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5 of the Most Complex SEO Problems & How to Fix Them. Search engine optimization (SEO) can be a challenge.

5 of the Most Complex SEO Problems & How to Fix Them

While some SEO strategies require a lot of keyword searching, branding, and security, there are other complex problems that take more effort to resolve. Here are five of the most complex SEO problems and how to fix them, brought to you by the experts at Saba SEO, a premier provider of SEO services San Diego businesses rely on for high quality and unmatched expertise. 1. HTTPS Security Have you upgraded your site to HTTPS? 2. An XML sitemap helps Google bots understand what’s on your website. 3. Slow speed hurts UX and SEO, and this is especially true for mobile users. 4. Google is creating the ultimate database, which means sites that have good internal linking will be rewarded over sites that only have internal links on their main pages. 5.

Using the same main keywords on multiple pages hurts your SEO. How to Increase Brand Awareness as a Startup in 5 Ways – Saba SEO. Top 5 SEO Trends for 2017. Part of being a trusted San Diego SEO company is being able to predict changes in the SEO industry and apply them to meet each individual client’s needs.

Top 5 SEO Trends for 2017

With each new year comes new developments in SEO, and these are 5 of the major trends you should expect to see in the coming year. 1. Local SEO Local SEO got a big boost from Google in 2016, but look for it to make even greater strides in the coming year. Making sure you have the correct business name, phone, and address listed for your company on your website as well as any social media pages your business has will score you points from the search giant. 2. 15 Strategies to Create a Successful Social Media Marketing [Infographic] Is SEO Still Relevant in 2016? If you or your organization has an online presence, chances are that you have heard of SEO.

Is SEO Still Relevant in 2016?

SEO is the set of strategies that a website employs in order to rank high on Google or another major search engine. You may also have heard of people questioning the value of SEO and wondering whether it is dead and irrelevant. That probably stopped you in your tracks if you were thinking of investing in it. The fact is SEO is not dead. Intriguing Facts About Blogging. Surprising Snapchat Demographics. Google Algorithm Changes History 2014 2016. Amazing Twitter Facts You Didn’t Know. 5 Ways to Future-Proof Your Marketing Systems. Digital marketing, and the technology that powers it, continues to mature at light speed, making it all the more important for digital marketing companies in San Diego to be adaptable to whatever the future may hold.

5 Ways to Future-Proof Your Marketing Systems

Here are a few tips to ensure your marketing technology doesn’t get left behind. Be Flexible It’s good to have policies, procedures, and systems in place–but make sure they can stretch to accommodate unexpected changes in technology. This means creating a flexible framework where components can easily be modified or replaced altogether without needing to reconstruct the whole system. Centralize Consumer Data. Understanding Google's Recent Local Search Update. With approximately 60 percent of consumers using Google to find reputable local businesses, there’s no denying the power of local search.

Understanding Google's Recent Local Search Update

Understanding Google’s latest search updates can give digital marketing agencies in San Diego upper hand over competitors and help you tap into a customer base increasingly searching for what matters most to them within their current geographic area. 5 Content Marketing Trends of 2017. Year after year brings new and interesting insights in the ever-expanding industry that is digital marketing, and 2017 is no different.

5 Content Marketing Trends of 2017

Read on to learn more about what content marketers can expect in the coming year. 1. Native Advertising. How to Keep People from Unsubscribing. First it was a few unsubscribes, but now it seems like every week there are dozens.

How to Keep People from Unsubscribing

If this sounds familiar, it’s time to reevaluate the content you’re sending out and prevent customers from saying adios. Get Personal The emails you send customers shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all. Review how you’ve segmented your audience and consider shifting things. If you have customers with an empty shopping cart in the same group as one-time shoppers, split them up. Get Creative In 2014, Ikea’s online catalogue used augmented reality to give customers a better idea of what their furniture looked like and how it could be placed around a room. 6 Must-Read Marketing Blogs.

Digital marketing in San Diego is a competitive field, and one of the best ways to stay ahead of the game is by reading industry-related publications on a regular basis.

6 Must-Read Marketing Blogs

But with all the information on the internet, where do you start? Here’s our pick for the top marketing blogs. 1. Copyblogger. The Basics of Running Twitter Ads for Your Business. With more than 300 million active monthly users, Twitter isn’t a platform that should be ignored when making your online marketing strategy.

The Basics of Running Twitter Ads for Your Business

Even though Twitter makes an effort to present ads and other content based on user activity, you’ll still have to make choices with how you display ads for your business via this platform. Types of Twitter Ads Twitter’s Objective-Based Campaigns feature directs you towards the right type of “card,” or ad type, for your goals. By tapping “privacy and content” under “Settings,” you can tailor ads according to info from your ad partners. There are nine types of Twitter ads you can choose. The type of ad you run depends on the preferred action you want a browser to take. 3 New Social Media Updates Businesses Can’t Ignore. Constant updates keep social media users on their toes.

3 New Social Media Updates Businesses Can’t Ignore

That also means it’s essential for social media marketers to stay up to date as well. Here are a few updates changing the game. 1. Instagram Instagram cribbed Snapchat’s signature feature: a chronological “story” of photos and videos that users can update throughout the day. Google Remains King of Search in 2015. When it comes to search engine marketing, who is finding your content and how your content is found is often just as important as the content itself. The answers to those questions help you identify gaps, determine new needs (like mobile marketing), and shape your overall marketing strategy.

