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TLC Puppy

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TLCpngo12 - "Top Left Corner" pupngo 2012 project. This project is based upon goingnuts' "pUPnGO2012" which I thought would be a good lightweight base. What's the project? Some of my older machines either won't boot puppy or don't display Puppy desktops properly so I thought I could use pUPnGO as a test bed to try and work out what is going wrong, and then once I've sorted out the problems I could add extra functionality and breathe some useful life back into the old machines.

I had a gut feeling that it might be rox and/ or display resolution issues are what is stopping some of my machines from booting properly, and that solving the display resolution/configuration issues might help me get them to run ok. Sure enough, when I got rid of the "bottom_of_screen" menu and drive icons I was able to boot my Toshiba 2180cdt laptop successfully. I hope this will also be of benefit on some other machines too. What is "TLCpngo12"? The basic TLCpngo12 iso is here: (xvesa only) Puppy_Linux_TLC_Puppy : greengeek : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming. pUPnGO - Puppylinux 4.0 Minimal Pup.