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The Ultimate CEO Twitter List. CEOs: they’re just like us!

The Ultimate CEO Twitter List

Well, maybe not just like us, but many of them do something that a lot of us also enjoy: they’re on Twitter. Whether they’re streaming information about their latest developments or just photos from an afternoon baseball game, we’re seeing more CEOs on Twitter than ever before. Following CEOs on Twitter offers amazing access into what’s gotten their attention, what they think is important, and even the fact that they’re people, too. Reid Hoffman of LinkedIn Has Become the Go-To Guy of Tech. TechCrunch. To be successful in business, you need to see what others don't Brian Solis. Web 2.0 Summit 2011: Sean Parker, "A Conversation with Sean Parker" Arianna Huffington on Citizen Journalism. Reid Hoffman Confirmed To Speak At Innovation Uncensored San Francisco.

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