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Enter the world of online education ………………….. The Race Hub. eMoviesBlog. Historical places and photographies. University of Liverpool Online Student Information and Support. Students undertaking the University of Liverpool’s online programmes come from many different countries.

University of Liverpool Online Student Information and Support

Their previous experience of education will have probably accustomed them to a grading system that is different to that used by higher education institutions in the United Kingdom. Some countries use letter grades, other countries use number grades, and even amongst countries using seemingly similar systems, a given grade can mean different things. For example, a grade of 6 can be just above the pass mark of 5.5 (Netherlands), the highest possible mark (Switzerland) or a very low mark (Germany).

Likewise, an A grade can be awarded to all students scoring 70 or more out of 100 in some countries, or only to those scoring more than 95 out of 100 in others. Even letter grades can have different interpretations; in the UK system a C is a passing grade, in other countries it is a failing grade. *See 'Assessment Process' below. Assessment process Grades for assignments Module One. Carousel Industries Releases Cloud-Based Videoconferencing Option.

Bill Thompson, vice president of video services at Carousel Industries.

Carousel Industries Releases Cloud-Based Videoconferencing Option

Unified communications-focused solutions provider Carousel Industries has launched a cloud-based videoconferencing offering based on technology from Pexip, a provider of distributed video software. Dubbed Simplicity Video, the new offering is aimed at both small and medium businesses (SMBs) and enterprises. Based on Pexip's Public Video Cloud (PVC) and Managed Private Cloud (MPC). Designed to be a fully scalable, multi-point videoconferencing solution, Simplicity Video is a smart step for Carousel.

The VAR and solution provider is primarily focused on unified communications and network infrastructure, but within that is also expertise in IP-based videoconferencing. Click here for Talkin' Cloud's Top 100 CSP list. How to build a personal mashup page with jQuery - Mike Enriquez. After finding out about GitHub pages, I decided to put mine to good use by building a mashup for my online content.

How to build a personal mashup page with jQuery - Mike Enriquez

Since we don’t have any control on the server side, we’re going to use only javascript to make it dynamic. This tutorial will show you how to use jQuery and JSONP to pull data from Twitter, GitHub, and an RSS Feed (without any server side magic). The techniques here can easily be used to interact with any other API. For a demo, visit my personal mashup page hosted on GitHub.

Get the code from GitHub What is JSONP, and why do I need to use it? JSONP is JSON with padding. jQuery and Twitter First thing you need to do is get familiar with the Twitter API Documentation. This method is called with a GET request and does not require any authentication. Twitter supports a couple different data formats. Let’s build a wrapper for the Twitter API, and create a Statuses.user_timeline function. IoT Lab Crowd-Sourcing. Crowdsourcing-driven research IoT lab intends to explore "Crowdsourcing-driven research" as a new model in which the research can be initiated, guided and assessed by the crowd.

IoT Lab Crowd-Sourcing

It will compare it to other models. In this model, the crowd is invited to: - Submit research topics - Assess and rank proposed research topics - Test and assess research results - Propose adaptations and improvements Crowdsourcing is paving the way to new forms of experimentations in the area of the Internet of Things. Crowdsource the future – find out some existing examples to get inspired! Example 1 Title: Amazon Mechanical Turk (AMT) Key focus ‘A marketplace for work’, The AMT give businesses and developers access to an on-demand workforce. Mad Mashups with WordPress. Your Host: Dylan Kuhn WordPress alone is elegant but solitary Like a great work of art standing alone and complete it can inspire a strong desire to add a little something take one good thing (WordPress) add another (Google maps?

Mad Mashups with WordPress

Musicblow (@music_blow) Moxtra. @sabinevargas. Podcast – Ancestors’ music still young. Education Technology - theory and practice: Pearltrees for teachers. Year 2012 last post is a guest post from Finnish teacher Tommi Viljakainen.

Education Technology - theory and practice: Pearltrees for teachers

He is a teacher in Elimäki lower and upper secondary school. He teaches English, French and P.E. He is also interested in social media, iPad and the future of education. You can find Tommi also in Twitter under name @tommiviljaA (Finnish) teacher's dive into social media - "I discovered pearls in Pearltrees! "Tips for teachersThis time I thought I could write about Pearltrees from a teacher's perspective. 10 tips for teachers: 1. The new social media tools make it possible for us to take the learning to the next level.

Links:The program: app (iPad, iPhone) Me and Pearltrees:My blog writings (in Finnish) Articles about Pearltrees:Pearltrees makes Web curation a joy with its 'magical' new iPad Web curation service Pearltrees launches a premium offering for private content in Wikipedia: about Pearltrees:Exclusive first look: Pearltrees iPad app enables new kind of content The Role Of Curation In Search? Laureate Lens. Deutsch Wörterbuch - Startseite. Galerie de sandro.pelli. Galerie de sandro.pelli.