were, right in front of my eyes and at my fingertips: eight keys to content marketing. Take a look at your keyboard. Look at the number keys, specifically the eight symbols on the number keys. The holy smokes key The exclamation mark. Strong feelings inspire you to act. Boost Conversion Rates: 10 Content Marketing Strategies. ‘Do your work and do not think about the result’- This line does not work anymore in today’s world. One of the main reasons that low budget films do not become box office hits is because of the lack of promotion. Whether it is a movie or your company, you need to follow strict and fruitful marketing strategies to climb the stairs and reach the top.

Important tips for effective content marketing Content is extremely powerful when it comes to marketing your business. If your business is facing low conversion rates, implement content marketing strategies and see the huge difference for yourself. Use Selfies in Content Marketing to Enhance User Engagement. The selfie, that ubiquitous form of photographic expression found on social media, could play a major role in brands’ 2015 marketing strategies. Forbes predicts marketers will embrace customer storytelling this year, creating outlets for customers to share their experiences with products and services. This tactic serves to make brands more human and relatable, while also reducing the content creation workload. Consumers share their own content; brands simply clean up that content and publish it. Brands are looking at selfies, themselves a form of storytelling, to enhance their marketing efforts. These photos drive likes, shares, and comments, according to MarketingProfs, and savvy brands could harness their power to increase engagement with products and services.

How to Increase Your Website’s Traffic Without Any Marketing. Viral Couponing - Ist das eine gute Lösung? Communications for Open Source (Marketing, PR, Community) Werbung: Was bringt Onlinewerbung?