Google may have reigned supreme among search engines in 2015, but that doesn’t nullify other search engines. Find out who’s searching, what search engines they’re using, and which devices are most commonly used in this handy infographic from San Diego SEO agency, Saba, Inc. Questions to Ask a Prospective Online Marketing Company. When you are hiring an online marketing firm in San Diego, you should do your research ahead of time so you can be sure that you are getting the services and support that you need. While you certainly need to know the company’s basic services and rates, there are some questions that often go unasked that are important to determine a firm’s legitimacy and fit for you.

What Tools Do You Use to Track Progress? This question will give you some insight into what your online market team will do with regards to analytics, but it will also demonstrate their credibility. If the firm gives vague details or cannot give you a clear answer, it’s a good assumption that they are not a valid company. A credible company will explain their analytics tool, how they determine success, and when they’ll provide reports to update you on the progress. Why Link Building is Important for SEO. If you are trying to promote your website’s ranking on Google and other search engines, San Diego internet marketers say that link building may be one of your most effective strategies for search engine optimization.

To put it simply, links from blogs and other locations of the internet to your site are recognized by search engines. These links demonstrate the importance and credibility of your website. Google’s algorithms use links (among other things) to determine the popularity and value of your website. For example, a website with 400 external sources linking back to it may be deemed more credible than a blog with only 1 external source linking back to it. Is Google Web Designer Right for Me? If you are a business owner that is striving to connect with the online market, you probably know that having a well-designed website is large part of SEO and promoting your brand. Google Web Designer is a fairly new tool that can be useful for these purposes. What is Google Web Designer? Google Web Designer is a web design program that was released in August of 2014 for the purpose of providing webmasters and business people with a means of creating professional-grade web content.

Features. How to Calculate the Costs of SEO & Determine Value. How to Promote Your Business on YouTube. The Basics of Paid Search - What You Need to Know. 5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Custom Mobile App. These days, almost everyone uses a smart phone, and businesses that have a custom mobile app developed can use this to their advantage in both attracting and retaining customers. See why more and more businesses are interested in creating a mobile app for their product or service. What is A/B Split Testing and Why is it Important? The Most Common & Easily Avoidable PPC Mistakes - Saba SEO. Making sure your pay-per-click (PPC) campaign is a resounding success is ultimately about following basic principles. The Difference Between SEM & SEO. With so many internet marketing acronyms floating around, it can be hard to know what they all mean.

How N.A.P Helps Local SEO Efforts. Does My Business Need Online Reviews? When business owners are ready to begin an advertising and marketing campaign, there are many tools that can be used to get the desired results. In addition to internet marketing techniques such as running a PPC campaigns or optimizing a website using SEO, business owners should also focus on the power of customer reviews and testimonials. Fundamental Costs for Small & Medium Sized Businesses. Online Marketing Trends in 2015. Google's Quality Update Changes Up Rankings. SEO Tips: Is it Okay to Use a Subdomain for my Website?

3 Easy to Use Website Building Platforms. Title Tag Guidelines for 2015. Strengthen Your Brand with a Company LinkedIn Profile. Information about Infographics for Business Marketing. Components of an Awesome High Converting Landing Page. Mobilegeddon: Not The End of the Mobile World, Yet. AdWords Innovations Announced on Google's Livestream. 5 Things to Avoid for a Successful SEO Campaign in 2015. 4 Legitimate Reasons to Fire Your SEO Company. When Should Companies Think about Outsourcing Marketing? Common HTML Errors Every SEO Should Know About. 4 Secrets for Boosting Your Newsletter Subscriptions. Driving Website Traffic with a Limited Budget. 5 Ways Your Website is Turning Away Prospective Customers. Hiring Web Designers: Finding the Right Company.

#Marketing: How to Use Hashtags to Promote Your Business. Trending or Traditional: Open-Plan Office Spaces. Net Neutrality and its Impact on Online Marketing. Can Anyone Develop a Mobile App? How the Internet of Things will Affect Businesses & Marketers. 5 Common SEO Mistakes Made by Most Bloggers. Never Trust an SEO Company that Guarantees Results. 5 Reliable & Reputable Companies for Website Hosting. Callout Extensions: The Latest Can't Miss AdWords Feature. The Importance of Businesses Giving Back to the Community. Google Sends Warnings to Non Mobile-Friendly Websites.

Google's Call-Only AdWords Campaign Hopes to Drive Calls. Is There a Difference between Marketing and Sales? Update Your Website without Killing Your Rankings. Google Brings Pac-Man to a City Near You. Tips for How to Pick the Perfect Domain Name. Tips for Growing Sales without a Sales Team. 3 Old Web Design Trends that Need to be Retired. Can Anyone Develop a Mobile App? 5 Things to Avoid for a Successful SEO Campaign in 2015. The Hallmarks of a Great Service Company in San Diego. How to Write for Customers Rather than Search Engines.

3 Effective Strategies for Addressing Conflicts with Clients.