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Imagine combining more than 20 years of experience in the human resources field and managing the largest employment screening company in the world - with over 25 years of experience in corporate security and law enforcement, which includes designing and implementing security strategies for U.S. presidents and world leaders as well as high-profile events of national significance and protecting the integrity of America's financial infrastructure. Bill Whitford, and employment industry pioneer, Arnette Heintze, one of this country's leading corporate security secialists and former U.S. Secret Service agent, and Jim Zimbardi, a rare powerhouse on the use of complex, data-driven solutions have done just that with S2Verify. Dissatisfied with what they felt were chronic failings in the talent management industry (i.e., long turn-around times, incomplete reports, and poor customer service), Whitford and Heintze set out to establish a national best-in-class set of integrated hiring solutions and services. At the core of S2Verify's approach is a new search algorithm that uses advanced artificial intelligence software to quickly analyze millions of unique data sources to give you the most complete information delivered in a format that is easy to understand and use in the decision-making process. We call this new service Actionable Screening Intelligence (ASI). As a leading new technology in the employment screening field, ASI provides an advanced means of integrating disparate data, software, adjudication matrices, and automated decision-support technologies.

The Cost of Negligent Hiring. S2 Verify. S2Verify,LLC — Financial Services and Healthcare rely on S2... The Importance of Personal Identifiers and S2VerifyLLC. There are over 2.3 million people in the United States with the last name Smith.

The Importance of Personal Identifiers and S2VerifyLLC

Over 1.8 million with the last name Johnson, and more than 1.5 million with the surname Williams. In fact, the top 10 most common surnames in the United States consist of over 15 million people. You probably know someone with one of the most common last names and you probably even work with one. Imagine how difficult it is for employers who need to a background check on a potential employee, and there are thousands of people with the same name.

It can be a nightmare for human resources, and have a detrimental effect on someone looking for a job, especially if the information is incorrect. Screening companies like S2Verify use personal identifiers like date of birth to ensure they are providing their clients the most accurate information on their prospective employees. S2Verify knows the importance of providing their clients with accurate information. Like this: Like Loading... S2VerifyLLC: S2 Verify on the Changing Drug Laws. One of the most hotly debated issues in today’s workplace is marijuana use and regulation.

S2VerifyLLC: S2 Verify on the Changing Drug Laws

This is especially true in the 23 states which have legalized medical marijuana and Alaska, Oregon, Colorado and Washington, where recreational use is legal as well. Employers in these states must now adapt new or change their existing drug use policies. Now, more than ever, they need to rely on a professional screening company like S2Verify to stay on top of the ever changes state by state rules and regulations.

In doing this, they provide a safe, effective method for drug screening for their clients, in addition to maintaining a database of state rules and regulations. Why Use a Professional Screening Company Like S2 Verify? S2Verify and the Fair Credit Reporting Act. S2Verify is helping their clients navigate the laws surrounding the Fair Credit Reporting Act, one of the most confusing regulations involved in pre employment screenings, yet one of the most essential.

S2Verify and the Fair Credit Reporting Act

Consumer reporting agencies may not always have the most accurate or up to date information, and this could be incredibly problematic for employers and prospective employees. S2Verify,LLC — S2Verify on What Questions Can Be Asked of... S2Verify Simplifies the Screening Process. S2Verify, industry leader for employment screenings, identified and provided a need for quality, correct information delivered at speed.

S2Verify Simplifies the Screening Process

Accredited by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS), S2Verify LLC was named to the Inc 500 as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States. Founded in 2009 and based in the Atlanta, Georgia metroplex, the company has grown in size, reputation and client numbers. What sets S2Verify apart is its company values. Using the HITS philosophy- Honesty, Integrity, Trust and Service- the company demands the best from its employees in order to better serve its customers. In addition to best in class performance, S2Verify has made it its mission to provide their clients with what they need, customized by their metrics, not a ‘one size fits all’ screening package. Branching from this, clients can choose from a variety of service, or those designed specifically for their industry needs. Like this: Like Loading... S2VerifyLLC: Employee Screening from S2VerifyLLC Reduces Risk. Companies must protect their proprietary information, personnel data, and of course their reputation.

