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Enjoy your stay. While you can still access this guide, it has now been replaced by a new guide oriented around ArmA2.

enjoy your stay

Click on the banner to head over to it, or find it at The phenomenal Advanced Combat Environment mod is now available for ArmA1! You can find more information in this forum post on the BIS forums. Enjoy! The ShackTac ArmA Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures Guide is now available in print. You can order it online here. Enjoy. I'd like to take a few moments here to explain how this guide came to be, who will benefit from it, what my intent in making it was, and various other relevant things. Next up, a few words from Marek Španěl, CEO of Bohemia Interactive, about this guide. "In our debut PC title Operation Flashpoint and now after a few years in ArmA, we tried to deliver a complex tactical experience, and this guide provides the best summary and advice how to play it in such manner and not only as just another first person shooter. Real Life vs Gaming About Shack Tactical Closing Notes.

กล้องสำหรับ Canon สำหรับ UAV Multirotor & FPV - สินค้ามือสอง - เปิดท้ายขายของ - RCTHAI.NET. VBS2 Scenario Development.


Script file. Scripts. Camera. SetCamFrustum. From BISim Wiki Click on the images for descriptions Notes Only post proven facts here.


Use the talk page or the forums for discussions. Posted on Oct 27, 2010 Flyman Before version 1.43, the parameters didn't specify the tangent of the camera angle, but only half of it. Posted on Feb 01, 2011 Kronzky In V1.40 any modified frustum is not automatically reset when the mission ends, make sure to reset it manually (via setCamFrustum [false]) when ending a mission (or a camera sequence). Bottom Section. CamSetFov. VBS2: Command Group: Cameras. From BISim Wiki Cameras can be used in cut-scenes, or to show views that are different from that of the current player.

VBS2: Command Group: Cameras

To start a camera you need at least the following two commands: // Creates a camera behind the player, 2m offset to the right _camera = "camera" camCreate (player modelToWorld [2,-2,1.5]); // Camera can be moved around, and otherwise manipulated. _camera cameraEffect ["Internal", "Back"]; The following part is the "action" of the camera, and will be different, depending on what is to be achieved. VBS2 Development. VBS2.


Table of Contents. VBS1 inoffical User Center. (Last Site Update 27th June 2008) VBS2 VTK is available !

VBS1 inoffical User Center

Added the VBS2 Missions! Oxygen. ARMA 2 & OA : MISSIONS - Editing & Scripting - Page 4. ARMA 3 - BI TOOLS - GENERAL. ARMA 3 - MODELLING - (O2) Scripting. VBS2 Development. Kronzky's. OFPEC. VBS2 Scenario Development. KK's blog – How To Change FOV In ArmA The Easy Way. As you know ArmA can handle huge maps and while default FOV (Field Of View) setting in ArmA is ok for outdoors, you might want to have a bit more viewing area indoors or just more viewing area, period.

KK's blog – How To Change FOV In ArmA The Easy Way

There is already a default way you can do it by double tapping “-” key on the NumPad. The thing is, it is a bit too extreme for my liking and sometimes it would not stay. Luckily you can set your own permanent FOV by editing ArmA user file. Typical paths to ArmA user files are: C:\Users\[USERNAME]\Documents\Arma 3\[PROFILENAME].Arma3ProfileC:\Users\[USERNAME]\Documents\Arma 2\[PROFILENAME].ArmA2OAProfileC:\Users\[USERNAME]\Documents\Arma 2\[PROFILENAME].ArmA2Profile Inside at the bottom you will find fovTop and fovLeft variables.

FovTop=0.75; (was default for my display) fovTop=0.9; fovTop=1.05; fovTop=?? The tricky part is to find the fovLeft value corresponding to your desired fovTop value. Enjoy, KK. Arma 2 - Mission editing FAQ - FORUMS. Demo Missions « ArmAScript Examples. RunRoute.sqf – a traffic script A friend was wanting the ability to have vehicles traveling a predetermined route in this mission (trucks leaving with supplies from a mine) and was wondering how to script that.

Demo Missions « ArmAScript Examples

Basically he wanted trucks leaving every 5 minutes. So I came up with this. You can download the quite entertaining demo mission to follow along at home. To start the routes you’d call them from a trigger or init or some other method. Code: setViewDistance 3000; KYL_routesActive = true; publicVariable "KYL_routesActive"; while {KYL_routesActive} do { nul = ["V3S_Open_TK_EP1", getMarkerPos "startBlue", 35, getMarkerPos "endBlue", EAST] execVM "runRoute.sqf"; nul = ["UralSupply_TK_EP1", getMarkerPos "startGreen", 35, getMarkerPos "endGreen", EAST] execVM "runRoute.sqf"; nul = ["A10_US_EP1", [getMarkerPos "hStart" select 0, getMarkerPos "hStart" select 1, 100], 0, getMarkerPos "hEnd", WEST, "FAST", "DANGER", 300, 0] execVM "runRoute.sqf"; sleep 30; }; No Comments Zoned Spawn Demo.

Combat Veteran Level Designer/Scripter.