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Come usare google doc in classe. I recently stumbled across this handy infographic from Oakdome that shows a step by step guide to using your iPad for a paperless workflow/classroom.

come usare google doc in classe

Since its no secret that paper is no longer the staple of the classroom, and since we’ve been looking recently at a few ways to make your classroom greener this year , we thought this step-by-step guide would be particularly useful! It tells you what you need and how to distribute, submit, grade, and return assignments using Google Drive . So whether you’re just starting on a paperless journey or have been doing things a different way, this should help you on your way!

Set up student Gmail Students create and share a folder with the teacher in Google Drive Teacher creates a class folder with subfolders Teacher creates a shared folder to share documents with students Teachers distribute and collect assignments via the shared folders. Grading can be done using Insert-> Comments, or by adding notes to the header. 5 modi per condividere le conoscenze sul web. The communication of knowledge and ideas is intrinsic to the human condition.

5 modi per condividere le conoscenze sul web

Our earliest ancestors had a rich oral tradition, through which they passed on what they knew about the world, often across great distances. Our systems of communication have evolved and matured, from those oral traditions to the earliest cuneiform writings and all the way up through books and newspapers, to radio and television. With the advent of the modern age and Al Gore’s gift of the Internet, we’re now able to share our knowledge, ideas, and lots and lots of cute pictures of cats, around the world in less time than it has taken me to write this sentence.

Today, the avenues available to our quest to gain and share knowledge are boundless, but I’d like to share with you five of my own personal favorites. #5 — Reddit #4 — Scribd Scribd is an online repository of the written word. . #3 — #2 — Yarny Yarny describes itself as “novel writing in the cloud,” but for many users it is so much more than that. Do Your Students Know How To Search? The Connected Student Series: There is a new digital divide on the horizon.

Do Your Students Know How To Search?

It is not based around who has devices and who does not, but instead the new digital divide will be based around students who know how to effectively find and curate information and those who do not. Helene Blowers has come up with seven ideas about the new digital divide – four of them, the ones I felt related to searching, are listed below. The New Digital Divide: In an age of information abundance learning to effectively search is one of the most important skills most teachers are NOT teaching. Teachers – especially in the elementary grades -need to develop a shared vocabulary around the skill of searching. Here are some of the searching skills and vocabulary we should be teaching students : Quotation Marks: Students should always use quotes to search for an exact word or set of words.

Example: “The Great Chicago Fire” Dashes (or minus sign): my. Come pubblicare eBook sull'Apple Store. Grazie a Internet pubblicare libri non è mai stato così facile.

Come pubblicare eBook sull'Apple Store

Se vuoi che il tuo ultimo lavoro venga reso disponibile in formato ebook per i lettori di iPad iphone ecc. Apple offre la possibilità di inviare il tuo libro direttamente al negozio iBook. Ma ottenere il tuo libro là fuori vuole un po' di preparazione. Apple ha esigenze diverse quando si tratta di presentare i libri da soli, i quali devono essere soddisfatte prima che il libro è in vendita. Learn Ideas and Tips.

Teorie dell'apprendimento

Blog. E-learning. Idee per la didattica dell'italiano. Presentazioni. Cooperative learning. Flipped classroom. Ipad. Podcasting. Laboratorio Formazione - LIM, apprendimento e cooperative learning. L’ambiente di apprendimento generativo viene definito (Grabinger e Dunlap, 1995) come un luogo nel quale, intenzionalmente, vengono avvalorati aspetti atti a favorire l’apprendimento e lo sviluppo continuo di competenze.

Laboratorio Formazione - LIM, apprendimento e cooperative learning

Se l’obiettivo della scuola è quello di formare intelligenze plurali in grado di processare, selezionare, organizzare, trasformare le informazioni significative e educare intelligenze multiculturali capaci di scegliere, in differenti situazioni e contesti, i valori e le intenzioni che guidano i propri progetti personali, allora si manifesta ineludibile la necessità di adottare dispositivi che si preoccupino di: Gli ambienti generativi di apprendimento devono essere consapevolmente progettati e, secondo Ann Brown (1997), si distinguono per le seguenti prerogative: La LIM elemento del processo di apprendimento All’interno di questo scenario la LIM non può essere considerata esclusivamente al modo di mero strumento, conchiuso nelle proprietà che lo definisco come tale. 2.

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COFA Online Cracks the MERLOT Learning To Teach Online, a video-based program from UNSW... 02 May 2012 Why is online teaching important? What role does online teaching have in our society? Conducting effective online discussions Strategies for creating and sustaining online interaction. 23 Feb 2011. Welcome to MOOC.CA ~ MOOC.