S2VerifyLLC: Employee Screening from S2VerifyLLC Reduces Risk

With social media playing a predominant role in most companies marketing nowadays, companies must be wary of who they hire to manage accounts, financial information, and secure data. The old adage ‘bad news travels fast’ is true now more than ever. Equally true now is “the internet never forgets”. How can companies prevent a disgruntled employee destroying a company’s reputation? The hack of Sony is still under investigation, but one theory is the hack originated from a disgruntled employee, who accessed records to find former employees who were recruited for the takedown. S2 Verify Helps Companies Make the Smart Choice. Using S2Verify Helps Identify and Eliminate Hiring Mistakes. Today’s workforce is varied and strong, and employees must search long and hard to find the ideal candidate.

Using S2Verify Helps Identify and Eliminate Hiring Mistakes

Once that person is found, the difficult work begins. Human resources must sometimes dedicated hours of their day to background check, employment verification, drug screenings, all while adhering to their states ever-changing rules and regulations. Enlisting the services of a company like S2Verify saves time and resources. S2Verify is an industry leader in background checks and pre-employment screenings. An Inc.500 company, S2Verify is a NAPBS-accredited provider of employment screening services. Background screening in not a ‘one size fits all’ solution. In addition to industry specific needs, S2Verify offers a variety of screening choices.

S2Verify,LLC — Brandon Hess, S2Verify & what can be learnt from... S2Verify & the Modern Necessity for Background Screening. It is estimated that 40% of all candidate background checks in the United States flag up a discrepancy.

S2Verify & the Modern Necessity for Background Screening

Does this mean that nearly half of the country are liars? Not necessarily, but it does mean that there is a lot of information which can be revealed regarding the quality of the potential employee. Information which is neglected on a resume, or in an interview. The information revealed also does not always culminate in a refusal to hire.

If a candidate’s credit rating, for example, is low because of student loan repayment then companies are usually understanding enough to look past that. S2VerifyLLC: S2Verify and Tips for Today’s Job-seekers. With the economy now in recovery mode and unemployment on a steady decrease, job seekers can now harbour more hope for a better role.

S2VerifyLLC: S2Verify and Tips for Today’s Job-seekers

Finding and securing the right role is never an easy task however, no matter the economic climate, and for competitive roles there are always others vying for the position. Companies will always retain the right to be discerning about who they employ. S2Verify LLC Instilling Good Values Throughout Recruitment. S2Verify and a Closer Look at Background Screening Services. Background checks are becoming an increasingly common part of being hired into a new position.

S2Verify and a Closer Look at Background Screening Services

They were previously only used for certain roles which required extra security, for example working with vulnerable people or with classified documents, and also the process of screening required considerable expertise. Data analysis as well as investigative searches meant that it was a lengthy process. Modern technology now allows for a far quicker and more thorough service in general. Along with the subsequent lowering in costs, it is now not only financial powerhouses or high security workplaces which set in place potential employee screening. S2Verify,LLC - Experience in Talent Management. S2Verify,LLC — S2Verify and Employees as an Investment. The Importance of Background Checks with S2Verify. Performing a background check is now fairly standard procedure in any job application process.

The Importance of Background Checks with S2Verify

It takes only a few employee details, usually full name, date of birth and/or social security number, in order to conduct quite a comprehensive background check. The number one objective in employee background checking before any continuation of the hiring process is not to try and snoop into the person’s history and find discrepancies. It is essentially an integrity check. S2VerifyLLC: S2Verify & Talent Acquisition. The phrase ‘a business is only ever as good as its employees’ has now become so entrenched in our vernacular that it is to an extent lost its impact or meaning.

Yet it is as relevant to contemporary recruitment as it has ever been. Over the years technology has allowed talent acquisition to improve vastly: strategic human resource planning is more sophisticated than ever before. The potential for businesses to hire the best employees suited to the role and business is more refined than ever. Yet with the wealth of resources available it can sometimes be difficult to decipher the integrity of candidates. Recruiting the right employees is paramount to business success and growth, to improving business value and further attracting other high calibre candidates.

