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Nginx (Web Server)

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Webpy w/ nginx

Nginx - Wikipedia. Description[edit] HTTP proxy and Web server features[edit] Mail proxy features[edit]

Nginx - Wikipedia

Nginx Configuration Primer. Nginx is a constantly evolving web server rapidly growing in popularity.

Nginx Configuration Primer

In July of 2013 nginx even managed to become the most used web server amongst the top 1000 sites ranked by traffic. It’s safe to say that these days you cannot afford to not know about nginx or how to use it. Unfortunately the nginx documentation is more of an API documentation than it’s an introduction to how nginx actually works.

Directives (Nginx)

Nginx/php stuff to sort. PHP FastCGI w/ nginx. Regular Expressions Nginx. Root Directory (Nginx) Server & Location Blocks (Nginx) Static content and directory URIs (nginx - web server) Variables (Nginx) General - Debuging (Nginx) Application Tracing (Nginx) Logging (Nginx) Output an Error Message (Nginx) Troubleshooting (Nginx) Debugging NGINX. Table of Contents Introduction Debugging helps to identify a bug in the program code if something goes wrong.

Debugging NGINX

Debugging. Introduction NGINX has wide range of debugging features, including detailed debug log.


Note Most debugging nits are only activated when NGINX compiled with –with-debug configure argument. Pitfalls and Common Mistakes. New and old users alike can run into a pitfall.

Pitfalls and Common Mistakes

Below we outline issues that we see frequently as well as explain how to resolve those issues. In the #nginx IRC channel on Freenode, we see these issues frequently. This Guide Says The most frequent issue we see happens when someone attempts to just copy and paste a configuration snippet from some other guide. Nginx. PHP FastCGI (AKA, cgi-fcgi or PHP-FPM) Web Servers.