S2Verify,LLC — S2Verify,LLC- Employing the right People to... S2Verify – Helping Streamline the Recruitment Process. One of the largest problems employers have today is taking on the grueling recruitment process.The reality for many companies is, that this is an everyday procedure. Large corporations need to constantly look for new employees, and make contingencies for a variety of issues such as sick leave, maternity leave and staff turnover. This process puts huge pressure on Human resource departments, and means they need to be able to make the process as efficient as possible to save the business on costs, and provide an ever ready flow of potential candidates and employees.

S2VerifyLLC: S2 Verify - Using innovative Technology to Secure Employer Rights. The enhancement of technology for a variety of industries is changing the way in which nearly all businesses conduct commerce. S2Verify are the market leaders in the background and screening of employees market, and are providing a service far superior to any of their competitors. There are numerous reasons for this. Firstly, they have over 20 years of human resource management, and 25 years of screening experience between he elite team they employ to conduct their services. S2Verify,LLC — S2Verify,LLC - Between Privacy and Protection.

S2Verify,LLC — S2Verify - Employees as Investments. S2Verify,LLC — S2 Verify - How to succeed in a competitive... S2Verify,LLC – The Outsourcing of HR activities. The role of those working in human resources departments in business have seen their roles become more complicated and challenging than ever. As employee rights become more fiercely fought for all the time, not only do these teams need to keep up to date on current business legislation, but a host of other activities. S2 Verify – Employees and Positive Image. If one thing Brandon Hess has learned in his career, it is that there is nothing more important to determining a business’s success than employing the right staff. The marketing coordinator of one of America’s fastest growing companies, S2Verify, has seen the way in which having reliable and trustworthy employees can have on the prosper of growing companies.

And he is not the only man in the business world to recognise this importance. Any wise company leader will recognise that balance a company’s reputation lies on in the modern age, and know how with one bad employment decision, a whole carefully constructed reputation can unravel at unnerving speeds. S2VerifyLLC: S2 Verify - Shaping the world of employer rights. S2Verify – The Rise of a very welcome gap in the market. The employment screening industry is a relatively new market. What would have been done before to ensure the credibility and reliance of potential employees would have been carried out by HR teams within a company whose other tasks would have made such work of secondary priority. This has led to, and will continue to cause some companies to keep making mistakes when trying to choose the right employees for the job.

S2VerifyLLC: S2Verify - Employer's Rights to information. S2VerifyLLC: S2 Verify - The Internet and Recruitment. It is not news, nor particularly profound to suggest that the internet has drastically changed nearly all aspects of business practices. S2Verify,LLC - Maintenance is the key to business success. Any entrepreneur or businessmen will understand the importance stages of developing a positive public perception of their business.

S2Verify,LLC - The Employee as a measure of success for a business. Any business owner worth their salt will tell you that one of the most overlooked yet heavily contributing factors to a businesses success is having a dedicated and satisfied team of employees. S2Verify - The Often Overlooked Rights of the Employer. Brandon Hess- S2Verify make the top 500 list, but why? S2 Verify - Building and destroying a companies' reputation. Nearly all businesses’ reputations balance on a knife edge, in an ever competitive free-market environment, and legally delicate age. The Internet has made it almost impossible for a business to be able to afford making any mistakes, should there reputations be damaged, leading them to lose their market share and quickly be over taken by the inevitable newcomer in the market.

S2Verify,LLC - Employees as the foundation of reputation. S2VerifyLLC: Brandon Hess - Why S2Verify? Why choose S2Verify to carry out your screening requirements? S2Verify,LLC — Brandon Hess - Why is S2Verify Necessary? Brandon Hess – Reliability is Essential. S2VerifyLLC: Brandon Hess - Keeping You in the Know. S2VerifyLLC: S2Verify and Brandon Rivers: Keeping You Up To Speed. Why S2Verify Is A Cut Above The Rest.